Don't get cocky achievement in Star Wars Battlefront

Don't get cocky

Defeat both the Millennium Falcon and Slave I

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How to unlock the Don't get cocky achievement

    17 Nov 2015 17 Nov 2015
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    This is a complete guide to destroying people in Fighter Squadron. Also shows you where to find the Millennium Falcon & Slave so you can fly them. Easiest way to defeat the other is to get in the Falcon or Slave.

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    P33MannIs this bugged? I've definitely destroyed both.

    Edit: So only can be done in fighter squardon?
    Posted by P33Mann on 20 Nov 16 at 01:59
    MetalheadRR3I've found that Battle Station is a pretty good venue to use to try and get this. The space fight generally lasts a good round and often times both ships are destroyed 1 or 2 times a game. I only need to destroy the Slave 1 - got it down to 1% health only for someone else to get the killing blow.
    Posted by MetalheadRR3 on 19 Dec 16 at 16:14
    NoEffects6Can this be done on solo play?

    ETA: No it cannot.
    Posted by NoEffects6 on 09 Jan 18 at 00:09
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  • derechtegraf1derechtegraf1426,912
    21 Nov 2015 22 Nov 2015 12 Apr 2016
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    This achievement can only be won in the game mode Fighter Squadron. It is awarded for killing the opposite side's heros, i.e. the Rebel Alliance's Millenium Falcon and the Empire's Slave I.
    As battles end as soon as one side has collected 200 points, this gives you very limited time to make this work. In addition, it is almost impossible to kill the heros with ordinary fighter craft, unless you team up with various teammates. However, attacking with non-hero fighters makes you vulnerable to attacks from enemy fighters, to whom you act as an easy target with your full attention focused on the hero.

    Thus, this solution will focus on fights with you commanding a hero ship yourself.

    As soon as you start up the game, fly close to the ground at low speed and circle the area. After a while a hero icon pickup will spawn somewhere in your vicinity (it looks like a circle with a bar in the middle - or a lightsaber with a glowing aura). Note that the spawn points are random, but they are generally somewhere in the middle of the map.

    Collect the hero pickup, then press cn_LBcn_RB to transform into the Millenium Falcon (if playing as Rebel) or Slave I (if playing as Imperial). Make sure to not fly into anything or get killed while collecting the pickup, as you lose it when dying.

    Now continue with the battle until an opponent has also become a hero; you will notice "[Gamertag] has become Millenium Falcon" (respective Slave I) in your battle log. Try to fly high so you get a good view of the battlefield; identify the opposite hero and chase him down. Do not waste time attacking anyone else.

    As soon as you are chasing the opposing hero and reach firing range, push back cn_LS to divert your full energy into your weapons and thus increase damage dealt. You will notice that this slows you down as well, which makes sharp turns easier to accomplish.
    Keep firing, but be aware of your weapons overheating; include quick pauses of 1-2 seconds to avoid a longer forced pause while your overheated weapons cool off. Use your torpedoes as soon as they become available (cn_RB for the Falcon, both cn_LB and cn_RB for Slave I).
    Both ships are so strong that you can almost ignore incoming fire from other fighters. As the Falcon, activate your shields when available (with cn_LB) to add more protection; as Slave I, try to use the sensor jammer (cn_Y) as much as possible so that other fighters can't get a lock on you.
    Feel free to use evasive maneuvers (cn_left, cn_up, cn_right) to avoid incoming missiles, but use this only rarely to not lose precious attack time.

    Keep at it, and eventually you will destroy the hero. In most cases it will be a close call to the end of the match, also depending on the skills of your opponent. Note that the kill will only count towards this achievement if you are the one to give the opponent the final blow. It will show in the battle log as "[Gamertag] has destroyed Slave I/Millenium Falcon"; your achievement counter in the achievement app will also advance to 50% respective 100%.

    Update: After the March 2016 update, it is no longer possible to progress with this achievement by simply ramming (and thus destroying) the opposing hero:
    "Fighter Squadron: Vehicles of equal size will now both be destroyed when colliding regardless if one vehicle is shielded"
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    Fiction0713Ahhh, that would make sense, as I did die every time. I did get it however this morning, just blasted the hell out of it with my a wing. Took the entirety of the match and I was lucky to land the killing blow, but I am so very glad I did.
    Posted by Fiction0713 on 07 Apr 16 at 15:43
    Stevo6483Damn, just came here to check if the ramming technique was still possible after trying it a couple of times last week. Oh well, guess I'll just keep plugging away.
    Posted by Stevo6483 on 12 Apr 16 at 12:37
    PeaShooter25This achievement is probably the worst I've encountered in a while, I get why they took away the ram method and I'm fine with it. However every match I've been in so far I've whittled down the health of the enemy ship. (and even though they've nerfed it to 30% less health it still takes too long) the player then is a huge d-bag and kamikaze's into the ground or a cliff. And this isn't just a rare match this has happened to me six times now
    Posted by PeaShooter25 on 26 Apr 16 at 19:58
  • CruezillaCruezilla525,832
    01 Dec 2015 03 Dec 2015
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    Just to add to the other solutions. If you are struggling to shoot down either the Millennium Falcon or Slave I and ramming them doesn't seem to work for you, this should be the solution to fix that:

    Playing as the Slave I you will get the kill on the Millennium Falcon if you ram into him and you both blow up.


    Playing as the Millennium Falcon you can get credit for the kill by turning on your shield and ramming the Slave I getting you the points and actually keeping you alive in the process.

    Hope this helps clear things up!
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    YaziteYep this is the best way. Also confirming that you need your shields up when ramming Slave 1. Ramming without shields does not give you credit.
    Posted by Yazite on 09 Dec 15 at 20:56
    LizardKingLXXXIMonths of near misses I do this & get them both in a few hrs. Legendary advise as always Brother. Now if you can just do the AT-AT take down for me that would be cool toast
    Posted by LizardKingLXXXI on 07 Feb 16 at 01:22
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