Wasteland D.I.Y. achievement in Fallout 4

Wasteland D.I.Y.

Craft 100 Items

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How to unlock the Wasteland D.I.Y. achievement

  • Toppy96Toppy96266,362
    14 Nov 2015 14 Nov 2015
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    Jet can be made at a Chemistry Station and it only requires 2 fertilizer and 1 plastic to make. Myrna and her robot in Diamond city sell junk and they always have some fertilizer and plastic to sell. A chemistry station can be found in Diamond City at the Mega Surgery Center. I was able to make about 70 Jet just with the junk i was carrying at the time, so it shouldn't take long to acquire the materials needed for 100.

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    iTz Canada EhhIf you need fertilizer and have a ton of caps, Connie Abernathy at Abernathy Farms and Supervisor Greene at Graygarden sell 2 Shipments of 25 each (for a total of 100) for about 300 caps each. That's how I got it as I had a bunch of plastic but no fertilizer.
    Posted by iTz Canada Ehh on 05 Jan 17 at 05:24
    ItsChillMurrayI was having trouble unlocking this until I realized I had already cooked well over a hundred items. I tried loading a previous save and spammed Jet. THANKFULLY, the achievement popped. I must have been offline when I passed the 100 mark before
    Posted by ItsChillMurray on 26 Jul 17 at 01:20
    z RagnaroK zI'd like to point out that not everything you craft counts you towards the achievement. The game only looks at the "Chems crafted" and "food cooked" numbers. You can find your current count under the Data tab in your Pip Boy. Scroll down to crafting and add the two numbers together to see how many more you need to get to 100 items crafted.

    The rest of the catagories such as "weapon mods crafter" and "objects built" don't count towards the achievement. Only the 4th and 5th catagories that I mentioned above. Hope this helps!
    Posted by z RagnaroK z on 13 Apr 20 at 21:24
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  • Van Bur3nVan Bur3n166,896
    19 Nov 2015 19 Nov 2015 02 Jan 2016
    39 1 5
    Easiest solution:

    If you're a typical Fallout player, you've probably collected every kind of chem you've come across, so hopefully you should have tons of chems to spare for this.

    Simply craft the two special chems Bufftats and Psycho Jet over and over again. Bufftats requires just Buffout and Mentats, Psycho Jet requires just Psycho and Jet. I had just about 50 of each chem so it was no problem for me. Takes about a minute or two to get the achievement doing this method depending on how long it takes for you to spam the A button.

    If you need to find some chems there are plenty of traders across the game world that sell them. Obvious ones being the one in Diamond City in the market area, Wolfgang at Drumlin Diner if you sided with him, Doc Weathers who wanders the Commonwealth with caravans (can sometimes be found in Bunker Hill). And of course, chems are located ALL over the world in containers. You should be collecting chems already to have enough to do this method.
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    ChockaShockaGreat solution! smile
    Posted by ChockaShocka on 23 Dec 15 at 14:21
    TrimblerPlus one ... super simple. Got it in seconds. Just needed to remember to go to a chem-station rather than a cooking station.
    Posted by Trimbler on 20 Dec 17 at 06:26
    LockieYeah, easiest way to do it especially if you're like me and never bother using chems. I had over 100 of each chem by the time I was level 50 so that's plenty for this achievement.
    Posted by Lockie on 08 Aug 18 at 11:29
  • NetechmaNetechma288,541
    12 Nov 2015 13 Nov 2015 22 Nov 2015
    25 4 8
    Hey guys, I noticed no solution here for this relatively easy to get but slightly time intensive achievement to get.

    I am relatively certain you can get this using a bunch of different methods, and will likely get it over normal play through, but the one I will be using is by cooking meat acquired through trading and killing things.

    If you need a cooking location one that I used primarily is Starlight Drive In and direction left of it is Drumlin Diner (thank you Grimace 221) -the woman there is a trader as well as having the occasional trashcan Carla who is a traveling merchant (don't forget you can use wait command by sitting in a chair/stool)

    With the use of both of these locations and fast traveling it is possible (depending on your caps, (no you don't need to save) Using and buy any 'uncooked' meat she has and roast it on the cooking location already available at Starlight. For example radroach or brahmin meat.

    Please note you will run into 2 non critical not all too difficult named raiders at the diner, and some mole rats at the drive in if it's your first time there. But once cleared you shouldn't run into anything other than the occasional couple of raiders at the drive in.

    You can get some fair exp and very good food/recovery items (better and faster than stimpacks in some cases) by using this method. But it isn't necessary to save.

    *~ extra but not necessary
    The magazine found aboard the U.S.S riptide (directly south of the C.I.T. ruins and north of diamond city you can find a magazine which allows you to collect more meat from animal kills. *re edit others have reportedly gotten the issue with this perk in various locations.


    Please comment, I will edit if need be. Just hope this helps!
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    UnsungGhostThe butcher in Diamond City always has lots of meat and never moves around. There's also a bench about 20 feet away from her.
    Posted by UnsungGhost on 15 Nov 15 at 03:02
    YutaniConfirmed: Weapon and Armor mods do not count.
    Posted by Yutani on 15 Nov 15 at 16:22
    GrimaceTheGreyThe diner you are talking about is the Drumlin Diner. Good read though.
    Posted by GrimaceTheGrey on 20 Nov 15 at 19:56
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