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Complete 50 Misc. Objectives

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How to unlock the Mercenary achievement

  • ShortietomShortietom356,976
    18 Nov 2015 17 Nov 2015 18 Nov 2015
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    The easiest way I have found to getting this is by when you are part of the Brotherhood of steel, they give you the items 'Vertibird Signal Grenade' whenever you throw one down a vertibird gets sent to your location.

    when it arrives and lands down, it gives you the prompt to 'board the vertibird' when you check your quests on your pip boy it is under Miscellaneous. so all you do it bore the vertibird and it counts towards your total.

    You can also buy more of these grenades for Proctor Teagan onboard The Prydwen

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    Baked SnickersStill working as of August 13th, 2017
    Posted by Baked Snickers on 14 Aug 17 at 02:27
    The SCHWARTZ 00Brilliant solution, works perfectly. Toss flare, board the ship, get off, go wait in a chair for an hour, repeat until it pops. +1
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 28 Jul 18 at 02:07
    HARDCORE CROZBYStill working July 2 2020
    Posted by HARDCORE CROZBY on 03 Jul at 01:23
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  • King fiShiZKing fiShiZ265,331
    17 Nov 2015 17 Nov 2015 26 Nov 2015
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    I added all Misc. Quest Location (that I found) on my Map, if you have more just leave a comment. thanks!

    Atom Cats Garage - Zeke: Talk to Rowdy
    Atom Cats Garage - Rowdy: Repair the water pup at Warwick
    Atom Cats Garage - June: Return to Rowdy
    Atom Cats Garage - Zeke: Defeat the Gunners
    Atom Cats Garage - Rowdy: Talk to Zeke
    Bunker Hill - Joe Savoldi (Bartender) : Find any trace of Brent Savoldi
    Bunker Hill - Deb: Deb
    Bunker Hill - Kessler: Kill Zeller
    Bunker Hill - Kessler: Rescue any caravan survivors
    Bunker Hill / East Bosten Preparatory School - caravan survivors: Talk to Kessler
    Combat Zone - Combat Zone: Visit the Combat Zone
    Diamond City - Diamond City's Most Wanted: listen to Marty's holotape, starts Sidequest The Gilded Grasshopper
    Diamond City - Sheng Kawolski, at the See : ask im "looking for work": Clean the Water Supply
    Diamond City - Abbot (at the NW-Wall): starts Sidequest Painmting the Town
    Diamond City - Sheffield: give Sheffield (he is on the Market) a Nuka Cola
    Diamond City - Geneva (mayor Assistant): Check Out wanted Posters in the Market
    Diamond City - wanted Poster Clear the Feral Ghouls from Mass Pik Tunnel
    Diamond City - wanted Poster: Clear the Trinity Church
    Diamond City - Geneva (mayor Assistant): Visit your Home in Diamont City (2000 Caps)
    Goodneighbor - Bobbi: starts The Big Dig (Sidequest)
    Goodneighbor - Whitechapel Charlie (The Third Trail): Clear out the Waehouses
    Goodneighbor - Whitechapel Charlie (The Third Trail): Return to Whitechapel Charlie
    Goodneighbor - Fred Allen (Hotel Rexford): Bring a HalluciGen Canister to Fred Allen
    Graygarden - Supervisor Brown: ?
    Graygarden - Supervisor Green: ?
    Jamaica Plain - Treasure of Jamaica Plain: ?
    Longneck Lukowski's Cannery - Mystery Meat: ?
    Longneck Lukowski's Cannery - Trader Rylee: ?
    Rocky Cave - Virgil's Cure: ?
    Rook Family House - Barney Rook: ?
    Rook Family House - Barney Rook: Activeate Barney's Turrents
    Rook Family House - Barney Rook: Report back to Barney
    The Slog - Arlen Glass: Search the Atomatoys Factory for Toy Parts
    The Slog - Toy Part: Return to Arlen Glass
    Vault 75 - Vault 75: ?
    Sanctuary - Mama Murphy: Build Mama Murphy her Chair
    Sanctuary - Mama Murphy: Bring Mentats to Mama Murphy
    ex.html#5/-21.064/-138.625/m=-6.337,-139.109"]Sanctuary[/url] - Mama Murphy: Bring Mentats to Mama Murphy
    - Help defend xxx
    - (if you have with the Brotherhood): Call a Vertibird with the Grante (gives you a Misc Objec.), get in and fast travel. Let im leave and repeat
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    Goodneighbor - Whitechapel Charlie (The Third Trail): Clear out the Waehouses
    Goodneighbor - Whitechapel Charlie (The Third Trail): Return to Whitechapel Charlie

    (BTW, the bar is actually called The Third Rail, lol)

    You may want to note that you need to buy something from him in order for him to offer you a side mission......

    Side note: Don't bring Nick with you, he will dislike you taking the job.....

    Plus one from me....just wanted to add, I was at 48/50 when I started the Far Harbor DLC, apparently, Hull Breach (Given by the Mariner) and the first Blood Tide mission I did for Cassie got me the cheevo

    Edie: Just wanted to add that it seems that the side quests for Far Harbor DO count towards this cheevo, as stated above, I was at 48/50 when I started, did 6 side missions and I'm now at 54
    Posted by Warboy925 on 08 Jun 17 at 03:41
    rafaceesarHey, many thanks. It helped me a lot.
    Posted by rafaceesar on 26 Sep 17 at 23:28
    dersuedwandererThis helped a lot! Thank you
    Posted by dersuedwanderer on 26 Oct 18 at 08:20
  • SycomaniaaSycomaniaa264,509
    22 Nov 2015 22 Nov 2015
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    This method only works if you have done the Brotherhood of Steel quest line. Since you're going for the achievements chances are you either have already done it, or are about to. Just follow the video and it will show you how to get this.

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    Vast HydrantsmileThank you so much for the help! smile
    Posted by Vast Hydrant on 30 Nov 15 at 06:57
    SycomaniaaYou're welcome
    Posted by Sycomaniaa on 01 Dec 15 at 00:12
    Box is awesomeA good place to do this would be any location near Pryden since once you exit the vertibird and throw another grenade, a new vertibird comes rather than the old one coming back so the closer you are to the brotherhoods base the quicker the vertibird comes
    Posted by Box is awesome on 06 Jan 16 at 18:25
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