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Perimeter Secured achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Perimeter Secured

Win a match of Secure Area in Quick Match Multiplayer.

Perimeter Secured0
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How to unlock the Perimeter Secured achievement

  • AstrArcturusAstrArcturus
    09 Jun 2017 07 Jun 2017 09 Sep 2019
    The achievement has been changed to just win a match of secure area. Thanks Pending Demise for the update!

    There is also an easy way to do this solo if you don't want to play with randoms and/or don't have friends available. This is also a good way to help grind for yourself the 2500 terrorist kills achievement.

    Set your matchmaking preferences to only include Hereford Base on defend the hostage and always choose the Armory to defend, it has very little entry entry points so its pretty easy to beat.

    I personally like to play as Tachanka with the deployable cover, his turret is great and you can place the deployable cover in front of you for nearly full body protection on the turret.

    You'll want to place a minimum of four wall reinforcements to make this easy, but the most important one is on the ceiling of the armory as you cant cover it if its been breached, so do that first. Don't forget you can always grab more wall reinforcements from the ammo refill station in the armory. The other three walls to cover up are the plywood walls leading outside in the locker area right next to the armory.

    After this its pretty easy, you can sit in the locker room area and see pretty much every person who comes down to the floor, and if you are playing as Tachanka this is a great place to put the turret with the deployable cover in front of it,. Its very rare for a terrorist to run into the hostage room without you seeing them first, and even if they do, they take a while to shoot the hostage so there's no need to panic. If the hostage gets shot, there is almost always time to finish the round before reviving them.

    This method takes about 7 minutes per game, so overall 12 hours or so of grinding.
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  • Epic Fail TrollEpic Fail Troll
    31 Jan 2016 28 Jan 2016
    Hey you guys! Made an video tutorial to show you guys what i'm doing to grind "Terro Hunt" and "Camper".
    It's an pretty easy solution, you can do on your own!
    Hope you get it in no time =)

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    CauseSo this method no longer works?
    Posted by Cause on 01 May 17 at 00:01
    Epic Fail TrollI dont know mate, stop'd playin that game 1 year from that hehehehe
    Posted by Epic Fail Troll on 01 May 17 at 00:04
    AISIONSThis method no longer works.
    Posted by AISIONS on 24 Sep 18 at 11:32
  • Pending DemisePending Demise
    19 Mar 2018 06 Sep 2019 05 Nov 2020
    This achievement is more skill based as it requires winning a secure area match. Secure area is a 5v5 mode where the attackers have to take full control of a designated area on the map for 30 seconds in order to win the round with the win state being first to 3 rounds.

    To remove all other modes from your playlist.

    Go to main menu > Options > Gameplay > Matchmaking Preferences
    Turn off hostage and bomb this should then allow you to only search for secure area matches.
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