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How to unlock the The Ultimate Icon achievement

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    You get the chance to become the Ultimate Icon after you have become the Icon for everything else by getting 100% on all 5 story arcs. (Outlaw, Speed, Style, Build and Crew).

    Upon 100% completing all 5 story arcs you will get a call from "Robyn (Crew)" who invites you to a 2 lap, 15 mile race against your entire crew, Manu, Spike, Amy, Robyn and Travis. You must finish top 3 in this race!

    Upon completing this race, Robyn will call you again but this time with a 20 mile long sprint race in mind. This is against your crew again, plus all of the Icons you have "dethroned". You have to win this 11 participant race to continue.

    After completing the sprint, Travis will call you, and invite's you to the club (garage). Upon arriving the final cutscene will play, and this achievement will pop while the final credits are rolling.

    Edit: Spilner commented saying if it doesn't pop during the credits sequence you can skip and it will pop while in the garage afterwards.
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    Spilner'Done! Unlocking...' what does it mean?
    Posted by Spilner on 21 Feb 16 at 02:48
    TwistahXDThanks Spil!
    Posted by TwistahXD on 21 Feb 16 at 14:56
    SHOTOKANKATANAThis game is so gay. I like a challenge but this is hardly challenging. The car handling is just stupid, crashing is retarded. I actually manage to crash by hitting nothing but air. The friendly AI doesn't make any sense. Traffic falls out of the sky in you're driving Lane, try to avoid it with 230mph. That blue line that's supposed to show the ideal driving Lane is just cheating and confusing, it only makes you take off ramps and wrong turns. And I can go on for a while. I did like this game at first but after playing for a while I find it a very hasty produced game. This game needed a lot more work before being released.

    To get on topic... I used the setup with the aventador mentioned by: "Xc Livewire cX" a few posts higher.
    After trying many times and getting a bit lucky I finally managed to get it done.
    One advice, even when crashing multiple times, just keep going. The ai crashes too, as long as you see them on the minimap you can still catch up to them. They tend to take the corners slowly, especially near the end of the race... Good luck on this shitty frustrating annoying race!
    Posted by SHOTOKANKATANA on 24 Feb 16 at 21:14
    Neophyte HybridMan, this achievement was killing me. Just got with a time of 9:30 and a few inches ahead of the competition. The AI was just driving next to me. I hate this rubberbanding.

    I won this race with a fully tuned supra, I always chose the tuning parts that gave the car faster acceleration. Check your stats when applying them. I also noticed that some E parts don't always gave more acceleration. This isn't the case with all cars but don't just buy without a quick look at the stats. The rest of my finetuning was comparable with the lambo. Except for the nitro this was at max power for exiting one of the last corners and getting a huge boost. Good luck
    Posted by Neophyte Hybrid on 05 Mar 16 at 08:41
    ShinwashaThis game goes out of it's way to bend you over a table and give you the shaft. The fact it locks up your steering so you can't continue a turn.
    Posted by Shinwasha on 28 Mar 16 at 23:23
    DieNadel1I think this achievement can be boosted. If you get 4-6 of your friends to join and then block the road for AI's or get them of the road.
    What do you think?
    Posted by DieNadel1 on 29 Mar 16 at 07:03
    LORDOFDOOKIE69Got to the final like 10 or so checkpoints and the blue line suddenly changed and I flew down the wrong road at 200 mph. By the time I stopped to turn I fell to 9th place. Fuck this race.
    Posted by LORDOFDOOKIE69 on 21 Nov 16 at 08:25
    DeeecoThis is one frustrating race. F40 is definitely the way to go, 9 minutes 43 for me but it wasn't even upgraded much. Won it in the final corner the Ai definitely slows down towards the end
    Posted by Deeeco on 08 Apr 17 at 09:08
    Gerbasgamer9:30 and lost to Nakai. His car is just so insanely fast on the highway. I've never seen any of the other drivers after the first corner lol.
    9:26 in 2nd race. Lost to Travis. On the last 7KM he was simply gone. He probably finished sub 9:00 lol

    I'm faster than any of my friends who already won the race.
    Posted by Gerbasgamer on 14 Jun 17 at 18:07
    LORDOFDOOKIE69Tried it again after taking like 6 months off. Got to the last 4 checkpoints in 1st place despite crashing maybe 10 times. AI rubberbanded right by me and I lost by a car length.
    Posted by LORDOFDOOKIE69 on 14 Jun 17 at 20:55
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