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Diamond Feats in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition (Win 10)

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More of a note than a solution: This is currently a little buggy. It isn't unlocking right at 75. I personally needed to have 86-89 (I unlocked the last 3 at the same time). That's more than is possible in the free version (without getting all of the character specific ones) I think. I had 79 from the free version, and then bought the Toybox Takeover pack for $12.99 to get the rest I needed. I contacted Disney, and they responded with:

"Hi Adam,

Thanks for writing into us! That is a known issue and the good news is, it will be fixed in our next patch, due to be released very soon!

Thank you for taking the time to let us know and please let me know if you have any further questions. Have a great day!

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: PC & Windows Devices Support"

So hopefully it will be patched so everyone can get it without spending any money! Though this is a pretty good game, so I had no qualms about spending the $14 toast

Below is help for at least 75 (FREE) feats, for when they do fix it :)
If it's in italics, it means I'm not sure if it can be earned in the free mode.
If it has a strikethrough, it means I know it cannot be earned in the free mode.

Here's a super helpful tip from Terrin that was left in the comments:
So here is a tip get as many feets as you can, jump back to main menu delink your Disney account create a new one and start over again you can redo the feats but the xbox achievement counter (x outta 75) keeps going up so I was 49 started it from scratch did the first feet got my achievement for 50 feats

