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To the Top achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

To the Top

Reach Clearance level 50.

To the Top0
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How to unlock the To the Top achievement

  • VeiRoN v2VeiRoN v2
    09 Mar 2016 07 Mar 2016 13 Sep 2019
    The method I found out that worked best for me was by playing on the Bank map - Vault spawn on normal difficulty.

    Minimum players required are two.

    The operator of choice is Tachanka as his machine gun is key if you want to use this solution,for your teammate I would suggest using the Bandit operator and select barbed wire over the nitro cell as the combination of barbed wire and shock wire are very useful if placed below the ceiling entry points (described below) as enemies will get stuck in it giving you more time to kill them.

    Now,with this method you'll have 4 points where enemies can come from:

    1- Outside the Vault door from the ceiling (entry 1)

    External image

    2- From the ceiling of the elevator (entry 2)

    External image

    3- From the 2 doors (stairs and parking lot) on the right hand side from where you place your machine gun (entry 3)

    External image

    External image

    -From the door at the end of the hallway from where you place your machine gun (entry 4)

    External image

    How this method works:

    -Place your machine gun in between the 2 elevators
    External image

    This way you'll have a nice view of the entry 4 (this is where most the enemies will come from)

    External image

    and entry 3 which will be on your right side

    External image

    And also entry 1 on your left

    External image

    The only entry point that you will NOT be able to cover is entry 2 (elevator ceiling) this is where your teammate should have it covered for you but he also should keep an eye on entry 1 in case Tachanka is busy killing enemies from the other entry points.

    By placing the machine gun this way enemies will hardly have any time to aim and shoot at you as they will come right in your line of fire.

    The Bandit should place his electric trap below the entry points 1 and 2

    Shield enemies:

    This shouldn't be a problem,keep in mind that they can come from ANY entry point,what worked for me was to use a short burst directed to the enemies feet that remains unprotected form the shield when he is standing,if he is crouching I would aim at his right hand protruding from the shield,also when he reloads his pistol is a good opportunity to hit him.

    Suicide bomber:

    He will always spawn at the 4th and last round and can come from ANY entry point,the easiest and quickest way to take care of him is by headshot,see below for an additional tip that can help killing him more easily.

    Optional tip:

    I found out that the shield can be useful in case the suicide bomber (keep in mind that he can come from ANY entry point) comes from entry 3 or 4 as he will have to vault over the shield giving you a little more time to kill him.

    External image

    If you need ammo for the machine gun use the ammo bag near the hostage

    With this method it should take you around 7-8 minutes to complete one defend match and get you around 2000 exp.

    Getting the right map

    To make it much easier to get the right map make sure everyone in your party goes to the Options on Matchmaking preferences and turn everything off except for Protect the hostage and the Bank map.

    Any suggestion on how to improve the solution is appreciated

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    Pending Demise@D4astr0naut To earn this achievement you have to hit level 50.
    You earn experience that from multiplayer or terrorist hunts. The fastest way to earn xp was to play terrorist hunt until the daily cap was created.
    Posted by Pending Demise on 23 Jul 20 at 20:55
    Reabohow will you know when you hit the cap?
    Posted by Reabo on 03 Apr 21 at 01:08
    Pending Demise@Reabo you stop earning xp in the screen at the end of the hunt.
    Posted by Pending Demise on 03 Apr 21 at 01:39
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    15 Jan 2018 23 Jan 2018
    The easiest way from my experience to hit level 50 is to attempt to get the breach charge achievement. You'll find yourself racking up the XP in no time.

    Picture for reference:
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    Maka91Thanks for not over explaining. Short and sweet solution! Worked perfectly on my first try.
    Posted by Maka91 on 24 Jan 18 at 05:47
    TG Snake MDBase god Shiz with the guide really helpful thanks!!
    Posted by TG Snake MD on 24 Jan 18 at 16:47
    Posted by kriegir on 09 Mar 22 at 20:35
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