Jack of All Trades achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Jack of All Trades

Win 1 round with every original Operator in Ranked

Jack of All Trades0
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How to unlock the Jack of All Trades achievement

  • a13ona13on724,053
    06 Dec 2015 05 Dec 2015 06 Dec 2015
    49 20 21
    In case you don't know which operators you have used go to game-rainbow6.ubi.com for detailed stats (provided you have a UPlay account). It shows which characters you used in each mode.

    This achievement might actually be a bit glitchy. My stats said I had played as every character in Terrorist Hunt but I had five characters still unplayed in PvP. After I played the second one of them it unlocked.

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    MrKoolxDoodnot a good solution. at all.
    Posted by MrKoolxDood on 02 Apr at 04:01
    L0RD0FSPADESWith the addition of unranked competitive play is that an option for this achievement?
    Posted by L0RD0FSPADES on 02 Apr at 22:20
    MrKoolxDoodthe url didnt help me find what operators i needed for ranked
    Posted by MrKoolxDood on 17 May at 19:37
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  • The CroissantThe Croissant270,773
    06 Dec 2015 03 Dec 2015
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    There are two steps to this achievement:

    1) Unlock all Operators
    2) Play a round with each Operator

    The difficult part is unlocking all of the Operators, which is going to cost you a lot of Renown. Step One for this achievement is the same as earning the Full Roster achievement. I have made a separate guide for Full Roster, but I'll just paste the solution below.

    "There are two attackers and two defenders within each CTU, for a total of four Operators. With the five CTUs, that means you have 20 Operators to unlock. The Renown required to unlock Operators increases each time you unlock an Operator in a CTU, (the first costs 500, the second is 1000, then 1500 and finally 2000). It costs 5000 Renown to unlock all Operators within any given CTU, so you are looking at 25000 total required Renown to unlock every Operator.

    Fellow TA user X1 Two helped to figure out the fastest way to earn all of the Renown you will need to unlock all of the Operators. Playing the single player Situations mode in its entirety and earning three stars on every mission will earn you somewhere around 7000 Renown (this also earns you the 50G Completionist achievement). Viewing all of the tutorials from the main menu will earn you an additional 800 Renown. However, replaying the Situations after your first playthrough yields very little Renown per hour, so this is not a good method to farm Renown. For the remaining ~18000 Renown, X1 Two says that playing Terrorist Hunt Elimination missions on Normal difficulty is the fastest way to consistently earn Renown. If you are consistently winning and surviving during these missions you can earn about 1700 Renown per hour. So it will take a little more than 10 hours of Terrorist Hunt missions to earn enough Renown for this achievement. This will also help you get some of the achievements that you need to play a lot of Terrorist Hunt for, so it seems to be a pretty effective use of in game time. I will update this if any better strategies are discovered."

    After you have unlocked all Operators and earned your 50G Full Roster achievement, you need to play a round with each operator. In a regular multiplayer match, just switch Operators after you complete each round. You can get through 3-5 Operators per game this way, and there are only 20 in the game so far. It shouldn't take you too long to get this after you have done all the hard work earning Renown. Hope this helps!
  • AK Kris 907AK Kris 907165,236
    28 Jun 2019 28 Jun 2019
    12 0 6
    So it seems the achievement has changed from what others are posting. You can only get it from winning a round with the operator in a ranked matched now. In order to play ranked matches, first you need to get your account to a clearance level of 30 as well as unlock all of the operators you do not have in the list below. Once that is complete start playing ranked matches and use the following operators:



    Side note: In ranked teams can ban certain operators from being used in the entire match. But keep playing anyways because if you quit the match, you receive a penalty and loose renown as well as a timeout of 15 minutes from matchmaking.
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    GlitterLicksWhen we say win a "round" are we meaning 1 of the rounds during a match or do we actually need to win the entire match using the one operator? I've seen people post both. It doesn't make sense for an entire match because you will eventually switch to a defender so I'm assuming it's a round.
    Posted by GlitterLicks on 02 Sep 19 at 18:40
    AK Kris 907Yes you are right. it is just a round. each time you have to pick another operator it is considered a round. You have to win that round in which you chose the operator to play, in order for it to count.
    Posted by AK Kris 907 on 09 Oct 19 at 19:34
    A 0 A LaurenceI’ve played and won a round with all of the original 20 operators at least 3 times now and no unlock. Will try for a 4th time but seems very glitchy since they changed the requirements on this achievement. Oh and thanks for posting an updated solution, much appreciated!
    Posted by A 0 A Laurence on 23 Jun at 18:09
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