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Full Auto achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Full Auto

Eliminate 5 opponents with ARs.

Full Auto0
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How to unlock the Full Auto achievement

  • SeeyaSeeya
    16 Dec 2015 16 Dec 2015 24 Mar 2020
    EDIT: Evidently there was an overhaul to the achievements at some point, and they changed a good majority of them to become a lot easier.

    This achievement will easily come naturally through normal gameplay, but if you for some reason really want to bang it out right away you can play terrorist hunt or do one of the situations.


    This one isnt't too hard to get three stars on, as long as you play it safe and keep calm.

    I would reccomend reinforcing the wall behind the hostage, and then camp behind the small counter just to the right of the hostage. Also, I would put some Entry Denial Devices in the doorway(s) in the front left area if you're looking from the counter spot, as 2-3 enemies per wave come from that way. Rinse and repeat every round.

    The first wave consists of 5 regular enemies, so this one isn't too hard.

    The second wave consists of 4 regular enemies and 1 shield enemy, so I would recommend letting them injure the hostage and then kill the shield guy as he's reloading, but that's just me. Take this round however you like, but be cautious.

    The final wave is composed of 3-4 regular soldiers, and 1-2 shield soldiers, but I'm not exactly sure because the Entry Denial Device I placed in the doorway I mentioned earlier killed 3 of them, so I would just take caution on this round, and pop up when enemies are in this room in case your health is lower (50-75).

    If you vote negatively, please tell me why so I can fix errors, or make adjustments to the solution. Good luck.

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    K1LL3R BEEZI wasn't able to find Terrorist Hunt in the menus (maybe I didn't look hard enough?) but I was able to do this and all other weapon achievements in the Training Grounds, Lone Wolf against the AI.
    Posted by K1LL3R BEEZ On 31 Mar 20 at 23:28
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  • TrevisTrevis
    31 Jan 2016 01 Feb 2016
    To unlock this achievement you must complete the Situation Improvise Defense.
    Here is my 3 Star Video Guide:
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi
    12 Jan 2016 12 Jan 2016
    This one was pretty simple.

    There will be 3 waves of 4-5 enemies. First off, fortify the walls behind the hostage. Then you wan to fortify the 3 walls on the opposite side. You start off with 2, but you can restock on fortification at a time from the resupply box. In the first round you should have enough time to do the two walls behind, and then 2 more walls across from you, leave the third between round 1 and 2.

    Quickly set a trap on both doors and go back behind the hostage. Keep your line of sight on both doors and wait. The enemies may blow through the wall across from you, but most likely they come through the door.

    Second round. Fortify the last wall (of 3). THEY WILL BLAST through the wall any way. Reset traps on the doors (don't waste them outside the room). There will be a shield attacker this round. Try to get the enemies before they enter the room and then let the shield guy walk into the trap.

    3rd round. Keep your position behind the hostage. Another shield unit will attack. Wait for him to reload and aim for his head. Or boobietrap him again.

    Really easy. Just hold that position.
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