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Update 17.7: The Jordas Precept

KABOOM! achievement in Warframe


Kill 10 or more enemies with a single explosion (Tonkor, etc)

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How to unlock the KABOOM! achievement

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    The comments are coming in that explosive weapons are not required for this achievement. Elytron missiles, syndicate AoE effects, Kulstar, Rhino Stomp have all been confirmed as working. Before continuing on if you don't have an explosive weapon, check the comments in case I haven't caught up and there's an easier way. I'm maintaining the original solution for explosive weapons as is, though if you go for syndicate effects or Warframe abilities, you may want to use a lower level map.

    The three easiest weapons to get this are Tonkor, Penta, and Ogris. Ogris is a clan tech weapon that requires Detonite Injectors and Forma, so the other two are significantly easier to get.

    Next comes modding it up! If you absolutely, positively want to do this in one shot, you'll likely need a catalyst. At basic, put Serration and elemental mods on. I would opt for fire and ice to make the Blast element. If you have it, Split Chamber acts as another Serration, and Firestorm increases the blast radius.

    As for level, while any Dark Sector Defense will work, I would suggest a higher level one. I found the cryopod hangs around longer on higher levels when you aren't actively defending it. I used Sechura on Pluto, but this is particularly late game, so whatever the highest one you can manage. Put it on Solo so no one will bother you.

    Warframes, ideally you'll want Loki so you can stay invisible while the infested crowd around the cryopod. If not, take a tank like Rhino, Valkyr, or Frost. Before jumping in the ring that starts the waves, find a high up spot that has a good view of the cryopod. If you need to get higher, bullet jump with cn_LB, cn_A.

    Jump down and start the wave, but clear the first wave yourself. I could only get 7-8 crowding at first, then the explosive runners would explode. Any time after wave 2, you'll see enough enemies for a well placed grenade or rocket to kill everyone.

    Cackling at the explosion is optional, but recommended.
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    Royal SnowWolfI just used Ogris and played on Marsh the Kadesh sector, you just gonna jump up in the start (in one of the corners) so you look down, then wait to there is enough enemies...you can do it in wave 1 but my Wrym Prime killed a few so i got the achievement in the 2nd wave, very easy achievement to get
    Posted by Royal SnowWolf on 21 Nov 15 at 20:54
    LV 1 Blue SlimeAcidGroove's method doesn't seem to work, I put blast on my melee weapon and went to earth, killed about 20 enemies and didn't get the achievement, nor did the tracker move while I was doing it.

    Rhino stomp in a dark sector defense worked just fine though.
    Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 02 Jan 16 at 00:38
    MarkyshizzleI can confirm that Rhino or Rhino Prime's stomp got me this achievement.
    Posted by Markyshizzle on 28 Jan 16 at 09:34
    octorok74Just got this today with Rhino Stomp. So easy, thank goodness for that.
    Posted by octorok74 on 23 Feb 16 at 01:30
    SaracinI put Blast on my Chronus sword and got it. Not sure why it didn't work for LV1 Blue Slime, perhaps he had another element on his weapon that was overriding the Blast.
    Posted by Saracin on 28 Feb 16 at 15:13
    LordRaptor333FYI - I was able to get this chieve by combining explosive kills with barrels. I do 2 and then on a later mission I got 5 and so on. I thought you had to get them all at once, but not the case for me at least. Just wanted to give a heads up.
    Posted by LordRaptor333 on 12 Sep 16 at 15:20
    FullMoonBeaverI've gained progress owards this achievement from shooting barrels on Malvas (think that's it) but it's getting enough of the infected nearby. Seems like as long as it's an explosive attack it's going to work.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 31 Jan 17 at 09:40
    ssippieeI was using my nova molecular prime build and both teammates got the achievement when the exploded one off them and got 10 kills with the chain reaction.
    Posted by ssippiee on 26 Aug 17 at 08:34
    BrutexCHieftainDon't think Rhino stomp works anymore. Got over 15 kills and no achievement.
    Posted by BrutexCHieftain on 20 Sep 18 at 18:59
    BrutexCHieftainRhino stomp might still work. tried it with zarr and got more than 10 but still no achievement and stuck on 60%. apparently its glitched for me. angry
    Posted by BrutexCHieftain on 11 Jan 19 at 21:08
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