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Hero of Wrothgar achievement in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Hero of Wrothgar

Complete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Hero of Wrothgar.

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How to unlock the Hero of Wrothgar achievement

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    Note: I'm still working towards this achievement so I'll be updating this solution as I go.

    Hero of Wrothgar (100G)

    To unlock this, you'll need to unlock the following in game achievements:

    Relic Hunter
    Wrothgar Dungeon Slayer
    Defender of Orsinium
    Wrothgar Master Delver
    Wrothgar Grand Adventurer

    Let's break them down one by one.

    Relic Hunter:

    There is a good solution on TA for this so I'll either direct you there or you can use this link:

    (This is the same guide used in the TA solution for Relic Hunter. All credit to the authors.)

    Wrothgar Dungeon Slayer
    Complete both public dungeon boss achievements

    These are marked by the cave entrance icon on the map.

    *Rkindalef Vanquisher
    Located East of the Shatul Wayshrine near the edge of the map

    Bosses to defeat:
    Wandering Illia
    Shagara the Firestarter

    *Old Orsinium Vanquisher
    Located due North of the Siege Road Wayshrine

    Bosses to defeat:
    Orzik the Storm-born
    Mercedene the Crused
    Great Zoraluma

    Defender of Orsinium
    Defeat 4 Wrothgar World bosses

    These are marked by the skull with crossed swords icon on the map. There are six of these total. These are virtually impossible to do solo. I just hung out far enough away to keep the mobs from going agro and waited for a group to form to clear the boss. The ones at Unfinished Dolmen, Mad Ogre's Altar, and King Chief's Throne also have relic at them.

    *Defeat Corintthac the Abomination
    At the Accrued Nursery located NNW of the Trader's Road Wayshrine.

    *Defeat King-Chief Edu
    At King Chief's Throne located SE of Shatul Wayshrine.

    *Defeat Nyzchaleft
    At Nyzchaleft Falls located SE of Two Rivers Wayshrine.

    *Defeat Old Snagara
    At Poacher's Encampment located NNE of Great Bay Wayshrine.

    *Defeat Mad Urkazbur the Ogre
    At Mad Ogre's Altar located NNW of Two Rivers Wayshrine.

    *Defeat Zanadunoz the Ravager
    At Unfinished Dolmen located SW of Frostback Ridge Wayshrine.

    Wrothgar Master Delver
    Discover and Clear all six caves.

    These are the single torch icons on the map. All of these caves have at least one side quest tied to them. You must beat the boss for the cave to be considered clear. The map icon will turn white like all other cleared caves. These can be done solo.

    *Nikolvara's Kennel
    Located NW of Merchant's Gate Wayshrine
    Boss: Nikolvara the Durzog trainer

    *Coldperch Cavern
    Located SE of Shatul Wayshrine
    Boss: Kraala Birdsong

    *Argent Mine
    Located N of Trader's Road Wayshrine
    Boss: Magnar Child-Eater

    *Thukhozod's Sanctum
    Located SSW of Great Bay Wayshrine
    Boss: Gorlar the Dark

    *Watcher's Hold
    Located SSE of Siege Road Wayshrine

    Located SW of Two Rivers Wayshrine
    Boss: Ztheng Guardian

    Wrothgar Grand Adventurer
    Complete 40 Quests.

    Much like any other zone in the game, just grab every quest you can find until you hit 40. This, and every other in game achievement, can be tracked through the journal in the menu. Everything for Wrothgar is under the DLC category. The Main Quest, which will be covered next, has nine quests, and each of the caves listed above has a side quest (Zthenganaz has two).

    Complete the main story quests.

    Here is a list of the nine story missions. This is also what you need for the Kingmaker Achievement.

    "Invitation to Orsinium"
    "For King and Glory"
    "A King-sized Problem"
    "In the Name of the King"
    "To Save a Chief"
    "The Anger of the King"
    "The King's Gambit"
    "Blood on a King's Hands"
    "Long live the King"

    *bloop bloop* Enjoy your 100G.

    Like I said in the opening, I'm still working on this myself, and I'll be updating this solution as I go with tips, estimated completion times for each segment based on attempting them solo, and anything else I may think will be helpful. Any constructive criticism is welcomed as always.
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