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Accessorizing achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege


Equip 50 weapon attachments.

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How to unlock the Accessorizing achievement

  • HealttiHealtti
    04 Dec 2015 04 Dec 2015 06 Sep 2019
    In June of 2019 R6 Siege underwent an achievement overhaul. A total 33 of 49 achievements were changed.

    "Terro Hunter - Kill 2500 terrorists in Terrorist Hunt" was replaced by the current achievement Accessorizing which requires you to equip 50 weapon attachments. All attachments are unlocked by default. You can enable the achievement tracker overlay to make sure you're getting progress.

    Go to Operators > "Any unlocked Operator" > Loadout > "Main Weapon" > Sights.
    If you hold right on the D-Pad and continually tap A you'll get the achievement very quickly. There's need to cycle through multiple Operators or weapons. Thanks for writing in, @Pending Demise!

    For all the TA historians out there I'm leaving my original solution below. I'll be seeing you good folks at the LVU Campus!
    A few fellow TAers had asked me for a method. Here it is.

    N.B. Metalgear2k2 reports that his kills didn't count if the t-hunt mission failed. I'm quite sure mine did, on launch week though. Keep an eye on your achievement tracker!

    My Strat
    Mode: Classic Terrorist Hunt, Lone Wolf, Normal difficulty
    You can set the matchmaking preferences by pressing start in the main menu (see the icon on the top right of your screen). Cranking up the difficulty puts you against more enemies and gives more XP but it's not worth the risk of dying mid run.
    Map: Presidential Plane
    Easy layout, consistent Bomber spawns, narrow corridors and an even distribution of enemies. Go in through the main entrance! That often spawns in bombers that run towards you down the aisle on your right. You definitely want to take on the big guys at the beginning of any run.
    Operator: Thatcher
    Proxy explosives are a concern. Sometimes they detonate behind a wall and still deal heavy damage. Thatcher's EMP grenades serve as a counter. They're excellent at quickly clearing out choke points littered with explosives. Stat wise 2* armor and 2* speed is a good mix.
    Loadout: Enfield L85A2, MK25 pistol, stun grenades
    Two AR options here: I went with the Enfield. K33 is mediocre because of the lackluster fire rate and small clip. ARs use large cal. ammo which helps you get penetration kills too. The MK25 pistol strikes a good balance between damage and capacity, but at range it's headshots or nothing.

    Gameplay tips for T-Hunt

    Turn up the audio. You're going to want to listen for Bombers and proxy explosives. Both emit a warning sound.
    Lean and peek around corners, especially when you know there are enemies waiting on the other side. It's safer. Also, stun grenades, use them. They can be tossed in barricaded rooms through the small gap at the bottom.
    Slow is fast. If you die mid run you lose out heavily on xp & renown and are forced to sit through loading screens.
    Last 3 enemies rush you. Camp inside a room with only one entry point. You're most likely on low health and definitely do not want to die here.

    Alternate strats

    If you're struggling to complete solo runs, you might want slow it down and try using Fuze.He has more armor and can even bring a shield. For me personally the 1* speed felt too sluggish, especially against bombers.
    True to R6 form FAMAS is an excellent AR! To spice up the grind I went with Twitch on occasion. The statline of 2*/2* is solid. Her drone is useless and P9 as a sidearm is rubbish. But that FAMAS though!
    If you're looking for an even faster way to rack up t-hunt kills, you could try the map House. The layout is more compact versus the Plane and it does get very hectic at times when enemies come from multiple angles, but with enough skill it's possible to finish a solo run faster.

    Misc notes

    Time wise you could fit anywhere between 7-12 finished solo runs per hour including load times, which gives an average of 250 kills per hour. MAKA91 reports he averaged 4:00 - 4:30 incl. load times (290+ kills /hour).

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    paddycfc22Just got this comparing with a friend randomly laugh
    Posted by paddycfc22 On 10 May 20 at 21:34
    DadIsAZombieHa! I haven't touched this game in 3 years but this and "Perimeter Secured" popped when I opened the XBox app on my phone. Whatever, I'll take it! clap
    Posted by DadIsAZombie On 04 Jun 20 at 12:43
    zrstkSo weird I just last night unlocked this one and a few others. I haven’t played this game since 2017 and it popped when I was playing dead by daylight
    Posted by zrstk On 28 Oct at 13:00
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  • LoonyheadLoonyhead
    18 Jan 2016 18 Jan 2016 06 Sep 2019
    So since my original solution the achievement has been amended to Equipping 50 weapon attachments.

