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Earn all mission stars on Master difficulty

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How to unlock the Master achievement

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    "Impressive. Most impressive."

    For this achievement you will need to complete all Battle Missions and Survivals on Master difficulty.

    *Note - The Ice Caves/Rebel Depot maps are not needed for this achievement.

    The achievement can be a little misleading as you do not need to get all the stars for every mission on master, you just need to simply complete every mission on master difficulty, so the extra stars like:

    • Winning against the AI on master difficulty with the enemy team scoring less than 40 points is not required.

    • Completing survival on Hard without losing a life is not required.

    • Collectibles? Nope! Not needed either.

    You will need to complete both variants of battle missions for this achievement. This includes: Normal & Hero Battles

    The battle missions have to be completed solo against the AI, however, survival can be done in CO-OP.

    Tips! - See 'Battles' & 'Survival' below for video guides/walkthroughs!

    First or Third Person?
    This doesn't matter too much and depends on your play style of what you prefer. For the purpose of the achievement (and the fact the game is stunning) I use third person as you can see more of the environment around you compared to first person. You can also see the enemies position from looking behind a wall.

    The best weapons to use in survival and battles are:

    RT-97C Heavy Blaster - Not much to be said about this gun, it's probably the best in the game, it has great range, damage and doesn't overheat too quickly, it's an all-round death machine.

    DL-44 Heavy Blaster - It's not quite the same as Han Solo's gun, but the DL-44 is one of the most powerful blaster pistols in the game. It delivers massive damage at close range, but overheats quickly.

    E11 Blaster Rifle - This is the standard weapon Stormtroopers use. It has a slower rate of fire compared to the A280C blaster, but does more damage overall and is very accurate.

    Classes (Battles & Survival)
    I'd recommend using any classes that include:

    Personal Shield: Can get you out of tight situations and provides some breathing room from the enemies, however you can't shoot while it's active.

    ION Torpedo: Can do huge damage to AT-ST's and can sometimes one-shot TIE fighters.

    Barrage: A grenade launcher that fires a burst of heavy explosives that can wipe a group of enemies.

    Jump Pack: Can be used for quick escapes from the enemies when in a tight spot.

    Battles (See below for videos) -
    - In battles the AI are extremely accurate and once the harder enemies arrive it becomes a problem. For every enemy you kill they drop tokens which you will need to pick up in order to win, just be cautious when grabbing tokens as its best to clear the area as you'll be gunned down pretty quick when trying to grab tokens in the open.

    - If you play with friendly AI and they die, they will drop tokens which the enemies can claim. It's up to you whether you want them on or off, it shouldn't make too much of a difference though.

    - One annoying factor to battles is if you die, the enemies sometimes get a huge bonus on the tokens (sometimes even catching up to your score from 0). I find this happens most on hero battles. Even more annoying is, if you die, you will spawn in the open which makes you an easy target for the enemies depending on the map (I found Hoth to be the worst).

    What Hero to use?
    For the purpose of the achievement, I'd recommend using: Boba Fett , Han Solo, or Princess Leia as the other heroes are better for close-quarters which in battles you want to avoid due to how 'good' the AI is.
    But again, it depends on your play style, if you watch the videos below you'll see how 'Dat Boi Treezy' makes good use of Luke Skywalker, so I wouldn't completely rule them out.

    Boba Fett - "Don't get in my way"
    Boba has a vast array of weapons at his disposal which are the:
    - EE-3 blaster - Which is burst-fire, accurate at any range, and has insane damage.
    - Wrist Rocket - Which auto-locks onto enemies after you fire (providing your on target when you fire, usually a one shot kill)).
    - Jet-pack - Which can get you out of tight situations if need be but also has a longer flight time and height distance compared to the standard jump pack.
    - Flamethrower - The flamethrower is good, however, I'd avoid using it in battles as it's meant for point-blank range which really, you want to avoid as you'll lose too much health getting close for the kill.

    Han Solo - "The things I do for that Princess"
    Han doesn't have quite the arsenal Boba has, but does have other excellent traits which are:
    - The signature DL-44 heavy blaster - which does a huge amount of damage at close/medium range but does less damage at long range, which shouldn't be a problem as long as you stay out of the way and let the enemies approach.
    - Lucky Shot - This ability is an explosive shot which deals huge amount of damage to groups of enemies.
    - Rapid Fire - This ability is amazing as it allows you to rapid-fire without the gun overheating for a short period of time which makes quick work of the enemies.
    - Shoulder Barge - This ability is great if your in a tight situation however, I'd avoid using it as the enemies will put a lot of damage into you before you even reach them.

    Princess Leia - "For the Rebellion!"
    Leia I'd say is weaker of three mentioned, but she can still put up a good fight with her unique abilities like:
    - Leia's E-11 blaster which does more damage compared to the standard version which allows you to one-shot standard enemies, but falls short when attacking the stronger enemies.
    - Trooper Bane - Similar to Han's lucky shot, this ability allows her to one-shot enemies with increased damage. You can also shoot out of Leia's enhanced shield.
    - Enhanced Squad Shield - This shield can take even more damage compared to the standard shield but Leia can also shoot out of the shield if she uses her 'trooper bane' ability.
    - Supply Drop - Probably Leia's best ability, she has the power to drop a health pick up, which restores your health back to 100%.

    Video Guides
    A big shout-out to 'Dat Boi Treezy' who has kindly provided their videos for help within the missions. (Thank you!) wave

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    Video Walkthroughs?
    I've removed the previous videos as the ones posted in the solutions below are much better. See: 'GareBear203' Solution.