1) Sidekick Portal – Help out the green area character in the Toybox Hub, until the door appears. Then just go to each of the 4 areas.
2) Vehicle Adventure Portal – Similar to above, but with the yellow area.
3) Combat Adventure Portal – Similar to above, but with the red area.
4) Building and Logic Portal – Similar to above but with the purple area.
5) Exploration Adventure Portal – Similar to above but with the blue area.
6) Theatrical Visitor – In the purple area (with the castle in the back) there are characters you can talk to. One will open the theatre. Follow him in to get this feat.
7) Featured Presentation – In the theatre, go up to one of the posters and play the toybox it’s showing.
Multiplex – Do the above 10 times (I think they change this every week or so. I didn’t actually get this feat).
8) For Me? – Find a yellow toybox in the Hub world. Just run around a lot, or use the yellow host to spawn a helicopter and land when you see them. I think they appear every 15 minutes or so. Or, exhaust a Hub host’s dialogue options, and you’ll be rewarded one.
9) You shouldn’t Have - Get 5 presents.
10) So Kind – Get 10 presents.
--I’m going to skip the character specific ones for now--
11) Just Down the Hall – From the main menu, click the Progression tab, and just go to the Hall of Heroes to get this one.
12) Best Friends – Just use the same sidekick for everything, and this will pop eventually. It doesn’t take long if you make sure they’re always out. You want to feed this same sidekick all of your food, too. Because every level they get stat bonuses, and you have to max one of your SK’s stats.
13) Max Your Stats – Feed your favorite SK until they have max stats. This takes a lot of food. You get food from boxes in some levels, and from harvesting it. I recommend making a toybox full of farm area, making all of your SKs farm it, and fly around in the attack helicopter shooting the plants to get a lot of food. This also helps you work on the hour of flying vehicles feat. I had this feat pop when my SK’s stats were all ~32. I’m not sure if that’s considered “Max” because I could still level them up.
14) Gear Up – Do all of the tutorials and you should have quite a few pieces of gear. Also, most of the daily challenges will have loot chests in them. These usually give you a piece of gear. The Toybox Takeover demo level also has loot chests. Lastly, the maze sidekick adventure has loot chests that can give you gear. Get 10 pieces to get this feat.
Supply Closet – Get 50 pieces of SK gear. Not sure if this is actually possible in just the TB takeover/maze/daily challenges.
15) Pick Your Posse – You start out with 3 SKs. Do daily challenges, or missions in the Interior to get 2 more. (If you have enough sparks and talk to Scrooge McDuck in the Interior you’ll get 2.)
Growing in Numbers – Have 30 SKs. This is possible without paying, but you’ll have to do a lot of daily challenges, and a lot of INterior missions.
Getting Crowded – I don’t think this is possible without buying a pack.
16) Sidekick Skirmish – Have a SK defeat 15 enemies. Pretty easy, and you’ll probably have this happen without realizing it. But to help it along, give your SK a weapon if you have one, and damage enemies a bit and then just wait for your SK to kill them.
17) I’m Hungry – Feed your SK 10 food items. See the “Max Your Stats” feat for hints on farming food.
18) I’m Starving – Feed your SK 100 food items. See the “Max Your Stats” feat for hints on farming.
19) Crop Call – Harvest 5 unique crops. To unlock farming, you have to complete the farming tutorial in the Green part of the Toybox Hub. Now, in that area, or in a created toybox, start farming. With the hoe you get from the tutorial, you can plant: Tomatoes, Sunflowers, Corn, Cabbage, and Carrots. Grow one of each and this will unlock.
20) Harvest Fest – Do the above in 4 different worlds. For some reason, even though I grew tomatoes/etc. again, it counted it as a new unique crop if I was in a newly created toybox. Note: They may patch this out, but I’m not even sure there are 20 different plants (I had 2 different level hoes and watering cans and only managed the 5 starting plants)
21) Green Thumb – You get this when you’re SKs have planted 15 plants.
22) Wet Your Whistle – Have a SK water 15 plants. This is a bit more difficult, because you need to get a watering can first. I got one as a reward for completing the maze level 3 times. Once you have it, just equip it on a SK, and have him run around with your gardening SKs and you’ll get it in a few minutes.
23) Humongous Harvest – You need to unlock the Super Grow Plot and plant/harvest a plant from it. You get the plot from beating the gardening tutorial, or one of the other gardening feats. I don’t remember exactly what unlocks it, unfortunately :/
24) Win the Fight – Defeat 100 enemies in the toybox.
25) Win the Battle – Defeat 250 enemies in the toybox.
26) Win the War – Defeat 1000 enemies in the toybox. To do this easily (and the ones above), start a new toybox. Place as many of the Alice in Wonderland card enemies as you can before the game starts slowing (the game will warn you) and place an attack helicopter. Now go back to playing, hop in the helicopter and kill all of the enemies. Repeat until you get this feat. You should also have the feat for placing 1000 items, and a few minutes knocked off of the hour you need to spend in the helicopter.
27) Road Reversal – Simply hop in a car and go backwards until you get this. The hovercar thing in the hub works toward this too.
