Crush them with one swift stroke… achievement in Star Wars Battlefront

Crush them with one swift stroke…

Trample 25 soldiers with an AT-ST (Multiplayer)

Crush them with one swift stroke…0
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How to unlock the Crush them with one swift stroke… achievement

  • Big Killa CBig Killa C249,090
    19 Nov 2015 18 Nov 2015 20 Nov 2015
    100 10 26
    Greetings Stormtroopers! Load up either Walker Assault or Supremacy. My strategy is for Walker Assault but either would work. You must be on the Empire side to get access to the AT-ST. The AT-ST "Chicken Walker" is a vehicle pick-up that you must grab when running around on the map. The pick-up has an image of the AT-ST. It looks like this:
    External image

    Run up to it, then press cn_LB and cn_RB at the same time. You will then spawn in the vehicle. (Note: If you have another pickup equipped, you can hold cn_X at the pickup to swap).

    Now that you're in the AT-ST, you are ready to go. Attempt to flank around the outside of the map. THE AT-ST CAN SPRINT just like infantry. You have to press in and hold cn_LS The vehicle has mediocre armor and the enemy will be concentrating their fire on you due to the size of the walker. Head towards the enemy Uplink Stations and you will usually find rebel scum defending. You are essentially "road killing" but stepping on them instead. It will say that you TRAMPLED the enemy when you pull it off correctly. Flatten 25 rebel traitors and the achievement is yours. Hoth is particularly nice due to the fact that Rebels like to hide in the trenches. Come at them from the side and squish them! Kills do not have to be obtained in one match, it is cumulative.

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    el tebyThanks for this info!
    Posted by el teby on 02 Oct 18 at 15:35
    Clubmau5Got this legit today after grinding out 22 of my 25 kills in a day. All in all not too difficult to complete despite this game being almost 5 years old. Only used walker assault since I was going for other achievements in the game type as well. Just familiarize yourself with the AT-ST spawns, and hope you're on the stronger team. I found maps like Hoth with multiple spawn tokens worked better, since it just increased my odds of ending up in a vehicle. I was surprised how fast the kills were coming.
    Posted by Clubmau5 on 09 Jun 20 at 00:19
    Commander AppaThis is one of the last online achievements I need for Battlefront. I know where most of the spawn locations are, that’s not the difficult part for me. It’s the ion torpedos that come at you nonstop.
    Posted by Commander Appa on 27 Sep 20 at 02:28
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  • z3r0 Fe4rz3r0 Fe4r319,036
    16 Jan 2016 16 Jan 2016 29 Jan 2016
    63 2 15
    Yo Folks,

    I just got this achievement after playing a few games starting from 0 trample kills and i would love to share with my TA community how i did it ..

    I tried to do the kills for hours and hours in Walker Assault and Supremacy but never got close to an enemy before getting shred to pieces .. also the tokens for ATST where hard to spot or to get as all people who try to get this achievement are playing these gamemodes and are looking for it as well.

    The best and by far easiest way is TurningPoint on Jakku (its a DLC you have to get .. no worries .. its free).

    !! Credits to TheFourthHunter for pointing out Turning Point as the best gamemode in the above solution's comments !!

    When on the Imperial side (ATST's are imperial vehicles NOT rebel's) you start with defending 3 points .. in this first "wave" no ATST tokens will spawn but after the first of those defend point is taken, you get up to 3 further "fallback" waves of 1 or 2 spots you have to defend and each fallback wave has its own ATST spawnlocation.

    Below a very handy movie for showing the 3 locations .. check it and memorize the locations but after playing the gamemode a few times you'll find the spots quiet fast and easy.
    Make sure to stay in that ATST spawn area and when the tokens spawn .. grab the ATST and start walking towards the defend spots because enemies will start to attack those defend spots .. if you die, just head back to the location where you picked up the ATST token as its keeps spawning at the same location each fallback wave ... I sometimes respawned next to it laugh

    The average amount of trample kills per match where between 8-10 .. It is cumulative so just play a couple of imperial rounds and .. Bob's your uncle toast

    Hope you get the trample kills as quick as i did ..

    May the Force be with you ... always !!

    Edit 1 : The pick-up token takes 20 seconds to respawn (roughly) after death. (thanx left 4 zaneage)
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    LonesquiffIs the Jakku map still available? There isn't anything with that name listed in the store dlc page. I do see a map called Graveyard of the Giants is that the one?
    Posted by Lonesquiff on 03 Mar 17 at 21:58
    Homunculus FuryYes that is the one. There were two spawns on supremacy if I recall correctly
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 03 Mar 17 at 22:27
    Posted by motter on 15 Oct 17 at 20:57
    10 Dec 2015 11 Dec 2015 19 Dec 2015
    8 5 4
    Nameless Saint and I figured a great/fast way to boost this.

    Walker Assault on Endor
    From Imperial spawn facing Rebel spawn, quickly boost jump diagonal-forward-left to cross the creekbed and reach building entrance. The ATST token will be near the left corner of the door (It will respawn there for awhile if ATST goes down so camp it if you don't get it at start).

    Once you have ATST, go to far right of map (a little forward of spawn) you will see a platform/bridge, with two Imperial shuttles on top. Go under the platform and wait. Rebels rarely go down that path and you cant be seen otherwise (i.e., no ion torpedos) Plus, if your assigned Imperial partner chooses to spawn near you, they will actually spawn on top of the platform so they won't inadvertently spoil your boosting. The rest of the time, just wait for your Rebel boosting-buddy to head to his far left of map and come to you to get squashed.

    The rebel boosting buddy should call out when they are close, so the ATST knows to shoot any other rebel wandering off the path.

    In rotation, the map before it is Tatoonie. We got it in about two rounds each as ATST. It is also a great place to boost other achievements.
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    Nameless SaintThat buddy is Nameless Saint This is the best way to do this achievement :)
    Posted by Nameless Saint on 13 Dec 15 at 18:16
    P0LAR COWBOYThanks! Nameless Saint. I wasn't sure if you wanted me to post your name.
    Posted by P0LAR COWBOY on 13 Dec 15 at 20:57
    MoranathanThis challenge is only made harder by the fact that you can step over/right past the troops... Can't wait to finish this shell of a game.
    Posted by Moranathan on 19 Dec 15 at 16:03
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