No One Will Believe You achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops III

No One Will Believe You

Complete the Campaign on Realistic.

No One Will Believe You0
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How to unlock the No One Will Believe You achievement

  • Seraphim17Seraphim17798,110
    06 Nov 2015 14 Nov 2015
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    Here is a playlist link to a full walkthrough on Realistic difficulty from a new game. It features no inherited weapons, perks, or equipment. It also has full commentary throughout to advise and inform.

    Hope this helps.

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    Bi0nicle117anyone interested in getting this?
    Posted by Bi0nicle117 on 10 Oct 16 at 05:16
    Mazdeianyone want to do this with me
    Posted by Mazdei on 05 May 17 at 16:51
    DylanCI know I'm a little late but I want to go back through and perfect this game. Message me here or on XBL to do realistic campaign or zombies easter eggs.
    Posted by DylanC on 24 Jun 17 at 07:12
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  • D0ubleD93D0ubleD93429,777
    18 Dec 2015 23 Dec 2015 25 Jan 2016
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    This is not a guide so much as tip. The Drakon sniper rifle is extremely overpowered as it takes out most enemies in 2-3 shots and is semi-automatic with a 20 rounds in a magazine. It is available as soon as you can set a class as well. I did the this co-op with 1 other person and it was the only gun we used. Once its leveled up the thermal sight with the see through walls ability you pretty much see everybody.

    Hope this helps!

    l Archvile l said that the 48 Dredge (the 6 round burst lmg) with Thermal Scope+Grip+Rapid Fire+Fast Mags, and XM 53 DF rocket launcher as secondary works just as well.
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    TwoGoals1CupSuper easy with any sniper + thermal scope. Just clear all enemies before advancing.
    Posted by TwoGoals1Cup on 04 Feb 16 at 15:04
    PraXis91xDo you have to keep replaying campaign missions to level gear on story mode, or can you use weapons/attachments you unlocked in multiplayer? I guess I'm wondering if I should play the campaign on Hardened with the Drakon (for example) and upgrade it and then start a realistic playthrough?
    Posted by PraXis91x on 12 Apr 16 at 13:48
    D0ubleD93PraXis91x your campaign weapons level separately than the multiplayer ones. I was able to do it on Realistic without leveling them up previously and had very few issues. It really depends on how many playthroughs you want to do and you do get more xp on higher difficulties. (Its been a LONG time since I touched this but I seem to remember unlocking most of the attachments in a few missions because of the xp bonus)
    Posted by D0ubleD93 on 12 Apr 16 at 14:54
  • FaintBunny352FaintBunny352179,933
    01 Nov 2017 03 Nov 2017
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    While I wouldn't call this achievement *easy*, it's certainly doable and not nearly as hair-pulling as World at War on Veteran.

    For reference, my loadout was a Drakon Thermal Scoped with Fast Mags, Extended Mags and FMJ with War Machine as a backup and an Emergency Reserve and Enhanced Traversal as perks (up until the last two missions, where I switched to Grenade Shield) and all 3 Cyber Cores active. If you haven't reached that point yet, I recommend the Martial Core, as Control Core is useless in the later levels when all the robots are controlled by either Taylor or Hendricks and it has more overall utility than Chaos Core, where the main ability you would use would be Nano-Swarms.

    Mission 1: Black Ops

    Honestly, this mission isn't too difficult. However, I forgot how to switch powers and so this mission was a lot harder than it needed to be. The enemies mostly comes in waves of 3-4, which isn't too difficult to handle. Additionally, the on-rails portion of the APC is *very* forgiving. You could honestly hold the RT the entire time and be fine. There were two main portions that I had some trouble with.

    The first is when you are first introduced to the NRC robots, who come in unlimited waves. The reason I had trouble was I kept moving to the cover closer to the robots, but couldn't retreat back in time before they would swarm me and kill me in one shot. If you take cover on the rightmost side, farther away from the robots, it should go a lot smoother.

    The second is right after your APC crashes. I was getting swarmed by NRC soldiers and robots and forgot to activate camo. My strategy was to throw one flashbang to the right and one to the left and then spring and dash behind rock cover. From there, immediately throw all your frags in each direction and then spring and dash over to the crash site. Obviously, if you have camo, it's practically a straight shot.

