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    UPDATE 2: Around June 2020 Ubisoft adjusted the ranking system again. Whereas the previous ranked system typically had 4 ranks for each of the lower tiers, they now have gone up to 5. Gold went from having 4 ranks down to 3. The ranked changes are reflected below. Happy hunting!
    UPDATE: Hello achievement hunters! On July 11, 2019, Ubisoft updated the requirement to unlock the "Master" achievement.
    Previously: Master - Complete a Terrorist Hunt mission on REALISTIC difficulty.
    As of July 2019: Master - Achieve Gold Rank

    This achievement must now be completed by playing ranked multiplayer and ranking up to Gold. The ranks available in Rainbow Six Siege are: Copper V, IV, III, II, I, Bronze V, IV, III, II, I, Silver V, IV, III, II, I, Gold III, II, I, Platinum III, II, I, Diamond, and lastly Champions.

    For those of you having trouble getting a good team together or are sick of playing with randoms, here's a really easy way to get this achievement solo. I take no credit for the idea but wanted to share the solution. I'll link the video that helped me below.

    Difficulty: Realistic (obviously)
    Game Mode: Hostage Extraction
    Map: House
    Operator: Glaz

    TL;DR version - scout ahead with drone, clear out the room with the hostage, extract hostage to rooftop, go prone and snipe terrorists in the extraction zone, snipe terrorists as they come out of the building to shoot you. When clear, get hostage to extraction zone. Win.

    Long version - When the game starts, scout ahead with your drone and locate the hostage. If the hostage is in the master bedroom, construction room, or dining room you should be good. If the hostage is in the garage area I'd restart. I didn't make it far with the hostage in the garage due to being on the ground floor and getting flanked a lot. For the other 3 locations, HIDE YOUR DRONE in the room with the hostage.

    Master bedroom - hop up on the ledge outside the large window and clear the room making sure to use your drone to spot enemies inside. Watch out for the small window to the left of the big window! There may be enemies in that room too.

    Construction room - rappel up the front of the house and clear the room through the front window making sure to use your drone to spot enemies inside.

    Dining room - rappel up the side of the house to the window above the garage. Clear the room through the window making sure to use your drone to spot enemies inside. Be careful of the small room to the right of the overturned dining table as well as enemies running into and out of the kitchen. May want to toggle on Glaz's zoom scope to take out anyone in the kitchen.

    Once the room is clear, refill your ammo (dining room, construction room), then grab the hostage and get the hell out of there by rappelling up onto the roof through the window you used to enter. I'm not sure how the game selects where the extraction zone is but I had the most luck when the extraction zone was the construction site like in the video below. Release the hostage in a safe spot, go prone, and peek over the edge of the roof to snipe every terrorist in the extraction zone. Once they're cleared out prepare for another 15+ terrorists to stream out of the house looking for you. Peek and snipe them all too. All return fire should be hitting the roof and not you. Occasionally I got hit but it was usually because I was peeking out too far. You should have another drone so use it to help spot terrorists below that you can't see from the roof. Once everyone is cleared out, grab the hostage, rappel down and extract to safety. Nice work!

    Again I take no credit for this idea. This is the video that helped me out. It's in French and on PS4 but you get the idea:

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    ReaboI just started the game, how do i enter ranked matches? Its disabled
    Posted by Reabo on 31 Mar at 13:23
    Sazaq213@reabo if i'm not wrong you need to reach the level 50. i know you need to reach a level to unlock the ranked matches but i don't remember what level is it . i think it's the level 50
    Posted by Sazaq213 on 31 Mar at 16:23
    Reabothats crazy
    Posted by Reabo on 31 Mar at 16:26
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  • iTz Canada EhhiTz Canada Ehh925,286
    01 Jan 2016 16 Jan 2016 16 Jun 2019
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    Ubisoft has changed this achievements to now having to achieve Gold Rank in ranked multiplayer.

    At the start of each season, you can play 10 ranked multiplayer games to determine your ranking. After that, based on your score (kills, deaths, assists, gadget points) and wins, you'll be assigned a rank anywhere from Bronze to Diamond. Once you've received your rank, you will see the amount of ranked points until you get to the next level. Each win will get you about 100 points, but each loss will take away about 70-80, causing you to potentially lose rank. You will also lose rank and be banned from multiplayer for a period of time if you quit out early and don't join back in.

