Supply and Demand achievement in Just Cause 3

Supply and Demand

Unlock 10 Resupply Points by completing Encounters.

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How to unlock the Supply and Demand achievement

  • AnTiBiTe 2006AnTiBiTe 2006173,815
    27 Feb 2016 27 Feb 2016 17 Apr 2016
    78 4 9
    If like me you've left this until the end of the game, You'll realise it's a bit frustrating trying to spawn these encounters.

    What I have managed to figure out is that there are semi random events in the four following areas but eventually you will get a delivery one or whatever you need for a supply drop to be unlocked.

    1 Surpicco Town in Plagia this location will have a plane delivery drop up at the airport on the hill and a vehicle delivery between two little houses on a main road to the north of the town. If you just fast travel in and out and wait a while a marker will unlock anyway, guiding you to whichever encounter has spawned. You may need to fast travel again if it's the wrong one, for me a new one spawned after a minute or two.

    2 Griphon base in Costa Sud. This place has a juggernaut delivery halfway down towards the lower entrance to the base, also up top a helicopter drop will spawn from here, I must stress you need to wing suit around and possibly fast travel in and out but make sure you wait around for more than just a minute or so just give it a little time and wing suit around if you can't see anything happening.

    3 Sancte Lucas in Lavanda, just outside the monastery/church here a vehicle delivery will spawn eventually. Took me a while to get this one.

    4 Salrosa sprint in Baia, at the maker for the challenge there will be a helicopter smuggler run.

    These are just some locations I found in addition to using the guides above for assistance, I had a few of the gas station ones done at this point, so if you have those already like I did my guide should help you mop up any pesky ones that you cant find by town hopping looking for gas stations.

    Please don't vote negative just because your pissed off at the achievement. Like others have said this is mostly semi random and a pain in the ass of an achievement. It may take a while to get the right encounter but keeping going back to the location and wait for another encounter eventually it will be the right one.

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    A4TH BrokenHaloOut of gas
    Vista dracon Libeccio
    Posted by A4TH BrokenHalo on 09 Mar 18 at 02:36
    DistantSoldier1This achievement is such a pain. The encounters rarely show up and a lot of the times they suddenly disappear when I'm going to them, or they just glitch out. I had a delivery encounter and I got the car to the destination and got out, but nothing happened, and the encounter never completed....

    Edit: I dont know if this was just a fluke, but I found almost 40 resupply point encounters while going for the collectibles (especially the Di Ravello tapes). There are far too many places for me to list them out. I suggest that if you are struggling to find encounters, you go for the collectibles(if you haven't already gotten them), as you are bound to find a few.
    Posted by DistantSoldier1 on 07 Jun 18 at 22:20
    JOHN SWFCGod the number of times I've been doing a helicopter delivery one, am flying miles from anybody and the encounter suddenly fails with the random message "An innocent got hurt"
    Posted by JOHN SWFC on 02 May 20 at 10:50
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  • No ParasiteNo Parasite917,604
    06 Jan 2016 06 Jan 2016 06 Jan 2016
    21 2 4
    I wanted to provide some additional details to this achievement.

    For anyone wondering, Encounters are random activities that pop-up while you are traveling through Medici. They are highlighted by small white circles that pop up on your HUD, telling you were to go.

    The Encounters you will be looking for are anything that inlvolves delivering a vehicle or crate including :
    Vehicle Delivery
    Smugglers Run
    Buggy Delivery
    Out Of Gas
    Slippery Slope (bike delivery)
    Crate Delivery

    And some others I might have missed. I recommend going for them as soon as possible in your game so you wont have to go looking for them later. (don't do the same mistake I did and save it up for last)
    There are some areas which are more likely to spawn these encounters like gas stations. You might also want to try to follow some YouTube videos of people finding these encounters though you wont be certain that they will spawn at the same place for you since they are random.
    You can go for this at a 100% liberatation which could even be the best option since you wont be having trouble with authorities.
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    No ParasiteYes thats pretty much what you are supposed to do. I did it with a chopper but I noticed that I didn't even need to afterwards, a car would have been enough. The same goes for the Out Of Gas quests. Just get a car and connect it with what you are supposed to transport.
    Most of the other Encounters just require you to get in a vehicle and drive it somewhere.
    Posted by No Parasite on 10 Jan 16 at 09:22
    LarkiasI had trouble with this. I found a couple delivery encounters which I know I had never completed before, but when I did them they didn't unlock a supply point. These were in towns and cities with multiple gas stations, but I hadn't unlocked any supply points in that town/city, though had in neighbouring towns.
    After that, I stuck only to provinces where I had not unlocked a single supply point in the entire province (aside from bases, which don't count anyway), and I found 2 encounters within 10 minutes, getting me the achievement.

    Also, you can easily see how many you've unlocked by pressing Back, scrolling across to Progress, going to stats and scrolling all the way to the bottom.
    Posted by Larkias on 19 Feb 16 at 15:51
    Pending DemiseThank you Larkias was wondering if I could see my progression.
    Posted by Pending Demise on 25 Nov 17 at 07:16
  • CrackerlocCrackerloc847,287
    07 Oct 2019 07 Oct 2019
    1 4 1
    After flying around for over an hour without an encounter even spawning, I turned to Google and found this link, which led me to the last encounter I needed.
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    RSBennettThe wiki has absolutely zero info to help people find encounters.
    Posted by RSBennett on 16 Sep 20 at 20:00
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