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Room Cleared achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Room Cleared

Eliminate 10 opponents with Frag Grenades in Quick Match/Ranked Multiplayer.

Room Cleared0
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How to unlock the Room Cleared achievement

  • dirtysock47dirtysock47
    30 Jul 2016 15 Jun 2019 15 Nov 2021

    ---With the release of Operation Phantom Sight on 6/11/19, several achievement requirements have changed. To get this achievement, you now have to get 10 kills with frag grenades.---

    You have to be on Attack to get this achievement. Since it is obvious what you have to do, this solution will focus on tips to make this achievement easier to get. First and foremost, there are only seven attacking operators who have frag grenades. They are:

    1. Sledge
    2. Glaz
    3. Finka
    4. Maverick
    5. Nokk
    6. Iana
    and lastly...
    7. Recruit

    Now, if you are just starting the game, Sledge, Glaz, or Recruit are your obvious choices since they're the only frag grenade operators that come with the base game. However, if you've played the game for a while and have some/all DLC operators, Sledge and Maverick are both great for this achievement. Both are able to open up lines of sight that allow you to easily toss grenades into hard to reach areas. Operators like Finka, Iana, Glaz, and Nokk are more situational, but if you feel comfortable playing as them (or if both Sledge and Maverick are taken), then go for it.

    Toss frags into objective!: By far the easiest way to get frag grenade kills is to toss them into areas of an objective where at least one person commonly anchors. You should be targeting Maestro, Echo, Valkyrie, and Mozzie, as those operators are most likely to be anchoring in the objective, often watching cameras (which means they'll be oblivious to a well-placed frag).

    Cook your grenades!: Grenades take a long time to explode if thrown normally (by tapping cn_LB). If you want to increase the chances of scoring a kill, you need to cook your grenades by holding down cn_LB (I found that a three-count works well when ding this; 1, 2, 3, throw).

    Beware of anti-utility!: There are several defenders whose job is to burn through an attacker's utility gadgets, or "anti utility" as they're called. They won't always be on a given enemy team, but they can be a nuisance when going for this achievement. They are as follows:

    1: Jäger: Probably the most common troublesome defender you'll encounter in the game. He is a defender whose ability is a device that snipes grenades mid-air before they explode, including your frag grenades. If there is a Jäger on the enemy team, make sure to double check for his ADS devices before tossing a frag in the objective (they look like big black suction things with a glowing blue orb rotating around it; they're easy to spot).

    2: Wamai: Similar to Jäger, but a bit less direct in approach. He is a defender whose ability is little discs that "grab" incoming grenades and redirect them to another location (meaning the grenade will still explode, just not in the place you wanted it to). These can be put in more spots than a Jäger ADS, so they can be difficult to spot. If you're sure that there's a Wamai gadget in a particular room, have a teammate throw a flashbang/smoke to "burn" the Wamai disc before throwing your frags in. Alternatively, killing him early on will help with this achievement. Similar to Lesion, his gadget recharges throughout the round, so killing him early on reduces the amount of gadgets he brings to the field; he gets 6 total, 2 during the prep phase, and 4 during the round. (NOTE: when a grenade is "grabbed", the ownership of the grenade transfers to Wamai. So if a grenade is grabbed and ends up killing an enemy, you will not be credited with the kill.)

    3: Aruni: Not as annoying as the other two, but can be annoying to new players. She is a defender whose ability is a laser gate that can be put on walls and doors, that damages enemies. However, in addition to damaging enemies, it also has the ability to intercept one projectile, including frag grenades, before powering down for 30 seconds (at which point a defender will manually have to shoot a panel to activate it again). Any projectile works on these, including drones, so dealing with these shouldn't be hard; have a teammate use a flashbang/smoke, or sacrificing your drone, should do the trick.

    And that's it for the tips. Overall not a hard achievement, but can definitely cause some trouble if you don't know what you're doing. You should just get this through normal play. Happy hunting!

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    Dominic890xMy progress for this is stuck at 70% and it's not moving
    Posted by Dominic890x On 15 Nov 21 at 02:32
    tjw CENA2000This can be done in TDM now
    Posted by tjw CENA2000 On 16 Mar 22 at 11:08
    VioDiamondIdk if this will help anyone, but with my experience I've found that any damage being done to the enemy (you, ally, or otherwise) voids the potential grenade kill. They have to die, full health, by a grenade and nothing else.
    Posted by VioDiamond On 24 Mar at 03:40
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  • TrevisTrevis
    27 Jan 2016 29 Jan 2016 01 Feb 2016
    To unlock this achievement you must complete the Situation Suburban Extraction.
    Here is my 3 Star Video Guide:

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    Colin CbasThis achievement isn't unlocking for me. Not sure if it's a common issue to people but it says 100% on my Xbox and has been stuck there for 4 days.

    Edit: Was able to get this to pop after I removed my account from my system and then redid the mission.
    Posted by Colin Cbas On 04 Apr 16 at 13:34
    MrKoolxDoody is this the room cleared solution ?????!!!
    Posted by MrKoolxDood On 14 May 20 at 13:22
    RoninSoulyThere were some achievement requirements changes Ubisoft made a while ago. in case someone else got confused at the relevancy of this video to the actual achievement
    Posted by RoninSouly On 26 Nov 20 at 07:19
    10 Jan 2016 28 Feb 2017
    Get your flash bang kill out of the way then other than the guy in the kitchen you never have to risk being shot. Use your drone to tag and shoot and preserve that health.

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