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That Bullet Pen... achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

That Bullet Pen...

Eliminate 10 opponents through bullet penetration in Quick Match/Ranked Multiplayer

That Bullet Pen...0
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How to unlock the That Bullet Pen... achievement

  • ICE Faux PirateICE Faux Pirate
    16 Dec 2015 14 Dec 2015 06 Sep 2019
    EDIT: Because of changes to many of the game's achievements, this one no longer requires a bunch of kills and can no longer be completed in Terrorist Hunt.
    Using Glaz in casual/ranked MP is probably your best bet on completing the 10 kills quickly (since he can shoot through certain windows/barricades that others can't) but any operator can shoot through the majority of structures in the game so the 10 kills should come quickly enough by just playing the game and aiming for other achievements.

    (If you're having a lot of trouble with this check out Pending Demise's solution below for lots of extra tips. I haven't played the game in a while so he's got a lot more experience with current weapons/operators.)


    Go to Options --> Matchmaking Preferences, then turn of all Terrorist Hunt game modes except for Protect Hostage. Then turn off all maps for Terrorist Hunt except for House. After choosing your operator (I recommend Rook for the extra armor if playing by yourself or Tachanka for his turret and metal barricade) select the Master Bedroom for your defending location. Barricade all doors and windows in the room, then set yourself up behind the overturned dresser that's on top of the bed. Then just shoot enemies through the dresser. Easy as that. The dresser will never disappear from shooting it too much and most enemies will appear from the openings on the opposite side of it. Even if you lose the match, all of your penetration kills will still count.

    [Ignore screenshot/video as they were used for the old version of the achievement that was best done in Terrorist Hunt]
    External image

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    FQXWhile in essence, this solution is good; I think this map is atrocious for the cause. I use the meeting room on Presidential plane. This has a bunch of penetrable seats around a table, which work great. Out of 36 kills, I usually get about 20-25 penetration kills. This location is also easier to defend, helping with the 100 succesful defend gamemode completions as well.
    Posted by FQX on 09 Aug 18 at 13:41
    busterfrostyI don’t think this works in terrorist Hunt anymore
    Posted by busterfrosty on 20 Jun 19 at 03:42
    MizerisMoneyDid they change the achievements for this game because i unlocked 3 different achievements while on my dashboard? I wasn't even playing the game.
    Posted by MizerisMoney on 13 Aug 19 at 02:33
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  • StehfynStehfyn
    09 Dec 2015 12 Dec 2015 13 Dec 2015
    *Just so you know, this is a great achievement to grind for because you can simultaneously complete the camper achievement!

    Similar to what XBL iGoldenGirl however, my method is slightly different.

    You'll be playing Terrorist Hunt Defense Mission(Protect Hostage) on either
    The Consulate or
    The Kafe

    and you want to choose to defend either
    The Consul Office or
    The Cigar Lounge

    To make it so you only get these maps as well as the game type when you search for a Terrorist Hunt match, go to options>Matchmaking Preferences. From here you can turn off and turn on what you want to search for. Keep in mind that sometimes you won't always get the preferred map however, this does not happen too often.

    To start off,
    you want to have a shotgun, because there is a 99% chance of it being a one hit kill through any surface at close range.

    On both maps, there are a set of two windows that enemies love to rappel into. Rappelling is slow when the AI does it, so this makes them an easy target. You'll be camping these windows for the entire game while your team defends the hostage from the rest of the entrances. The thing is, the windows on these specific maps are normally very active which makes camping these windows a good idea for both pen kills as well as successfully completing all the waves.

    Simply barricade the windows, crouch, then punch the bottom area so you can see if the AI is trying to rope up(You'll see a rope). When you see them come up, un-crouch and guesstimate where they are and BAM with your shotgun through the barricade. You can shoot through the broken pieces of the barricade before it completely breaks, too. If you are going to replace the barricade, make sure you don't miss one coming from the other window!

    The windows on The Consulate are the two windows in the Consul office that are directly next to each other in the back corner!

    The windows on The Kafe are the two behind the piano in the Cigar Lounge!

    The amount of enemies may vary greatly, but I have gotten a lot of pen kills on cigar lounge in one run! My highest on Cigar Lounge was 14 pen kills! and on the Consul Office it was only a mere 12...

    Please note that I played these missions a lot! so a realistic guesstimate of how many you can get is anywhere between 5-9 on average, which is still a lot considering the fact that you'd still be grinding for the camper achievement...ugh.

    *When playing online, make sure to be either Rook(to give armor to your teammates to ensure their survival) or Doc(obvious reasons).

    Thanks guys! this was my first guide so don't be too harsh wavewave
  • TheDonSimeoniTheDonSimeoni
    28 Jan 2018 28 Jan 2018 15 Sep 2019
    EDIT: This achievement has been changed, it is now much, much easier to obtain.
    All I can say is just drone things out and prefire, and this will come quickly, however, 10 kills should come naturally in the course of playing the game.

    For those that want to see what it used to require...
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    z RagnaroK zFYI it looks like they took Mutes shield away. Still a very effective method compared to the others haha. +1
    Posted by z RagnaroK z on 19 Jul 18 at 21:06
    z RagnaroK zWhat I did instead is just take a c4 and throw that in the doorway when I hear the bomb guy. Everyone else I just shoot through the seats.
    Posted by z RagnaroK z on 19 Jul 18 at 21:10
    TheDonSimeoniYup, thanks for the heads up z Ragnarok z. Updating the guide!
    Posted by TheDonSimeoni on 19 Jul 18 at 21:14
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