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Meat Wall

Kill an enemy with a Breach Charge in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

Meat Wall-0.1
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How to unlock the Meat Wall achievement

  • JordanTheBigBoyJordanTheBigBoy536,711
    15 Dec 2015 15 Dec 2015 08 Jul 2016
    178 21 33
    Okay, first of all, this isn't technically a guide, as this is a super conditional achievement that requires a ridiculous amount of luck. You could just blow up walls and hope somebody is behind it, but that's incredibly rare, so here's my strategy on how to increase your odds of getting the breach charge kill.

    I recommend playing in the bomb game mode, because the enemy team will have to be split up. You can set this in your preferences so you'll only play this mode. Then you basically have to clear out one entire bomb site of enemies, and hope that the other side is relatively untouched.

    Once you've got this part out of the way (which isn't always easy), try to place a breach charge on the main barricaded door of where the untouched bomb location is. Once that is there, plant the defuser at the other bomb site.

    Now the enemies that are at the untouched bomb site will be forced to go to where you are, and will most-likely be forced to use the main door that you've put a breach charge on. Watch under the door, and when you see feet get close enough to the door, blow it, and hope it does enough damage to kill.

    Keep in mind, this isn't a guaranteed achievement. It's still stupid luck-based. This is just the way that I've found to narrow your odds of getting an enemy to your breach charge by forcing the enemy's hand.

    Let's hope this link works. This is the video of me actually getting the achievement. You can see that our team had A planted, forcing the enemies in B to have to move out to us. So I just placed my charge on the door, and he came right to me.

    Hope it helps, and good luck!

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    Envy litosI've been trying so hard to get it on PS4
    The second game I play on Xbox (lvl 26) I got this achievement 😂
    Posted by Envy litos on 30 Mar at 20:44
    dcmzyCan I knock someone and then finish them off with the breach charge?
    Posted by dcmzy on 27 Apr at 12:48
    TendedFatbackdid it in unranked no achievement
    Posted by TendedFatback on 08 May at 21:21
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  • JXNozJXNoz248,404
    15 Jan 2016 15 Jan 2016 16 Jan 2016
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    I just unlocked this by downing an enemy, planting a breach charge on the floor next to him and then detonating it to finish him off.
    After hours of trying to breach through a wall and hope someone was behind it, this was much easier.

    Edit :
    make sure the floor is breakable or you won't be able to put the breach charge next to the downed enemy.
    And you can't put it within the enemy's hit box, drop it next to them

    Hope this helps!
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    ReynoldsMUpvoted. After several close attempts finally got it this way last night although it was on a wall not a floor on the new Favelas map. Lots of breakable walls there for anyone still struggling. Relief to have it out of the way must say,
    Posted by ReynoldsM on 08 Aug 16 at 11:10
    BlackRain228can this be boosted in custom game?
    Posted by BlackRain228 on 17 Jan 17 at 23:09
    Beeg BeefFINALLY got this achievement using this method. Downed a guy right next to a floor hatch, planted a breach charge on the hatch, blew the hatch, boom, cheevo popped.
    Posted by Beeg Beef on 24 Feb 17 at 19:35
  • LewisSCLewisSC360,149
    04 Mar 2016 04 Mar 2016
    24 3 0
    I really struggled with this achievement as it is really luck based, so i figured i would share the tactic i adopted in trying for the achievement, the game mode and map aren't all that important for this however some maps and defend areas will work better than others.
    What i tried to do is find a line of sight a defender had blown in the wall, tried to make sure that the defender had moved from it (so they don't just shoot you).
    I would then place a breach charge by the hole and attempt to lure them back to it, it allows you to be able to physically see that the enemy is on the other side of the wall and then all you have to do is pull the detonator.

    Here's a video of my successful attempt

    good luck to everyone trying for this and hopefully this will help some of you net the achievement!
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