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The Big Leagues achievement in Batman™: Arkham Knight

The Big Leagues

Achieve 21 Stars in AR Challenges playing as Robin.

The Big Leagues0
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How to unlock the The Big Leagues achievement

  • Foreman5707Foreman5707166,205
    24 Nov 2015 24 Nov 2015 30 Nov 2015
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    Hey Folks,

    NOTE: There may be a glitch with this achievement just like the Catwoman and Nightwing achievements. These are not popping until you hit 25 or 26 stars. Since the same thing happened to my Catwoman and Nightwing achievement, I am going to assume that one (or more) of the previous challenges did not count for Robin, as I went straight down the combat challenge list.... Please comment if you have the same issues.

    For this Achievement, you need to earn 21 stars as Robin, which is actually quite simple with all the AR challenges that Arkham Knight has to offer. You should be able to unlock this by doing the Combat or Predator Challenges. You do not need to 3-star the challenges, just accumulate 21 total stars. The challenges that have Batman and Robin teaming up DO NOT count for this achievement.

    Combat Reminder/Hint: Environmental Takedowns are a x100 multiplier, so use them if available on a high combo. Also, for getting a freeflow perfection(never breaking your combo) you will score your strike counter multiplied by 100 at the end of the round. (22 combo x 100 = 2200 bonus)

    A Hint as Robin:
    -Robin does not have the destroy weapon ability like Batman does. However, picking up a baseball bat of the ground (cn_X+cn_A) will allow you to wail on as many thugs as possible which I found very useful in the combat challenges. You can also use Robins staff swing (cn_X+cn_Y) to disarm all nearby enemies.

    You can play the following challenges to get 21 stars(my stars are in parentheses):

    -Shark Bait (2 stars)
    -Precinct (3 stars)
    -High Interest (3 stars)
    -Flying Grayson (make sure to use environmental takedowns) (3 stars)
    -Feline Frenzy (The baseball bat is very helpful here) (3 Stars)
    -Newton's Cradle (2 Stars)
    -Teen Titan (2 Stars)
    -Combo Master (3 Stars)
    -Tower Defense
    -Azrael's Atonement (2 Stars)

    -Stage Fright
    -Sky High
    -Financial Crash
    -Smash and Grab
    -Terminal Velocity
    -Revive and Shine
    -Under the Pale Moonlight

    That's a total of 60 Stars, so play at your strengths, and don't stress out too much.

    Happy Gaming!cn_guide
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    ClassyWingsYou can of course get these achievements on the base game, as its an update. But some of the AR challenges you listed came with the crimefighter challenge packs 1, 2 and 3.
    Posted by ClassyWings on 28 Nov 15 at 21:42
    PoliteCanuckI feel like any stars you earned before this DLC went live wont count.
    Posted by PoliteCanuck on 10 Dec 15 at 02:30
    Foreman5707Hmm.... This is a possibility I guess. I did not play with many of the characters before these achievements tho.
    Posted by Foreman5707 on 10 Dec 15 at 15:09
    LunaticJake90i have well over 30 stars with robin and it still aint popped any ideas please.
    Posted by LunaticJake90 on 17 Dec 15 at 19:04
    Foreman5707Hmmmm... couple of ideas:

    -Let it sit for a day, it may just pop randomly
    -Try re-doing a some challenges.... People have reported that doing challenges before the achievement went live may also cause an issue.
    -Do all of the challenges again, and only aim for 1 or 2 stars. Keep track of what maps you do, and work up to 21. (I know, this option blows)
    -Don't give up.
    Posted by Foreman5707 on 18 Dec 15 at 03:50
    Thay SA 23what is the best thing to use against guys who has electric things to give shock?
    Posted by Thay SA 23 on 23 Jan 16 at 19:34
    Foreman5707Jump over them and attack them from behind. Or just use the Y+B takedown. You can't destroy the stun sticks with Robin
    Posted by Foreman5707 on 25 Jan 16 at 04:01
    JewlezHow do you counter act the guys who have red marks above their head with Robin? I know you use the batarang with batman but Robin doesn't have them?
    Posted by Jewlez on 18 Apr 16 at 17:12
    Foreman5707Robin does have a Batarang? As far as I know, all character can counter that enemy the same way.
    Posted by Foreman5707 on 20 Apr 16 at 22:20
    WhyattThrashNote: Only 21 stars are available without buying DLC. Also, some of the achievements from the title update require DLC to unlock so bear that in mind if you care about completion percentage and aren't interested in buying the DLC.
    Posted by WhyattThrash on 05 Nov 16 at 01:59
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