Hop on Over – Not sure how to get this one at the moment. You may be able to get it in multiplayer, but I just played single player.
28) High Five – Get 5 minutes of airtime in a ground vehicle. I just took the hover car to the bowl area in the Hub, and kept going back and forth up the sides of it. If you do tricks each time, you can work toward your 100 tricks you’ll need too.
29) Tricked-Out – See above. To do a trick, tilt the right stick while in the air. You need to land it for it to count (most of the time).
30) Test Drive – You’ll get this if you complete all of the yellow Hub Host’s dialogue missions.
31) Road Trip – Drive 10km. Just get in a car and go.
32) Sky High – Go up 1000m. Get into a helicopter vehicle in the hub or a toybox, and just press up on the right stick. Takes a while to get up there. The game will reset you back to the ground when you do reach the height.
33) Fighter Pilot – See the method for “Win the War”
34) Astounding Aviator – Spend 60 minutes in a flying vehicle. Start a toybox, place an attack helicopter, climb in, and go watch TV or something. I’ve mentioned when you can work toward this one while getting other feats. Save this for the end.
35) Ring it on – Fly through 10 rings. In a toybox, place 10 challenge rings on ground level in a row. Place the attack helicopter at the end of the rings. Hop in and go straight through the rings.
36) Giddy up! – Ride an animal for 5km. In the “Castle of Music, Magic, and Mischief” level in the purple door in the Hub, there is a horse who can sprint. Ride him around until you get this.
37) Gateway – Place a race gate down, and an animal in a toybox. Hop on the animal and walk through the gate. (Note: you may need to unlock a rideable animal; I forget how to exactly, but it is probably from one of the easier feats, or from a tutorial. Or from beating a Star Wars demo.)
38) Swan Dive – Hop on an animal in a toybox and jump off the edge of the level.
39) Full Sprint – See the Giddy Up! Feat description. You sprint with Left Trigger.
40) Serious Collector – To get this you need to collect 1000 of those little capsules (red, blue, green or orange). Get this toward the end, as you’ll probably have a couple hundred already if you played around at all. You can place the purple and green ones in a toybox, so place a bunch, collect, repeat.
41) Sky Diver – Every chance you get just keep jumping off of things. If you have a lot to do, place an object really high in a toybox, fly up to it with a helicopter, and jump off. You need 5000m fallen to get this.
42) Free Falling – Do the helicopter trick in the above description for this.
43) Cannon Blast – Get launched by super cannons 20 times. You can do this in a created toybox by placing a couple of cannons down and running into them, or a few levels and even the Hub have cannons you can just hop into 20 times.
44) Vending Machine – Use the Toy Dispenser 20 times. This is the big white item that you can step on the sides to spit a capsule out. Place one in a created toybox, or find them in a bunch of levels (there’s one at the end of the maze level)
45) Pick One – Place any item in the toybox. Literally any item.
46) Toy Store – Place 1000 items. See the “Win the War” and “Serious Collector” feats to find useful ways to work toward this.
47) Be Original – Save a toybox. Just open one, pause, and save it.
48) Airborne Object – Go into the object placer, go up really high, place an object, go up even higher, place another, and do it one more time just to make sure you’re above 500m. Then go to play and it’ll unlock.
49) Waving the Wand – Customize 200 times with the Magic Wand. I equipped the wand, pointed at the ground in a toybox, and then just kept selecting different themes. Each time you switch it it’ll count. No need to leave the theme picker, or use different objects.
50) Door by Door – Find and place the Toy Box Door item when making a toybox.
Trace the Track – This requires locked items. You cannot get it for free.
51) 1,000 Meter Dash – Go to the race items, find the long road, and place a bunch of them together. Make sure the ends line up so they are connected. Once you’ve placed enough, leave the creating mode, and if it pops you’ve got it, if not, go add more road.
Lights, Camera Action – This requires locked items. You cannot get it for free.
Dolly Glide – This requires locked items. You cannot get it for free.
Another Dimension – This requires locked items. You cannot get it for free.
On My Radar – This requires locked items. You cannot get it for free.
52) 4th of July – Go to the “Castle of Music, Magic, and Mischief” level in the purple door in the Hub. Right in front of your spawn on the front side of the castle, there are some buttons. One will set off fireworks and get you this and the Boombox feat.
53) Boombox – See above.
54) Trusty Sidekick – See Master Decorator feat below.
55) Master Decorator – In one of the green door tutorials, you will learn how to have your SKs place objects and change their themes. You’ll be given a Tron hat and an Aladdin wand. Once your SK has the hat, tell him to build in that area, and he will turn the ground Tron-y. Once he has done it 15 times, you’ll get the Trusty Sidekick feat, and at 30 you’ll earn this one.
56) Beautiful Creation – Use a creator 10 times. See below.
