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How to unlock the Silver Feats achievement

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    Here is a list of the 25 Feats that you can unlock in the starter pack / Digital version of the game without needing to get extra content.

    Toybox Hub Feats and Created Toybox Feats

    1. Sidekick Portal – Help out the green area character in the Toybox Hub, until the door appears. Then just select each of the listed areas / objectives to do with the said door.

    2. Vehicle Adventure Portal – Same as above

    3. Combat Adventure Portal – Same as above

    5. Exploration Adventure Portal – Same as above

    6. Building and Logic Portal – Same as above

    6. Theatrical Visitor – In the purple area (with the castle in the back) there are characters you can talk to. One will open the theatre. Follow him in to get this feat.

    7. Featured Presentation – In the theatre, go up to one of the posters and play the toybox it’s showing. If you don't have the correct Figurine to play the said toybox it still counts towards the Feat.

    8. For Me? – Find a yellow Present in the Hub world. Just run around a lot, or use the yellow host to spawn a helicopter and land when you see them. I think they appear every 15 minutes or so. Or, exhaust a Hub host’s dialogue options, and you’ll be rewarded one.

    9. You shouldn’t Have - Get 5 presents.

    10. So Kind – Get 10 presents.

    11. Just Down the Hall – From the main menu, click the Progression tab, and just go to the Hall of Heroes to get this one.

    12. Best Friends – Just use the same sidekick for everything, and this will pop eventually. It doesn’t take long if you make sure they’re always out. Though I have been told in the comments fighting enemies makes the friendship build faster.

    13. Max Your Stats – Feed your favourite Sidekick until they have max stats. The Max level seems to be 30 for each stat after you have maxed out your friendship with a Sidekick. To max out your friendship just keep using the same Sidekick and have them follow you all the time. You only need to max one stat for the feat to unlock. I made a Toybox world filled with farm plots the equip a Sidekick with the Food hat that you wish to farm. I Picked the Carrot as it enhances your Sidekick's Luck stat which increases the chance of growing the same food as the hat your Sidekick is wearing.

    14. Gear Up – Do all of the tutorials and you should have quite a few pieces of gear. If you have the Toybox Takeover level this has loot chests. Lastly, the maze sidekick adventure has loot chests that can give you gear. Get 10 pieces to get this feat.

    15. Pick Your Posse – You start out with 3 Sidekicks. Do missions in the Interior to get 2 more. If you have enough sparks and talk to Scrooge McDuck in the Interior you’ll get 2.

    16. Sidekick Skirmish – Have a Sidekick defeat 15 enemies. Pretty easy, and you’ll probably have this happen without realizing it. But to help it along, give your Sidekick a weapon if you have one, and damage enemies a bit and then just wait for your Sidekick to kill them.

    17. I’m Hungry – Feed your Sidekick 10 food items.

    18. I’m Starving – Feed your Sidekick 100 food items.

    19. Crop Call – Harvest 5 unique crops. To unlock farming, you have to complete the farming tutorial in the Green part of the Toybox Hub. Now, in that area, or in a created toybox, start farming. With the hoe you get from the tutorial, you can plant: Tomatoes, Sunflowers, Corn, Cabbage, and Carrots. Grow one of each and this will unlock.

    20. Harvest Fest –I Found that if you plant crops in 4 separate Toybox's each crop is registered as unique. So in each Newly created Toybox just place some farmland and keep planting the 5 common crops.

    21, Green Thumb – You get this when you’re Sidekicks have planted 15 plants.

    22. Wet Your Whistle – Have a Sidekick water 15 plants. This is a bit more difficult, because you need to get a watering can first. I got one as a reward for completing the maze level 3 times. Once you have it, just equip it on a Sidekick, and have him run around with your gardening Sidekicks and you’ll get it in a few minutes.

    23. Humongous Harvest – You need to unlock the Super Grow Plot and plant/harvest a plant from it. You get the plot from unlocking the "Wet Your Whistle" Feat.

    24. Win the Fight – Defeat 100 enemies in the toybox.

    25. Win the Battle – Defeat 250 enemies in the toybox.
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