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Brain Surgeon achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Brain Surgeon

Get 50 headshots in Quick Match/Ranked Multiplayer.

Brain Surgeon0
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How to unlock the Brain Surgeon achievement

  • Nosi90Nosi90
    27 Jan 2016 28 Jan 2016 06 Sep 2019
    Since they adjusted the achievement list for this game it has become super easy to complete. This was a really ungrateful move to all the people that wasted hours on the terrorist hunt achievements in the first two years. This solution is no longer applicable please see Pending Demise's solution

    An easy way to get this achievement is to protect the windows in a protect the hostage terrorist hunt. Find windows that you know they will repel up. Board these up and shoot a small hole in the board with your pistol so you can see if there is a zip line outside or not. Then hang around the vicinity of the window so you can hear if the terrorists deploy zip lines. When they do so go to the window you heard them deploying their line and watch as they come up. This is a very easy place to get headshots and it takes quite a while before the terrorists react. This is also good for your xp as you get a headshot and clay pigeon bonus.

    Locations I found to work well.
    The best I found is the cigar room in Kafe Dostoyevsky go to the piano and board up those two windows. I think at least 8-10 come up during a full round of defend the hostage.
    In the consult room in the Consulate they will also repel up those two windows though you are quite exposed to the main door if you teammates don't cover it well.
    In Hereford base if you defend the second floor they will repel up into the kids bedroom.
    On the Kanal mission if you defend the control room they will repel up the server room next door. It is easy to shoot them from the server room or you can shoot them from the side in the semicircle window area in the control room.

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    SubtleEel4Yeah, what happened to this? It popped for me when I started up the game recently.
    Posted by SubtleEel4 On 29 Sep 19 at 14:23
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  • Pending DemisePending Demise
    03 Dec 2017 06 Sep 2019
    This can only be completed in a Ranked/Casual playlist NOT in Terrorist Hunt.

    There is no real way to guide you through this achievement, Headshots are are easiest to get when aiming at the centre of the chest and letting the recoil move to the head or shooting someone in a **DBNO state.

    A headshot is a one hit kill while a body shot can require 3 - 7 bullets so there is some room for error. Operators that can help with slowing opponents for you to line up a clean shot are;
    Ella (Grzmot Mine), Echo (Yokai), Blitz (Flash Shield), Ying (Candela),Zofia (KS79 Lifeline) and Blackbeard (Rifle Shield).

    Maverick (Breaching Torch) can be used to quietly open sight lines through all breachable and reinforced surfaces for easy headshots on unaware enemies.
    Mira (Black Mirror) can use her black mirror on or next to a soft wall, line up the shot, move out from behind taking said shot and hiding again.
    Frost (Welcome Mat) The Welcome mat doesn't kill an enemy and holds them in place in a **DBNO providing for easy headshot.

    **Down But Not Out
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