Margwa Party achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Margwa Party

In Shadows of Evil, kill 2 Margwas in a single round.

Margwa Party0
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How to unlock the Margwa Party achievement

  • KalebKaleb191,879
    07 Nov 2015 07 Nov 2015 28 Dec 2015
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    To get two Margwas to spawn in a single round your best bet is to do the following:

    One should always spawn in on round 8 and every so often after that (should be every 7/8 rounds but I'll update when more positive). If you wait to do the rituals until this round, every two rituals that you preform will spawn in a Margwa. So essentially you want to kill the Margwa that spawns in from the ritual, and the Margwa that spawns in that round. If you're playing solo or working with a friend in co-op you can just do all 4 rituals in one round, kill both the Margwas and get the achievement that way as well. It would be easier with a friend holding a zombie at the end of a round but I managed on solo very easily.

    You will need to be the person that kills both the Margwas, if a teammate does it it won't count. I think the ritual method is certainly the easiest most sure-fire way to get the achievement. Two Margwas will start spawning in on higher rounds when you have 4 players (and I'm sure even on solo once you hit very high rounds but can't confirm for sure) but it's much easier to just do it on the lower rounds using rituals.

    If you use the Pop Shocks gobblegum you can kill the Margwa with one knife hit, I already have the achievement so I can't test it but it should work all the same if you use this although its not necessary as you can do this on a fairly low round and if you save a zombie its easy to just kill the Margwa with a gun.

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    XmaniaXI tried using the popshock bubblegum. Unfortunately this didn't work. Killed 3 in one round this way, but no achievement.
    Posted by XmaniaX on 07 Feb 16 at 10:29
    GrislyGrizzlyI did the same method as Devious Jedi two posts above but I took them down a little differently. I opened the stairway behind the player spawn with the Beast and played to Round 7. In that round I did the magician's ritual, then booked it to the boxing ring and began the boxer's ritual. Doing the second ritual spawned one Margwa. I killed the last zombies which started Round 8 and spawned a second Margwa, then I killed zombies as I made my way back to the spawn point. The trick I used was to gather up the zombies and Margwas, climb the stairs I opened at the spawn point, then run across the roof, through the magician's apartment and make my way down the fire escape. Then I ran back to the spawn stairs again while shooting down all the zombies I had been leading. Rinse and repeat. Don't let yourself get to far ahead of the herd or the zombies - or worse, both Margwas - will respawn somewhere on the roof and flank you. Use Quick Revive to be safe. My main gun was the Kuda but I carried the KRM-262 as backup. Good luck!
    Posted by GrislyGrizzly on 24 Mar 16 at 13:36
    SimpllybilnyeAlso if you mess up and complete the rituals on different rounds, don’t line them up with round 8, or the zombie dies without you having killed the second margwa (you kill the first then the zombie dies), then all you have to do is complete the sword upgrade process. Go ride the trams from waterfront to footlight and footlight to canals, and look out the right side of the train the whole time. there will be 3 symbols that you will see that you’ll have to keep track of. when you’re done, go to the subway station and go to beast mode and, on a wall sort of near widows wine, directly opposite from the ritual area, some symbols will appear. Zap the ones that you saw in beast mode and return to human to pick up the egg in the wall now. Go around to the eldritch statues around the map that you had to open by smashing them in beast mode and place the egg in it. Start killing zombies until their souls no longer go into the egg and move on. When you’ve done it in all the areas, a corner in canals, the alleyway in footlight, the room behind the perk in waterfront, and the subway station in front of the ritual center, go place the egg back where you picked it up and grab your sword. Then go to the ritual site for your character, easy street spawn for Nero, waterfront boxing ring for Floyd, the Burlesque for Jessica, and Ruby Rabbit for Jackie Vincent, and there should be a blue keeper above the table where you placed the summoning key. Interact with it to gain the arch-ovum, and now around the map there should be some glowing red ritual circles. In front of the burlesque, in front of the boxing ring, keep going straight while exiting the Ruby Rabbit, and while leaving Easy Street. Interact with it the first time and a margwa will spawn, you can only do this once per round. Kill it and start the next ritual because the second time you try it, two margwas will spawn instead of just one. If you complete this then you’ll get the achievement since you basically have to kill at least 2 margwas in one round. That’s howI got the achievement at least and it’s honestly not as easy as the other ones but I’m always in a rush and can’t do stuff on the same round in solo plus I have no friends.
    Posted by Simpllybilnye on 29 Apr at 21:51
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  • Mild GonoliniMild Gonolini334,485
    11 Dec 2015 29 Jan 2016
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    The margwas are the large monsters with three heads in the map shadows of evil. They spawn in every couple of rounds and eventually you will start getting multiple ones per round. This is one way to do it, keep going in rounds until around round 14- 15 where two margwas will spawn.

    To kill margwas you need to shoot all 3 of their heads. You can not damage margwas in the body. The margwas will start by moving very slow. You will see two of its heads/ eyes closed and one periodly open revealing a bright yellow eye. You must shoot this eye with a weapon enough until it dies, causing the margwa to freak out and release a puff of smoke (it usually only takes a few shots to take out an eye) The margwa now begins running and the middle eye begins openng and closing, where you msut do the same thing. Finally the margwa will begin running very fast towards you and you must hit its third eye. (Trust me killing margwas is much easier then you think if you never have) if you're at the round where two spawned just do this with both of them (also reccomend saving a zombie for the round) and bam you get the achievement.

    Althought his method works, I have a secondary much easier method of doing this. It is easiest solo, but can be done with as many people as you want (just make sure the person going for the achievement is the one killing the margwas).

    This can actually all be done on round 1, altought this is quite difficult to do on round 1 with less then 4 guys. Basically,when you complete certain rituals a margwa will spawn. These rituals being the one in the boxing gym in the waterfront district, and the burlesque in the footlight district, what I reccomend you do is save a zombie at the end of each round and open all the doors you can. You will need to open 5 total doors being:

    500 points to leave spawn
    1000 points to open the first door to footlight
    1250 to open the second door to footlight
    1000 to open the first door to waterfront
    1250 to open the second door to waterfront
    For a total of 4000 points.

    As well, you will need a minimum of 2 beast modes (although you will likely need 3).

    There aren't really 4000 points to be had by just killing all the zombioes on round 1 so, just go a few rounds until you have these points, probaably buy a gun at some point to.

    Now just use your beast modes to grab the ritual pieces for the burlesque and boxing gym, and open both of them.

    Complete the first ritual and a margwa will spawn, do not kill it or shoot any of its heads, now just run over to the other ritual site and do that one. just kill both margwas, easy, done before round 5.
  • xox POLAK xoxxox POLAK xox110,331
    07 Nov 2015 07 Nov 2015
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    The Margwas are the big green monsters with 3 heads.
    They spawn every few rounds since round 7/8 and then tevery 2/3 rounds. Like dogs and golums on BO2 I fell that is a bit random.
    Do not kill the first one and play the rounds as usual. Once the second one spawn, kill them both before killing the last zombies on the round. The achievement pop up as soon ass you kill the second one. To kill them you just have to destroy the 3 heads. So fire there mouths when they are open (yellow).
    My 1st Margaw spawn on round 8 and the second one on round 11.
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