    You don't have to be fantastic to earn gold rank, but that doesn't mean it's easy. I'd say the majority of people can get this no problem, but if you aren't that great at the game, I'd suggest either practicing or getting together with a squad here on TA. Communication is key in this game and can really bridge the gap between skill levels.

    I tried doing terrorist hunt classic on realistic and found it was incredibly frustrating, even with a decent team. Now the easiest way I found to do it was to play Protect Hostage, but ONLY on these two maps using these two locations:

    Presidential Plane: Executive Bedroom
    Bank: Vault

    Make sure you set your multiplayer preferences to Protect Hostage only, with only Presidential Plane and Bank turned on.

    Both areas are easy to defend with good coordination. The 5 operators that should be used are:

    Bandit (Can put electric wire at chokepoints)
    Rook (Give everyone extra armour)
    Doc (Can revive himself and others from afar)
    Castle (Reinforce doorways so they can't be shot)
    Mute (Jam breaching charges)

    Bandit's role is crucial in this game mode, and I found these are the most effective places to place his electric wire for each level.

    For the plane, once you spawn in the bedroom, head out to the right. There should be a big door exiting the plane on your left, a staircase going up to the upper level of the plane, and then a blue hallway. Place your electric wire in the blue hallway and barricade it up. Terrorists won't be able to make it through the three sets of wire so you won't need to worry about them coming from that hallway, which a lot of them seem to do.

    For the bank, in the vault run straight out and go to the room at the end of the hall past the garage. Board up the doors and place your wire in here. This is another spot where a lot of the terrorists seem to spawn from, from my experience.

    Once that is done, everyone just needs to sit back and relax. If you go looking for the terrorists, you will die. Try and stay close to Doc as much as possible. Also make sure as many people have a nitro cell as possible. These are the easiest way to deal with shields, so instead of wasting your ammo on a shield just throw it behind them and focus on the rest of the wave. You need to survive 5 waves on Realistic, but it's not as hard as it seems.

    If anyone wants clarification about where to put the electrical wire I can post videos once I'm back from school.

    *EDIT* Thanks to Kanchanabury for mentioning this alternate method that works on presidential plane if you're struggling with my method for it:

    When you reinforce the back walls, use three of the jammers there, and use bandit's electrical wire on the door on your left with CASTLE using the metal barricade. Use Bandits other electrical wire in the middle just under the hole in the roof and have everyone barbwire the outside around it.

    Also if anyone else has other maps/areas they found effective feel free to mention them.
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    GTAmissions1Just unlocked this achievement in "Extract Hostage" in Consulate. It is pretty easy which once knowing where the hostage is along with an escape plan, this can be done very quickly.
    Posted by GTAmissions1 on 03 Jul 16 at 23:25
    VictimOfDesireUpvoting since you're the only person to modify your solution with the new requirements.
    Posted by VictimOfDesire on 04 Jul 19 at 14:31
    ReaboSo frustrating they changed this!
    Posted by Reabo on 10 Apr at 00:24
  • OnTheSeshhLadOnTheSeshhLad302,267
    01 Dec 2015 16 Dec 2015 16 Dec 2015
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    best way of doing this is to take your time start from the top of the buildings and work your way down to bottom!

    top 3 maps to do this on is House, Presidential Plane and Hereford!

    you will need to be fast and have skill at shooting put attachments on to reduce recoil!

    when someone goes down do not rush to pick him up it could cost you and his life!

    work together as a team covering every door way and stair case!

    any operator is fine! except the operators with shields these bots can kill you in the blink of an eye so shields are not good for it!

    hope this helps i've got a video showing you how to do this on the map house easiest map in the game for t-hunt

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    OnTheSeshhLadwell done Jules for doing it with a shield! the reason i say shields are bad is because they don't really cover you that well plus they are slow and you only have a pistol.
    Posted by OnTheSeshhLad on 15 Jan 16 at 16:26
    KanchanaburiThere are 4 different modes for terrorist hunt, does this achievement pop on realistic on any of them, or just classic?
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 15 Jan 16 at 21:37
    OnTheSeshhLadyes Kanchanaburi all 4 modes will unlock the achievement one off my friends did it on protect hostage!
    Posted by OnTheSeshhLad on 15 Jan 16 at 22:54
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