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Senseless achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege


Eliminate 10 opponents blinded by Stun Grenades in Quick Match/Ranked Multiplayer.

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How to unlock the Senseless achievement

  • FG x TattoueurFG x Tattoueur
    13 Dec 2015 13 Dec 2015
    easy way to do it is to use Blitz as character and use the flash on the shield then kill 10 person

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    ReaboIf it stop tracking just keep at it. Will unlock eventually! Finished the game now
    Posted by Reabo on 20 Apr 21 at 05:41
    BARTLEBEETeam Deathmatch makes this quite a bit easier to attain.
    Posted by BARTLEBEE on 05 Jun 22 at 12:14
    WiliamsL1805Great idea. Was stuck on 6 kills for ages trying with Sledge. This helped me speed up the process. 👍🏼
    Posted by WiliamsL1805 on 01 Apr 23 at 16:05
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  • ZirieaelRZirieaelR
    24 Feb 2016 23 Feb 2016
    Easiest to do this hands down is shooting a person untill they're in the revive state, then toss the stun grenade towards them (NOT ON TO THEM, BECAUSE YOU WILL KILL THEM THEN) then finish them off once the sound went off. Cheers!
  • ComesBrothersComesBrothers
    23 Aug 2016 28 Aug 2016 11 Mar 2017
    I used Blitz as character and used the flash on the shield then kill 10 enemies. In one round I got 3 Stun kills, but then like 6 rounds nothing., so just keep on trying if you have trouble getting it with stun grenades.

    Credit to FG x Tattoueur, I saw his guide and did it, I just was able to make a record of it when I did it myself.
  • HvtenessHvteness
    Locked 26 Jun 2018
    How i did this was using Blitz as his shield can flash people meaning all you gotta do is finish them using your pistol or you can stab them with the shield very easy achievement. laugh
  • cathair9292cathair9292
    14 Dec 2018 23 Dec 2018
    This is a guide for both “senseless” (get ten kills on stunned enemies), and “wrong number (get ten kills with nitrocells).

    Heads up my method is really just terrible sportsmanship.

    Right before you start a round invite someone from the enemy team to a party (the lowest level player is probably your best bet), if they don’t join just try another player. Once you get someone to join your party offer to sabotage your team in exchange for them either leading you to flank one of their teammates, or just giving you a free nitro/stunned kill. Weather you keep your side of the bargain or not is up to you. Using this method I got both achievements in under 10 matches.

    Note: I recommend using blitz’s shield for the stunned kills I found it easier and a good fail safe on the off chance they try to betray you (which never happened to me).
  • Panoramixx85Panoramixx85
    18 Jun 2018 23 May 2018
    Boosting method:

    Yes, this multiplayer achievement is boostable. I managed a session with friends and we got the most part of the online achievements related with kills.

    The best way to proceed is creating 2 teams of 5 players each, set all the same preferences (we put “yes” ONLY on “TDM - HOSTAGE” for terrorist hunt preferred mode, which is the only one really significant for our purpose, “TDM – HOSTAGE EXTRACTION” for the terrorist hunt preferred mode, “HOUSE” for the terrorist hunt preferred map; set all the remaining options on “no”) and start searching for a causal match at the same time. If you don’t find the other team, leave the match, recreate the team(s) and search again: we usually find each other once every two attempts.
    Even if you are 5 vs 4 or 4 vs 4, the session could be a success as you can kick out twice (by voting) the random players in each match… Or kill them without being kicked out 😊

    The operators with Stun Grenade are Thermite, Sledge, Montagne (if you choose it in the equipment); Blitz’s shield ability doesn’t work for the achievement, at least for us.
    06 Jun 2017 25 Sep 2017
    Best way to complete this is to run Hibana if you don't own Hibana use Twitch or IQ.

    Find a stray Defender and when they aren't looking flash the ENTIRE room (Objective also works if you have either a LMG or a fast firing AR). Most people tend to drone the room for this achievment because then when you flash the room, you know they are there and is very easy to injure them and kill them because of that fact! Also in Objective they would expect hatches and door so either try to flash and run or be tactical and breach, flash and clear the respected room!

    If you are the one being flashed for the achievment, go prone until you have recovered sight and watch doors (Some cases the door). They would tend to push most of the time, you'd die pratically every time unless you take this advise!

    If they push your room and your either Ela, Lesion or actually any trap operator except Kapkan then this idea will work! If you are in another room that is either away from objective or a few meter from objective place traps in the objective and leave some to help protect the room you'll be hiding in! Most of the time, the attackers wouldn't try to peek another room unless objective is cleared. Best time to strike to prevent them from flashing is wait until you hear them pull the pin! Have a door open, run outside the room and turn the corner and peek the kill.

    This is my tips to you, i've already completed it using these tips mainly because they are most efficient and always works if you've done it correctly!
  • TimbooooooooTimboooooooo
    10 Mar 2016 13 Dec 2015
    Not a solution but more of a tip.

    When an enemy is downed before you finish him off flash bang him and then kill him.

    Its easier when they cant shoot back dance
  • Sazaq213Sazaq213
    01 Oct 2020 01 Oct 2020 01 Oct 2020
    hi, you have a lot of solutions.

    if you want to be sure try in each round when you are attacking, take the rookie.

    With the rookie you can choose your equipment, you can take the grenade and the flash or the grenade and the explosives in the same time.

    you have Grenade cn_RB , and the flash cn_LB .

    otherwise you have some agents who have grenade, or flash or explosives but some players can take them.

    Second point, at some moment your enemy is on the ground and need a revive , when it happen throw the flash and kill him. it work with the flash, grenade and other.

    i hope this solution can help some players.
  • zX KiNGxKoNG XzzX KiNGxKoNG Xz
    15 Oct 2019 13 Oct 2019
    I tried the other solutions without getting any after awhile. I suggest using ying and spam the stun grenades before entering a room where you know someone is at. Also if you happen to injure them u can throw a few at them and then kill them. This has to be done in causal or ranked not
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