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The 8-fold Path achievement in Warframe

The 8-fold Path

Survive 8 waves of Defense using only melee attacks!

The 8-fold Path-1.9
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How to unlock the The 8-fold Path achievement

  • PhatDaemienPhatDaemien926,981
    27 Oct 2015 27 Oct 2015 27 May 2017
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    This is pretty self explanatory. You only have to survive through 8 waves, and even if you do not make it to wave 10 and extract the achievement will still pop.

    Some tips may include only equipping a melee weapon to keep yourself from succumbing to the urge to shoot those pesky fleeing enemies attempting to draw you away from the cryopod. Making sure you are using level 30 weapons and warframe should be a no brainer, even though I didn't follow either of these tips myself.

    freddyflask advises that his achievement did not pop until he went with no ranged weapons equipped at all. So if you are having issues with getting it to pop make sure you are only equipping a melee weapon.

    I completed this achievement solo on the mission for Lith on Earth. This is a low level mission. Even though my melee weapon is level 30, my suit was only level 24 at the time as I had recently polarized a slot. On this mission the enemies have a lot of hiding places and they tend to use them and their hiding tends to keep them from attacking the cryopod full on. I took my time, hugged the cryopod and let the enemies come to me. Since they love to run away and draw you away from the cryopod it is easy to chase them down increasing your chances of failing the mission due to them destroying the target. I recommend staying inside the ring until you are down to the last few enemies on each wave. There aren't any difficult enemies until around wave 8 when you will get a few shielded guys which still aren't very powerful.

    My achievement popped half way into wave 9 so I believe you could just let them kill you after wave 8 and still get the achievement without a problem if you didn't feel like going to wave 10 and extracting.

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    caddieguy02I did this with no weapons in loadout or a sentinel or kubrow and this will still not pop for me...used Excalibur and only used melee not even his exalted blade
    Posted by caddieguy02 on 08 Oct 18 at 06:54
    OnsidicI used, Excal, Dagger, no primary or secondary, no sentinel/kubrow. First time i used powers and it didn't pop. Second time I just melee and bullet jumped, didn't use any powers. It popped at the end of the 9th wave. - Hope this helps.
    There were people in with me on the second attempt, using powers and weapons, then all quit out of the game at beginning of round 9 (guessing they might have popped the achievement).
    Posted by Onsidic on 04 Feb 19 at 21:47
    Slimshady296Had a host migration happen durring Wave 8 and have done tbis 3 tomes since and still know achievement. Tracked 7 waves though, super frustrating at the moment.
    Posted by Slimshady296 on 10 Mar 19 at 20:35
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  • IllegallySamIllegallySam1,203,792
    11 Apr 2016 11 Apr 2016 18 Apr 2016
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    Although the other solution is great if you have already beaten the story missions, or at least the early ones, I realized that there is another easy way to do this early on, in the second quest chain Once Awake. This is the one that introduces the infested, which conveniently, are almost entirely melee based.

    The third and final mission in the chain requires you to defend a cascade bomb on Mercury and the only enemies are the melee-based infested. This means you can simply stay right next to the objective without needing to stray from it at all. It is also a low level mission, below level 10, so it can be easily soloed by almost anyone. (I did it as a level 13 with a sword at the same level.) Also, you get a mod that adds the fire element to your sword earlier on in the chain, which makes this even easier as it works wonders against the infested. If you have this quest chain still, this is the best mission to do this achievement on. If not, then use the other solution, because it is just as valid.
  • ElderBrujahElderBrujah97,962
    13 Feb 2018 13 Feb 2018 13 Feb 2018
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    I just got around to getting this achievement.... Ran Ember Prime, Dragon Nikana, Carrier Prime, and Steel Charge. Loaded in, popped WoF, stood on the cryopod, cleared Wave 8 and achievement popped.... think I may have killed 2 enemies with my sword. Took a clip as proof
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