57) Creating a Masterpiece – In the toybox mode, there are items with creator in their names, like the city creator or forest creator. Select one, and click around 50+ times on the ground. It may not look like it’s working, but when you go to play it will have a city/forest where you clicked and you will get these feats.
58) Brush Strokes – Have a SK place 15 items. See below.
59) Covered Canvas – Have a SK place 100 items. See the Master Decorator feat. Instead of the Tron elements, the Aladdin buildings from the wand count toward this.
60) Getting Your Feat Wet – Do anything from this list. Boom, free feat.
61) Diving in with Both Feat – Do 10 anythings from this list.
62) Springing to Your Feat – 25 feats completed.
63) Landing on Both Feat – 50 feats completed. You’ll get an achievement now !
**Note: A lot of the feats in this list are available in the Hub/create modes. These are the INterior specific feats**
64) Vacant Space – Place a room in the INterior. If you do all of the tutorials that the clock SK has, you will get this automatically.
65) Plenty of Room – Place 20 rooms. You get an achievement for this too!
66) Objective INterior – Place an object. You’ll get this from a tutorial.
67) INterior Designer – Place 50 objects. I placed 50 plants.
68) Customization Crazy – Point the Magic Wand at the floor of a room, and just change those options 50 times. You can stay in the options and just keep changing themes/colors and it will count.
69) Artistic Perspective – Place 8+ paintings on the walls of a room. I did the main room. You can actually get 8 paintings on one wall if you try hard enough!
70) Trivia Time – Answer 3 questions.
71) Did You Know? – Answer 20 Trivia Questions. Some characters that wander around the INterior will have a white speech bubble. Talk to them to get a Disney trivia question. There’s no timer, so feel free to Google the answers. Also, the question pool is pretty small, so by the time you get 20 you’ll probably have seen the same questions a few times. Note: the more rooms you have the more characters will appear to ask questions.
72) Room for Rent – After doing some of the tutorials in the INterior, you will get a Sidekick Suite room (or the Discotech SK Suite) place one in your INterior. Then, walk to it, pick up your SK, and throw them at the door. The room will open and you’ll get this feat (and an achievement if you did it with the Discotech room)
73) Party Over Here – Honestly I have no idea how to do this. I think you get it in a tutorial or by doing the above feat.
Party Animal – This requires locked items. You cannot get it for free.
**The Star Wars Demos do not have any feats that can be unlocked in the demo.**
However, there are 3 feats that can be unlocked in the Inside Out demo for free:
74) Get 250 balloons.
75) Get 2500 balloons. This will require a few playthroughs of the demo, because you can only get 400 each run through.
76) Glide for 3 minutes with Joy. In the end area of the demo, you have to go up a tall shaft, just jump down and glide a few times if you still need more time after getting all of your balloons.
77) He’s Alive! – Complete a level without your SK dying. Play the demo level on easy, and carry your SK over any spikes and during the end fight when the boss rains missiles down. As long as you keep an eye on him this is pretty easy.
78) Sidekick K.O. – Let your SK kill the boss. You can actually get this during Daily missions too. But if you have the SK equipped with a laser (or other weapon) this is fairly easy. Get the boss to low health and then run around until your SK finishes it off. If you do either of these in the demo, they will not pop up because you will leave the demo after killing the boss, but they will be unlocked if you come back.
**Each week there are up to 5 free characters. Some of these characters have their own feats. I’ll list them below, and any tips I’ve got for accomplishing them. These are a mixture of INterior and Hub feats. To unlock the locked 4th and 5th characters, complete quests and they will eventually open all 5 character slots.**
Reluctant Jedi – Defeat 30 Stormtroopers with Kanan. (There are storm troopers in the maze are of the sidekick portal)
Jedi Training – Use Force Finisher to defeat 20 enemies with Ezra.
An Explosive Feat – Shoot enemies 20 times with the Diffusinator as Sabine.
Lasat Leap – Super Jump 200 horizontal meters as Zeb
Boba’s Feat – Fly the Slave 1 with Bobba Fett (this may not be available for free because the Slave 1 is a locked item, I think)
Dark Side Triumph – Defeat Luke Skywalker with Vader’s Special Move (Not sure if this is available for free either. I wouldn’t know how to fight Luke even if Vader was a weekly character)
Dathomir Dash – Get Darth Maul to level 2 or 3, and select his special shoulder charge move. Create a toybox with a bunch of enemies, and hit them with it. It hits in an AoE, so you can hit all 25 at the same time.
Parking Ban – Defeat 20 enemies with the Tranquilizer Gun as Judy Hopps
Ice Cold Con Man – Hit an enemy with a Snack Attack as Nick Wilde
Jurassic Trot – Ride Arlo with Spot in the Toy Box (May be unavailable to free users)
Bringing Honor – Use Mulan’s Special Move
Mickey’s Magical Harvest – Harvest and Collect 10 Magic Beans with Mickey
User Driven – Ride a Light Cycle with Sam in the Toy Box (May be unavailable to free users)
ISO’s Last Ride – Fly the Light Jet with Quorra in the Toy Box (May be unavailable to free users)
Summer Getaway – Customize a room with a summer time theme as Olaf
Minnie’s Delightful Décor – Place 10 Minnie decorations in the INterior as Minnie
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