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Mental Unblock achievement in Need for Speed

Mental Unblock

Get a 350000 Drift Score in Mental Block with Ken's car

Mental Unblock-0.2
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How to unlock the Mental Unblock achievement

  • bs000bs000283,290
    26 Nov 2015 26 Nov 2015 01 Dec 2015
    101 6 24
    The Mental Block event is located in Crescent Mountains in the upper portion of the map. Ken Blocks car is available for $0 in the garage after you've completed Manu's (Style) story missions.

    Be sure to join a game by yourself. With other players in the game, there's a pretty good chance that they'll interfere, even if they're just free roaming. How to play alone: Hold the cn_back button -> Settings -> Game Settings -> Play Alone.

    Use the brake to initiate drifts and avoid using the e-brake too much since this slows you down more. Ken's car is fully tuned for drifting so it might slide a lot more than you're used to. It also makes it a little difficult to straighten out after a drift. Release or feather the gas to help control your car in these situations.

    Try to get most of your score from the mountain sections in the first half of the course. If you can maintain a decent angle and keep your speed up at least 70MPH, you should be getting 10-20k per drift easily. Once you're in the city, there's less room for big drifts so it'll be a little harder but there are still plenty of opportunities for high scores.

    Do your best to not hit any walls, especially in the mountain section at the beginning. Even lightly bumping the wall will cause you to lose all your points for that drift. Bumping into other cars or traffic will not cause you to lose your points for that drift.

    You'll want at least 200k when you get to the tunnel. If you hit too many walls on the way down, it's probably worth it to restart.

    Some people are unlocking the achievement just getting the required score and not having to finish the event, but does not work that way for others. It's a little buggy in that regard. Finishing within the time limit is really the only way to guarantee you'll unlock it.

    As you can see in the video below, I do pretty poorly in the city section and still (almost) make it to the end and unlock the achievement, so there is some room for errors.

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    zakadasOr is the issue that i completed the challenge using the huracan before attempting with ken block's car?
    Posted by zakadas on 27 Jun 19 at 13:41
    GX@zakadas it won't count if you do it in the prestige version, you have to disable the prestige challenges in the prestige screen and do it on the normal version.
    Posted by GX on 24 Aug 19 at 19:05
    SaP RaZzorI just got it , had 230k when I got in the tunnel and got the 350k before the 360°C .
    Finished the race 4 times and every time I had like 25/33 seconds left when I finished so had no worries about timing out. :)
    Posted by SaP RaZzor on 10 Jan 20 at 16:57
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  • GGS SyntaXGGS SyntaX583,182
    25 Nov 2015 25 Nov 2015 26 Nov 2015
    41 5 30
    You find this event on the top area of the map.

    - You need Ken's Car, which you can buy for free in the garage. It is only availible if you have finished the entire Manu storyline. (Credits to erod550)
    - You need 350.000 Score
    - You should finish the race (Some persons got the achievement without finishing. Some including me not.)

    This is a realy hard achievement which needs a lot of tries and training.

    Make sure you get enough points in the big curves at the beginning. By only hitting cn_LT (and not cn_X), its possible to get 15.000 points each curve.

    At the first circle (where you turn arround) you should have 100.000-150.000, If you drive through the tunnel, you should have arround 200.000 to 250.000 points.

    If not, restart (or train the remaining part of the track).

    Its realy hard to get points in the city after the tunnel. And you need speed, to get the finishing line.
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    Belly EllyBy far the hardest achievement of the game, it took me more than 3 hours. I had ten times a score of 320-340, but finally managed to pull it off. Traffic is very frustrating, especially the other streetracers.

    I exited the first round about with a score of 150 and got at the tunnel with 230 and finished with 355. I sucked big time in the city and therefore needed to have a score of at least 210-220 at the tunnel to have a decent chance to get this achievement (unless you are kicking ass in the city, then 200 should be fine).
    Posted by Belly Elly on 10 Feb 16 at 09:25
    The 1vanatorJust got this, probably restarted about a dozen times, maybe more. Finished twice with about 345K. Would definitely recommend using cn_X for the handbrake with cn_A for nitrous. Worked way better and easier for me. Winning run got 392K.
    Posted by The 1vanator on 16 Feb 16 at 22:32
    CRAWFORD696Just got this one. Spent about 30 tries yesterday and had to quit due to frustration... Couldn't get anywhere near 350k let alone the recommended 100-130k around the first turn around. Came online tonight read all these wonderful comments. First try hit 351k but timed out about 3 checkpoints short. 2 more tries and I hit 368k with 18 seconds to spare... Biggest tip is use your e-brake to drift every corner and use your nitrous every time you're drifting. Seriously. If you hit your e-brake, hold A the whole time. Even if your out of nos.
    Posted by CRAWFORD696 on 17 Feb 16 at 02:36
  • RobscoutRobscout486,563
    27 Feb 2016 28 Feb 2016
    8 4 0
    Hi i also had problems with this achievement
    But once i use the E-brake in tight corners and nitro
    Nitro you should use in all corners it builds up speed and points
    If you going to hit the wall release the RT gas and steer of the wall
    I also get points in fast corners by drifting and using nitro

    don't be afraid using E-brake if you going to fast at a corner but use the nitro to gain speed
    It is easiest wat other peaple say by getting 200000 or more if possible befor you hit the tunnel aria because after the tunnel is the more difficult part you make more mistakes it has tight corners hier i use the E-brake and nitro alot
    Hope this helps Some peaple
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