    Mission 2: New World

    Once again, I had forgotten how to switch powers, so this mission was harder than it needed to be. However, there isn't a single section that I found noteworthy in its difficulty, even with that caveat.

    With Diaz's section, just don't get too aggressive and make sure to always be behind cover whenever possible. I died a couple times because I tried to push forward, only to be shot from behind, so make sure to check your corners and take out everyone.

    Hall's section is a breeze. Just note that you are in *no* rush to take out the terrorist. Even then, there are very few enemies, so this mission should be a relative piece of cake.

    For Maretti's section, just always be behind cover and check your corners so that you don't get any wonderful "sneak attack" deaths.

    For the train section, having the Drakon is very useful as you can eliminate most NRC robots before they have a chance of shooting you. Otherwise, it's the same old be behind cover shtick that Diaz and Maretti's section should have you conditioned to be in.

    Mission 3: In Darkness
    The start of the mission can be rough, as the Warlord takes forever to kill and, due to his LMG, very easily kills you. Take out everyone else before engaging the Warlord, otherwise you'll be overwhelmed way too quickly. As for the Warlord, use and abuse the Camo ability and take as many pot shots to the head as you can (while still being near cover in case he starts shooting back!) and he should eventually go down.

    Up until you fight a second Warlord, using cover and camo combined with a long-range weapon should make the fighting areas rather manageable, especially in the ship battle as most enemies are far away from you. However, just because they're far away doesn't mean they can't hit you! I've been downed from enemies across the map, so try and take them all out before proceeding anywhere.

    As for the second Warlord, I only ever took the left-most path. Immediately after exiting the zipline, take out the enemy in the adjacent building, otherwise you will die repeatedly. From a window/vantage point, set up a campfire and take out any enemy in sight. They should have a hard time killing you, as their attention will be on Hendricks on the ground below. When the second Warlord appears, as well as with other people, focus on the Warlord (wait, what?!). The other enemies will be focused on Hendricks, but the Warlord....not so much. Again, use and abuse camo and take as many potshots as possible until he starts shooting back, then hide behind cover. Rinse and repeat until you take him out. From there, the rest of the enemies should be a walk in the park.

    Mission 4: Provocation
    Right as you spawn, immediately dive to prone. If you don't, you will be quickly hounded and killed by NRC robots.

    Up until your contact with PAWWS, it should be standard fare: Snipe the enemies, stay in cover and use camo whenever possible.

    With PAWWS, stay far back and spam it with Drakon fire. Trying to control it takes too long and leaves you vulnerable to be shot by any enemy. So just spam it with bullets and watch it explode to pieces.

    Inside the building will be a Warlord as well as multiple robots. This is where the War Machine comes in handy: spam the room and only peak around a corner when you have Camo acative. There should be an Ammo Crate on the upper right area of the building as you enter in case you need more War Machine ammo.

    In the area where there are two sentry turrets, I actually found hacking them and taking control to work wonders in terms of clearing the room.

    Now for the fun bit: Defending Hendricks.

    I didn't find this part that difficult, so long as you continually spam Nano Swarms and stay behind the consoles closest to Hendricks and occasionally peeking out to take any unsuspecting enemy. The Nano Swarms should take care of practically everyone, so long as you continually spam them every chance you get.

    The Super Trees portion I actually found harder, as enemies can and do spawn behind you as you progress through this portion. Just don't rush through the level and slowly pick apart enemies as you see them, and use camo whenever possible and you will eventually clear this portion. Just be prepared to be shot in the back after you thought you cleared an area.

    As for the on-rails portion, it's just as forgiving as the ATP section.

    Mission 5: Hypocenter
    Having the Drakon Thermal Silenced really helps the opening portion. So long as you stay by the playground, you shouldn't have any trouble sniping the enemies.

    When the ASP comes alive, hammer its defense spot with the Drakon and then hit it with War Machine grenades when the prompt comes. Do that, and it should go down rather quickly. If not, note that there are ammo boxes around the camp to pick up more War Machine ammo.