    Enemy vehicles will spawn every 3 waves, as well as a drop pod, and if you complete the vehicle wave an extra life will spawn.

    Drop Pod/Extra Lives?
    Depending on the map it's not always best to grab the pods as they usually land in open spaces which can leave you without cover. I'd suggest going for pods on the earlier waves and saving the power-ups for tough situations later on.
    Another way to get the pod is, if you have a wave with probe droids, leave at least one alive as they cannot re-claim the pod of you. The same method applies for extra lives, always leave at least one enemy alive and grab the extra life!

    Hardest Map: Sullust?
    In my opinion, Sullust is the hardest map as there is very little cover throughout most of the map but also, is the only level to feature TIE fighters and AT-ST's on the vehicle waves.

    For CO-OP (Solo videos below), me and my partner stayed in the large hanger. The ground troops will arrive first which will make their way to you, we'd take them out quickly as you'll get overrun. Soon after that the AT-ST's would arrive which we would lure into the hangar and go in a slow circle around the parked ship in the middle. This way the AT-ST's can't hit you and allows you to constantly fire ION torpedoes at them. Once the AT-ST's have been defeated you can move on to the TIE fighters which can also be easily destroyed by ION torpedo's.

    Turrets (Turbo Lasers)?
    Tempting as it is, I wouldn't recommend using the large turrets outside of the hanger as they can easily be destroyed and leave you in the open if the infantry are close by as you'll be shot running away. The TIE fighters can also destroy the turrets in one strafing run, given the chance.

    Endor Cheat/Survival Location
    On survival there is a nice cheat where you can go onto the higher tree platforms where the enemies cannot reach you, but can still shoot you depending on the position of you both.

    You can also get the bonus star/achievement for completing a survival on Master without losing a losing a life/dying.
    Star Wars BattlefrontAckbar's EliteThe Ackbar's Elite achievement in Star Wars Battlefront worth 226 pointsComplete any Survival mission on Master difficulty without dying

    Video for Location

    Hope this guide helps. If you have any questions then please ask!

    Feedback for this guide is welcome - To the negative feedback posters, unless you give me feedback how can I improve!

    Also thank you to everyone in the comments.

    Have fun.
    "May the force be with you." wave

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    a Fi1thy CasualI don't know if EA has made changes to Leia's character since this guide was created, but in all honesty Leia on the Hero Battles is broken AF - if you are looking to get both Master and Unstoppable, then Leia makes this an absolute cakewalk.

    Personal shield + Free health token + Single Shot KO pistol = easy victory.

    Endor on battle was the roughest for me, but with Leia I had it done in a bit over 3 mins. I tried Boba and Han, but on Master they did not have nearly the survivability that Leia has with her abilities.
    Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 15 Aug 18 at 21:44
    BobWingsStill useful almost 3 years later :)
    Posted by BobWings on 08 Oct 18 at 07:28
    DariusDaSnepGreat guide buddy it helped me out but what i would also suggest is that on solo endor stick to the beginning and use the blaster cannon and just collect the token when its clear and on solo sullest just hide the map end Far Right corner where the crates closer to where the two big rocks are near the end of the map and use a blaster cannon if you dont get a cannon dont collect any tokens and just farm tokens untill you get the cannon, there just make sure to aim your shots cause a few times i do hit the rocks and look out in the distance for a guy that may go around the far crates and try to ambush you so snipe them down my method took me a couple of tries but i got it.
    Posted by DariusDaSnep on 08 Jan 20 at 13:27
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    This is only an addition to the solution above. For people having problems with the Tatooine survival, this can be done either co-op or solo. In the video is a great spot where you can literally sit and be fully protected. I do need to point out that sometimes I would have an odd AT-ST roaming the map that I would have to lure towards my location or take out from a distance. If this is the case and you are careful, you can actually get back up from the hiding spot in the video using a small ledge that you first use to get into position.
    (Please note, I take no credit for this video, it just helped me find a great location which I think should be shared to help others).

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    EthigyGreat solution. Definitely a test of patience but works great.
    Posted by Ethigy on 20 Feb 19 at 03:17
    Chief0fZombiesThis is great and works on Coop too. There is enough room for two players to hide. Word of advice though. Dont kill the AtSts above you because when they fall down and slide off the cliff they will take you with it. Died 3 times do to this. laugh
    Posted by Chief0fZombies on 26 Jul 19 at 01:01
    wes coasnWorked great. Died once because I fell off the cliff on accident.
    Posted by wes coasn on 08 Jun 20 at 20:08
  • GareBear203GareBear203182,054
    07 Dec 2015 17 Dec 2015 29 May 2016
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    This is a solution that is comprised of only the survival maps for the "Master" Achievement in Star Wars Battlefront showing you guys all the spots I used and giving some insight and commentary over it. (Note: I completed all of these in CO-OP except Tatooine and I show you the best strategy for every map (others coming shortly.

    Star Wars Battlefront - Master Survival Guide - Sullust

    Star wars Battlefront - Master Survival Guide - Tatooine

    Star Wars Battlefront - Master Survival Guide - Endor

    Star Wars Battlefront - Master Survival Guide - Hoth

    Star Wars Battlefront - Master Survival Guide - Ice Caves

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    Homunculus Fury@Grm T Thurman I thought the same thing, having friendlies with you helps but if you are to slow it hurts.
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 13 Nov 16 at 15:14
    wes coasnThanks for the tips on Hoth. Had to play on Hard first just to get a better loudout.
    Posted by wes coasn on 08 Jun 20 at 21:54
    RepentantHades7None of these videos are available anymore.
    Posted by RepentantHades7 on 12 Dec 20 at 23:28
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