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King of Kings

Capture 15 Kingdoms.

King of Kings+0.1
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How to unlock the King of Kings achievement

  • RealityBitesDogRealityBitesDog218,161
    24 Nov 2015 20 Nov 2015 03 Dec 2015
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    This is a pretty straightfoward progression achievement requiring gold earned in puzzles to be spent opening up new kingdoms on the map.

    Kingdoms available to buy are shown as a blue shield. Those you have already bought appear as a coloured icon of some kind. Buying a kingdom sometimes reveals new kingdoms next to it that can be bought too.

    The requirement for buying each kingdom increases by 250 GP a time mostly, making a total of 30,000 gold needed for this achievement. Also, you need to be level 25 to unlock all the kingdoms for purchase (thanks to Toamikel for this.) Here's the chart:

    Kingdoms / Gold Cost
    1st = 250
    2nd = 500 (Subtotal: 750 gold). At this point, you will get:
    Gems of WarRobber BaronThe Robber Baron achievement in Gems of War worth 63 pointsCapture 2 Kingdoms.

    3rd = 750
    4th = 1000
    5th = 1250
    6th = 1500
    7th = 1750
    8th = 2000
    9th = 2250
    10th = 2500 (Sub total: 13,750 gold). At this point, you will get:
    Gems of WarPrince RegentThe Prince Regent achievement in Gems of War worth 165 pointsCapture 10 Kingdoms.

    11th = 2750
    12th = 3000
    13th = 3250
    14th = 4000
    15th = 4000 (Grand Total: 30,750 gold)
    And the achievement is now yours!

    To earn the most gold per game, you can play in "Invade" and/or "Defend" games against the AI version of other players. these are matched at or close to your own Hero's level. These games payout the most gold but gold is also lost if you lose the match. Invade and Defend are chosen from the other menu (not the "Kingdom" menu) that shows your Hero, Troops, Guild, etc.

    The best way to earn gold is to complete the tasks that pop up in the top left sidebar when looking at the Kingdom or Other menus. This sidebar can be opened with either cn_LB or cn_RB. The tasks are usually of the type: "Perform an action X number of times" or "Reach level Y" etc and usually pay quite well (e.g. 250-2500 gold).

    Hope that helps
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    shammy1975ive had some big gold payments completing tasks..some of which are very easy to complete..really helps towards the 30,000 gold needed..good guide thank you
    Posted by shammy1975 on 20 Nov 15 at 19:51
    Chunkeh MunkehJust wanted to add that off you are in a clan/guild then you can unlock maps for the treasure hunt which can be very successful for gold. Came out with just shy of 2k gold earlier from one treasure map.
    Posted by Chunkeh Munkeh on 20 Nov 15 at 20:37
    shammy1975i won a treasure map earlier is there something i can do with it chunkeh munkeh..i just dis regarded it as something whatever..
    Posted by shammy1975 on 20 Nov 15 at 23:25
    Chunkeh MunkehYeah you have to own the Kingdom beginning with Z (Zaragoth maybe, I'll have to check) and basically there is an option to go on a treasure hunt in the place of the arena from the first kingdom.
    Posted by Chunkeh Munkeh on 21 Nov 15 at 01:34
    ToamikelThey do not increase by 250 every time. When I had 13 kingdoms my 14th cost 4000 gold and now my 15th also costs 4000 gold. You also may want to add that you need to be level 25 to have unlocked enough kingdoms for purchase.
    Posted by Toamikel on 22 Nov 15 at 17:41
    RealityBitesDogThanks for the info mate, I'll add that
    Posted by RealityBitesDog on 22 Nov 15 at 18:00
    WarFox45Thought this glitched on me,i had 15 kingdoms but the tracker stuck at 93%.Sorted now,talk about delayed.
    Posted by WarFox45 on 03 Dec 15 at 13:11
    SeltureYou get treasure maps by donating to your guild! I recommend you do it. You can get at least 1k+ gold each time very easily and only have to donate as little as 100.
    Posted by Selture on 20 Dec 15 at 05:34
    GremlinLord615Also signing into the game everyday gives you the daily bonus. It only takes a few minutes. You don't have to play, just start it, collect the daily, then collect the money from your kingdoms. I get 500 a day from the kingdoms (only 3) everyday. The daily goes up each consecutive day up to 5 days.
    Posted by GremlinLord615 on 12 Jan 16 at 13:21
    SweetArkhaneI don't see any new kingdom to buy, there are only 14 kingdoms on the map...
    Posted by SweetArkhane on 11 Mar at 10:20
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