    As you progress through the level, you'll reach a portion where the ground is covered halfway with water and robots spawn from the ground. Note that the door behind you closes. Simply take your time and take out the robots as they spawn (having a thermal helps) and this area shouldn't be too hard.

    For the portion where there are green pods everywhere, feel free to spam that sniper and take out any robot attempting to leave a pod.

    For Diaz, this isn't that difficult, so long as you stay near the back, shoot the generator when instructed and then use camo before destroying each of the 3 generators with a grenade. I personally don't see much point in engaging in the robots, as they will continue to respawn so no use risking trying to shoot them, only to be shot at and restarting from checkpoint.

    For the flooding, it's mostly easy, until you get to the portion where you have to wait for Hendricks to open the door. Here, the robots will continue to spawn and keep pushing and, considering the lack of cover, it's very easy to get overwhelmed. What I found was that it was easier to take the rightmost cover, facing away from Hendricks, and keep shooting until he prompts you to help him, then use camo and quickly help him open the door.

    As for the drop charges, holy hell are these annoying. I've died multiple times in cover because a drop charge decided to explode below me. Right after the bridge collapses (you'll know because Hendricks will scream it), I found it easiest to hold A and maneuver as fast as possible to the point of safety, otherwise you'll find yourself dead from some drop charge exploding. However, be forewarned that there are still two drop charges as you maneuver across the map as well as robots who can and do shoot at you. I have no recommendations other than shoot as fast as possible and take them out quickly.

    Mission 6:]Vengeance
    Having the Drakon silenced practically makes this level easy mode. Additionally, being able to remote control Talons and turrets makes many of the fighting portions trivial to beat, as you just need to control one and wipe out all the enemies as they look around haplessly. There really isn't more that needs to be said. This is probably the easiest mission in the campaign.

    Mission7: Rise & Fall
    Honestly, not that difficult a mission either. Up until the last sequence, active camo works surprisingly well at getting the spike launcher ready.

    For the final sequence, hide behind cover and try to take control of an ASP. You might get downed once or twice, but eventually you should be able to, and from there, the final sequence is a cake walk.

    Mission 8: Demon Within
    For the Hall fight, immediately take control of a Talon. She refuses to shoot it, meaning you get easy potshots on her until she goes down. Otherwise, continually run around and use camo so you can get some shots on her.

    For the Bastogne fight, BE CAUTIOUS. The checkpointing in this mission is atrocious. You can clear whole areas, only to be killed in the far distance and finding yourself starting back at square 1. Camo is really helpful in this mission due to the open-nature of many of the battles as well as crap cover. My advice is to use camo, take out as many enemies that you can until camo runs out, and then hide until camo is active again. It's slow, but it beats having to restart from the beginning because you were too aggressive.

    For the Dire Wolves, note that they continue to respawn until you reach Hall, meaning that you can't camp and take them out. My advice is to sprint on the rightmost path, quickly shooting uoyomplete this section without taking any damage using this method, so it's doable.

    The zombie section....I'll be honest. This section sucks. The small room gets increasingly smaller due to fire, and the zombies very quickly overwhelm you, with them killing you in one-hit near the end of the mission. I don't really have any solid advice other than move around, survive and kill whatever you see. You will die, you will be frustrated, but by a stroke of luck, you will eventually complete this god-forsaken section.

    Also, one quick note: I never had this problem, but I know users online have complained about this mission glitching out on them. Be forewarned.

    Mission 9: Sand Castle
    There are two main sections I feel the need to warn you about: the first is when you breach through the glass into a large open area, and the other is Maretti's fight. I'll go into detail about them later.

    For the Bullshark sections, it's very easy and very forgiving. Damage is negligible and it's very easy to take out enemies. When you need to active the comm tower, my advice is as follows:
    Up until you reach the comm tower, use camo to help take out the enemies.
    When you need to help defend Kane, spam the Nano Swarms.
    When you need to reach your bullshark, switch back to camo.

    Do those and the two comm towers should be taken rather easily. Now for the first warning. You'll reach a section where Kane will instruct you to spring to an area for a breaching sequence. If you die without clearing the breaching area, the game will glitch out on you. By that, I mean you will respawn back in the room with a noticeable decline in texture quality, the glass you breached through will instead be a shut door and the enemies in the area will be invincible. You can progress through some of the area, but you will eventually be blocked by debris and unable to progress any further, meaning you will have to restart the level.

