Beat CoP achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Beat CoP

In Shadows of Evil, summon the Civil Protector in every district in a single game.

Beat CoP0
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How to unlock the Beat CoP achievement

  • Magnificent XMagnificent X999,471
    12 Nov 2015 10 Nov 2015
    67 7 3
    I would just like to add a video guide that's really helpful !

    i didn't make this video the credit goes to the owner ...

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    Phenom1 T SMITHDoes each person need to activate each one? I was playing with my friend and we activated all four and got nothing.
    Posted by Phenom1 T SMITH on 13 Dec 15 at 03:44
    Razzer070One person needs to activate all of them with the full amount of points it cost! E.g I was playing with my brother and I only had put 950 points towards one of the district and my brother paid the rest that was remaining after then I did the other district on my own but didn't get the achievement...
    Posted by Razzer070 on 04 Jan 16 at 11:08
    Razzer070...then I went back to the first district (where I only paid half) to pay the full amount with my own points then got the achievement! I hope this makes sense to anyone who is struggling with unlocking this
    Posted by Razzer070 on 04 Jan 16 at 11:10
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  • X0YXX0YX311,202
    08 Nov 2015 09 Nov 2015
    38 5 4
    First of all You Need 3 Fuses. You find each one when you open each door on the 2nd floor ( the door on the stairs to the train station ) the fuses are in this area, same as the parts for the shield. The fuses are lightning white or blue so you easily spot them. After that you need to place the fuses under the city. You get access to this place by using a rift which are behind closed doors you need to open with beasts mode. The spot for the fuses are left to the beast ritual spot. When you place all three fuses down there you can activate the protector. There is one panel in each district where you can activate them.

    Junction: next to the car on the way to waterfront district.
    waterfront: next to the spawn from the mysterious box.
    Footlight: next to the second door you can open there which leads to the parking lot and the theatre.
    Canal: opposite of the box where the tentacle statue is ( but before you buy the second door)

    You can only activate one at time so activate one, play until he goes away and take the next until you have spawn all four once.

    Thanks for reading my first guide and good luck zombie slayers x)
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    oxBURN3RxoWe have done this 4 player and 2 player and still no achievement. The 4 player run we all contributed to the civil protector. The 2 player run my partner was the only one to contribute 8,000 points. I don't know what we're doing wrong or if it's just having problems unlocking.
    Posted by oxBURN3Rxo on 13 Nov 15 at 04:26
    X0YXOnly one player who activate the Protector in every district get The achievement. If Player 1 buys two times and Player 2 two times, nobody get The achievement. Every player has to buy the 4 Protector once.
    Posted by X0YX on 13 Nov 15 at 14:59
    I actually got very lucky, shot shadowman skipped to round 15, did my own thing to get the fuses and was able to summon 3 with no issues since you can go down as many times as u want and hell revive you as long as he's alive. But after the third I was waiting by the 4th machine I was 330 short, and no zombies spawned. They all got trapped in the buildings or ran outside into invisible walls in circles. So I shot a couple got 330 and summoned last protector and it popped xD and from there I got to round 23 every round zombies stuck and glitched out xD too bad the margwas still came after me.. Anyway thx for the guide. Thought maybe I could help ppl if they glitch too :)
    Posted on 16 Nov 15 at 07:35
  • dannyleek547dannyleek54754,927
    29 Dec 2015 29 Dec 2015
    8 3 0
    Guide for completing on 4 player co-op (boosting sessions), 1 person MUST collect all 3 fuses! Otherwise you cannot turn the power on. If you haven't/can't watch the video link, I've written a guide below which could be printed to have handy;

    Open 'junction' door for 500
    Open 'canal district' door for 1000
    Enter beast mode, run under 2 bridges on the path, grapple up, run around to the electric box, open up doors with electric.
    Run up the now open stairs (also says canal district above them), and run over the bridge, open door for 1250
    Find fuse 1

    Open 'waterfront district' for 1000
    Enter beast mode and immediately right, electric zap the box and open the gate.
    Climb stairs, pass through to second room, open door for 1250.
    Cross bridge, over 2 small stair sets
    Find fuse 2

    Open 'footlight district' for 1000
    Enter beast mode, immediately right, zap open gates with electric.
    Go up these stairs, open door for 1250
    Find fuse 3


    Return to the 'canal district'
    Enter beast mode, run into the canal, melee open the big door.
    Open the rift (move to another location)
    Kill the gatekeepers.
    Run to the far end of the room and place the fuses (obviously the person who was carrying them)

    (You can also enter beast mode here, zap the power up and enable Widow's Wine grenades, which helps to also get The Spider and the Fly achievement - please do not spend 4000 of your points on this until you have done the main achievement, when you have, you can all go back and buy Widow's Wine grenades)

    Calling the civil protectors (try doing one each - so all unlock the achievement - if this doesn't work, just play again, with one person calling all 4 (play through 4 times for everyone). If you do this, the person calling all 4, will try avoid spending their points on opening gates.

    Civil protector 1 - In the junction, from the spawn area, and slightly to the right.
    Civil protector 2 - Canal district, right at the end.
    Civil protector 3 - Waterfront district, at the bottom of the stairs, to the left.
    Civil protector 4 - Footlight district, at the end, by the stairs

    These cost 2000 to call each one.

    Here is a video for visual reference;
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