    All attachments should be unlocked by default.

    Go to Operators -> Any Operator -> Loadout -> Main Weapon -> Sights.

    Hold right on the D-Pad and keep tapping A and the achievement should pop fairly quickly.

    Hi all, this is my first attempt at a solution so hopefully it helps!

    I tried the other solution first and decided to try this way to mix things up and found that I was getting more kills per hour.

    Mode: Terrorist Hunt Disarm Bomb Lone Wolf, Normal difficulty
    Map: House (a good knowledge of the layout of the map is strongly advised)

    My strategy was to spawn at the River Docks (using Thermite by the way, but I'd recommend using whichever operator you're comfortable with) and run up to this door
    External image

    External image

    Punch a hole in the door and shoot any enemies you can see, the 2 bombers on this map tend to spawn around by this door (you should be able to hear them nearby). Shooting the enemies usually attracts them, so when they appear try and take them out quickly with a headshot, luring them outside gives you a bit more time and space to take them out!
    Once you've taken them out (you want to try take them early on so they don't sneak up on you later) clear any enemies on the ground floor that you can see (don't waste your time searching for them). Now to start looking for the bombs.
    There are 4 possible bomb locations - the laundry room (basement), construction room(upstairs), master bedroom (upstairs), living room?(not 100% sure what its called - its on the ground floor, next to the kitchen)
    First place to check because it is the easiest to defend is the laundry room, so head downstairs from the photo above. There may be enemies in the gym when you go downstairs so just watch out before you move into the laundry room.
    If the bomb is down there, kill any enemies in the room, refill on ammo if needed, then plant the defuser right next to the bomb. You'll want to hide in the corner shown in the pictures below.
    External image

    External image

    The enemies will now rush you, so just keep shooting them as they come round the corner, they may pop a couple of shots at you but they will go for the briefcase as a priority. A bomber will also come but again he will go for the briefcase rather than trying to blow you up!

    Once you've successfully defended, pick the briefcase back up and refill on ammo, and make your way onto the next bomb.
    The next place I check is the construction room on the top floor because this is also fairly easy to defend. (There will be some terrorists waiting on the ground floor for you if you've just defended the laundry room)

    (I should also note that it's not the end of the world if you die after defending 1 bomb - I found that even if I died I was still getting more or less the same amount of kills as the terrorist hunt classic method in less time)

    If the bomb is in the construction room the best place to sit to defend is in the screenshot below, same as before, just wait for them to rush the defuser and shoot them - watch out for the window on the right as well
    External image

    Next place to check would be the master bedroom - best place to hide is behind the cupboard right at the back of them room, and plant the defuser opposite you (so its near the bathroom door)
    External image

    The last place the bomb can be (and the hardest I've found to defend) is the room next to the kitchen - I don't really have any tips for this one as I've never been able to defend it solo without dying - it feels like their are too many possible ways for the enemies to rush from, my only suggestion would be to hide near the back of the room (though there is a window they like to breach through) and make use of frag grenades if you're using an operator that has them!

    If you can successfully defuse 2 bombs - which is very do-able depending on bomb spawns - you can easily rack up over 40 kills per run - which I would say takes between 5-6 mins (takes much less time when you begin to learn the enemy spawns)

    Hopefully this is helpful to anyone who tries it! If voting negative let me know if you've got any suggestions to improve this solution smile
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    BraiiinsI've been using this strategy with my operator of choice Ash. I've been averaging 45-50 kills roughly every 6 minutes. I'd like to add a little strategy for the room next to the kitchen:

    There are two counters in each back corner, one next to the window and one opposite that. I suggest putting the diffusor in front of the door next to the counter that's by the window. With this position you can hide in the corner with the counter away from the window and you have a clear shot of anyone going for the diffusor or coming in through the door.
    Posted by Braiiins On 25 Sep 16 at 06:09
  • Epic Fail TrollEpic Fail Troll
    28 Jan 2016 28 Jan 2016
    Hey you guys! Made an video tutorial to show you guys what i'm doing to grind "Terro Hunt" and "Camper".
    It's an pretty easy solution, you can do on your own!
    Hope you get it in no time =)

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    Antthis won't work for me, i am using the same setup but they keep destroying the wire and electric right away
    Posted by Ant#2827 On 27 Nov 16 at 14:20
    Fuzzmeister Jbecause it's patched
    Posted by Fuzzmeister J On 08 Jan 17 at 14:02
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