    So for the breaching area, be as cautious as possible, and try not to die.

    Now for the second portion: F***ing Maretti. For starters, don't trust his laser sight. I've had instances where I got killed by Maretti despite the laser sight STILL BEING POINTED AT THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP.

    Trying to go through the bottom portion is suicide. I've tried 50 times and successfully made it across once.

    Instead, you'll want to traverse through the upper pylons (this requires Enhanced Traversal. Note that in the far right corner is a Mobile Armory to change loadouts if need be). For whatever reason, Maretti's aim goes to crap once you are on the upper pylons. From there, it's a matter of hiding and using nano swarms to take out enemies and then blowing up the generators.

    Mission 10: Lotus Towers
    I'm only discussing Taylor's fight, because everything up to it is rather standard fare.

    For Taylor, I'm not going to lie, this mission is difficult. His heat seeking rockets have an inexplicable ability to go through the tiniest of windows and taking you out. The R.A.P.S are a pain in the ass to deal with. His minigun can wipe you out in the span of 2 seconds.

    My method is as follows: At the start, immediately start shooting at the blue of the Leviathon's turbines. The moment Taylor starts shooting at you, retreat to the building you spawned in, only taking shots when you have a good angle and aren't low on health. When he shoots his rockets, leave the building in the opposite direction of Taylor but stay near it. That (should) have the rockets blow up the building and not you. When Taylor drops his R.A.P.S., camp at the left corner from where you spawned. 90% of the time, the R.A.P.S will attack you only from the front. After dealing with the R.A.P.S., move to the building across from where you spawned. This will be your hidey-hole as you try and take all all of Taylor's turbines, with the advantage being that the building doesn't completely blow up when Taylor shoots his rockets at you, only the roof does. Try to stay close to the opposite side of Taylor when he shoots his rockets to minimize the likelihood that they hit you instead. Also, even when you take out all of his turbines (which you'll know when the target indicator is no longer on them), Taylor will still have a few seconds of shooting you with his minigun, so don't drop your guard until the cutscene occurs.

    Mission 11: Life
    The mission actually isn't as hard as I thought, but be warned: It's SUPER GLITCHY.

    I've had my Xbox crash 7 times during this mission. Believe me, it's not fun to do the same thing 7 times.

    There are two portions I want to discuss. The first is the giant battleground with two ASPs and a VTOL you need to destroy. Having the perk that reflects grenades and rockets is huge, because you will be shot at from everywhere with rockets and grenades.

    There is one thing that can cheese this fight: if you go to the mobile armory at the back and select a class with Emergency Reserve, you automatically get a new one. Meaning you essentially have unlimited revives in this area. Use and abuse it to take out the first ASP and VTOL with unlimited revives and War Machine ammo.

    This is important because 6 of the 7 times my Xbox crashed was after I died during this portion. So DON'T DIE.

    As you progress to the second ASP, move to the left-hand side. I found it easier to maneuver than the right hand side. It also has an ammo crate for more War Machine ammo. After you take out the second ASP, this is where things can get hairy. At this point, unlimited robots will spawn. If you wait too long, they'll converge where you need to go to activate the door, effectively blocking you. I suggest you camp in a room by the door and then activate Camo and sprint to the door to active it. You may die immediately after activating it. However, you will eventually be able to slide under the door and progress to the next portion.

    The second portion is right after you enter the Frozen Forest. You will spawn along with 3-4 other soldiers. Believe me, you don't have enough time to take them out, even if you have aimbot nor do you have enough time to activate Camo. Instead, immediately sprint and slide to the closest tree. From there, activate Camo and take them out.

    After that, it should be a rather straightforward mission, with one caveat: Enemies you kill will respawn. So even after "clearing" an area, use active camo and scour through the map. I've had multiple instances where I thought I "cleared" an area, only to be shot in the back and killed.

    Good luck, this isn't nearly as stress-inducing as World at War Veteran, except for the glitching out and having to restart the mission parts ;)
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