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Complete 10 Side Quests

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How to unlock the Gun-For-Hire achievement

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    To see how many side quest you have completed go to your pip boy-data-stats-quest

    In order for a quest to count it cant be a main story mission or a quest from a faction.

    Quest that are given to you by people that aren't part of factions are counted as side quest.

    To find them easily go to any of the main cities and talk to anyone with names. Some of them will give you quest. Sometimes while you are walking around you will find a new radio station, they can give you side quests.

    Here is a list of quest for fallout 4
    Look under side quest for a list of what quest you need.
    Also some of those quest are miscellaneous which do not count.

    These are the quest that i think are side quest. If you know any more or if i was wrong post it in the comments.

    Quick and Easy Quest
    Short Stories - Vault 81, talk to Katy
    The Devils Due - dead body near Museum of Witchcraft / misc. obj. to investigate Museum of Witchcraft
    Vault 81 - enter Vault 81
    In Sheep's Clothing - Diamond City, after you complete the game fast travel to a place near Diamond City and walk there, when you enter go down the stairs and talk to the group of people
    Order Up - Drumlin Diner, talk to the Wolfgang
    Story of the Century - Diamond City, talk to Piper
    Painting the Town - Diamond City, talk to Abbot
    The Disappearing Act - Diamond City, pick up Earl Sterling file in Nick Valentines Agency, might have to save Nick first
    Cambridge Polymer Labs - Cambridge Polymer Labs, talk to Molly

    The Silver Shroud - listen to the Silver Shroud Radio near Goodneighbor
    Special Delivery - talk to Edward Deegan at Bunker Hill/ talk into intercom at Cabot House
    Emogene Takes a Lover - complete Special Delivery
    The Secret of Cabot House - complete Emogene Takes a Lover
    Hole in the Wall - Vault 81, give doctor blood, leave and come back to doctor
    Confidence Man - Diamond City, talk to Travis, gaurd will give you a misc. obj. to talk to Vadim
    Last Voyage of the U.S.S Constitution - board the U.S.S Constitution
    Curtain Call - listen to Trinity Radio near Trinity Tower
    The Big Dig - Goodneighbor, talk to Bobbi, she is at the end of an alleyway behind a door
    Trouble Brewin' - Goodneighbor, talk to Rufus Rubins
    Human Error - Covenant, talk to Honest Dan
    Vault 75 - enter Vault 75
    Long Time Coming - Have Nick Valentine be your companion, After his third time asking to talk he will eventually give you the quest
    Diamond City Blues - Diamond City, Colonial Taphouse, watch Paul get beat up, talk to him around town
    Out in Left Field - Diamond City, talk to Moe Cronin
    The Gilded Grasshopper - Diamond City, pick up Marty Bullfinch file in Nick Valentines Agency, might have to save Nick first
    Pickman's Gift - get misc. obj. to investigate Pickman's Gallery from any City / go to Pickman's Gallery
    Public Knowledge - Goodneighbor, talk to daisy
    Emergent Behavior - have Curie be your follower and the first time she asks to talk you will get the quest - not sure if this counts
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    FWR GeorgieAnyone know what missions are considered side quests?
    Posted by FWR Georgie on 22 Nov 15 at 21:50
    FWR GeorgieLike specific names kg side quests and such
    Posted by FWR Georgie on 22 Nov 15 at 21:59
    Frankies Backadded names and locations
    Posted by Frankies Back on 24 Nov 15 at 01:31
    FWR GeorgieThank you good sir
    Posted by FWR Georgie on 26 Nov 15 at 16:17
    The MalkiLong Time Coming does count as a sidequest. I did it and the counter add up!
    Posted by The Malki on 12 Feb 16 at 20:35
    LORD DEATH 1989great guide thank you
    Posted by LORD DEATH 1989 on 15 Mar 17 at 23:01
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