When 900 years old you reach... achievement in Star Wars Battlefront

When 900 years old you reach...

Reach Rank 50

When 900 years old you reach...0
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How to unlock the When 900 years old you reach... achievement

  • OneNastyGrubOneNastyGrub891,133
    04 Dec 2015 25 Nov 2015
    49 2 8
    I have found the easiest and quickest game modes for earning xp are blast and fighter squadron. In fighter squadron always head straight for the area where the Slave / Millenium falcon spawn and use these to fly around getting massive amounts of kills on other players and AI ships, you can average around 7500 xp a round by doing this. The second most important thing is to complete as many big xp challenges as possible and if you are happy with your current cards hand, spend 500 credits a time to get the easy challenges you can combine with blast and fighter squadron to boost your xp while playing (75 kills, destroy 50 ships and and use 50 cards all offer between 5000 - 7000 xp upon each completion.)

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    Yankees3Fan7Just a PSA, but even with the new update, private matches will not count towards getting XP. "Private Matches are unranked, you will not earn score or credits while playing" is what reads when you try inviting people to a match.
    Posted by Yankees3Fan7 on 29 Jan 16 at 03:40
    aRuuuN xFor me personally this is the easiest method to reach level 50 took me under a week. But I was on star wars constantly!

    Posted by aRuuuN x on 23 Feb 16 at 16:11
    P33MannI feel like this may be bugged. I am 50 stuck at 98%. I hard restarted at 49 so maybe i just need to get to 51?

    Edit: This achievement is bugged. There are forum topics with multiple people on both consoles having issues.

    Edit 2: hit 53 and got it
    Posted by P33Mann on 18 Nov 16 at 03:03
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  • GareBear203GareBear203174,479
    20 Dec 2015 20 Dec 2015 20 Dec 2015
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    Game modes -
    Best -

    Fighter Squad (Best XP but only as rebels unless you can get hero power ups) *Only mode were you can kill bots for XP/ By far the quickest mode.

    Heroes V.S Villains (Good if you constantly go after opposing heroes bad if you play for your life)

    Droid run
    (Very good for XP especially if you run around and capture "droids")

    Worst -
    Regular modes I.E Drop zone ,Cargo,and Blast are mediocre unless you are very competent in said modes.

    *Kill streaks = more xp


    Scout ( A fantastic trait for staying off the radar)

    Bodyguard (A very useful trait if you are looking for a more surviveability loadout.

    *Make Sure you do you're Challenges and do not be afraid to Get new challenges

    Guns - (DL-44 or really any blaster pistol unless your challenges are for another type of blaster)

    Star Cards - Jump Pack(Number one) Impact Grenade Homing shot, Thermal detonator, Bowcaster.

    Charge Cards -

    Scan pulse (Find enemies quicker resulting in more XP (Note: If you chose to go this route it May cost you a lot of Credits.)

    Explosive shot
    (A very good and almost always useful charge card Especially useful when enemies start to swarm you.

    Note: Every lvl takes 1,000 more score resulting in approximately 80,000 score to lvl up once you get to 49 to 50
  • A Krayt DragonA Krayt Dragon130,651
    09 Dec 2015 09 Dec 2015 09 Dec 2015
    18 8 9
    Fighter Squadron Boosting Method:

    Whenever you're on the Rebel side, make sure you memorize where the Hero Power-ups are located on the map. They spawn at 9:00 remaining in the match (1 minute into the match) and are only in a couple different locations depending on the map.

    Once you're the Millenium Falcon, find the Slave I. Get behind it, then hit your Speed Boost Power-Up followed by your Energy Shield Power-Up. If you aim properly and time it correctly, you'll ram the Slave I, destroying Boba's ship and taking no damage. This will net you 8,000 XP immediately. Then just proceed the rest of the match and rack up the kills!

    Here's a video showing the technique:
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    L4D II JoK3rAlso you can't do it from behind as you just bounce off, it needs to be from the front or at an angle to get the full 4k.
    Posted by L4D II JoK3r on 08 Feb 16 at 23:50
    FoogaYou can't do this anymore, but have a downvote on me for promoting shit behavior.
    Posted by Fooga on 29 Jul 16 at 21:18
    ProscalineDelete this solution. It's irrelevant.
    Posted by Proscaline on 24 Sep 16 at 05:04
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