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One Mind achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

One Mind

Win 1 match without losing a single round in Ranked Multiplayer.

One Mind0
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How to unlock the One Mind achievement

  • ClearestxGhostClearestxGhost
    14 Dec 2015 14 Dec 2015
    There is no real surefire way to obtain this achievement but what it entails is going flawless by winning all four rounds of a ranked match. This can be through killing the enemy team, playing the objective or allowing time to run out. My tip would be find a squad of people all with mic's so you can communicate. Also in ranked you get to select your rooms so think of the best one to defend. You should have a mute, rook, and possibly a castle when on defence. Use mute to prevent thermite from breaching walls, rook to give that extra padding and castle to make reinforced barriers. Always reinforce the drop hatches and stay separate but close, as in if one person goes down they won't be able to kill another.

    For attackers make sure you find the location, if possible set up your drones in a position that can be useful for spotting enemies, take it slow and check about. It is unlikely that the enemy will all camp the objective, they generally disperse and try to stop entry to the building. Our squad tended to run blitz, thermite, sledge, ash, and fuze. obviously be careful with fuze as he can team kill and kill hostages. Again take it slow and clear levels, also blow multiple charges at once and attack at more then one spot, this can confuse the enemy. People also get antsy in this game so they may come after you if you are patient. Even they aren't being used destroy the cameras just in case and with some luck you can bag yourself this achievement.

    P.S Glaz is also a useful attacker depending on the map, enemies tend to watch out windows and try to pick people off so a sharpshooter glaz is a useful weapon.

    If this doesn't seem like your cup of tea you could always get two groups of five and connect, let one squad win a flawless and then at the end of the game press x to rematch them and let the team that lost win the game. Hope these tips are of some use and happy hunting.
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    Neophyte HybridFor the defending we also used bandit a lot, he helps a lot with his shock wire. We attached the battery to the reinforced walls, so those entrances were blocked for breaching and we didn't need to lookout for those. The fifth didn't matter a lot, but it was usually the doc or kaplan for the traps. I suggest placing the traps and c4 on entrances not close to the target. Usually the attackers are less carefull and will just break trough the wooden barriers that aren't close to the bombs or hostages.
    Posted by Neophyte Hybrid on 14 Dec 15 at 16:25
    Dislodged PumaGod this is dumb. Just blind luck over and over again.
    Posted by Dislodged Puma on 23 Jan 16 at 23:19
    LavindatharFail to see how this is luck lol,

    It's the very definition of skill based achievement.
    Posted by Lavindathar on 21 Feb 16 at 03:05
    Jninja70Its the very definition of a bullshit achievement/trophy.

    Its luck because you have to get very lucky to get a team that isn't full of retards and an enemy team full of pros, like what happens to me EVERY... GOD... DAMN... TIME!! It's getting extremely annoying.
    Posted by Jninja70 on 18 Mar 16 at 19:45
    CombatWolfI just went for this twice. I won both games without losing a match and it still wont unlock. I can comfirm that this is glitched and definitely needs a fix for the xbox 1.
    Posted by CombatWolf on 03 Jul 16 at 20:53
    CombatWolfOk just got this after doing it 5 times and after i was ranked to bronze. That was definitely annoying and for some reason it wouldn't make the unlock sound.
    Posted by CombatWolf on 05 Jul 16 at 18:52
    KeltoniumFinding people with mics can be a preference. I personally can't stand talkative people over mic and toxic teammates are even worse. If you prefer situational awareness over loud teammates then +1 for you laugh
    Posted by Keltonium on 02 Nov 17 at 19:10
    VveniVvidiVviciI did this on my second or third match and it didn't unlock. It said "flawless victory" and everything.
    Posted by VveniVvidiVvici on 27 Nov 17 at 05:40
    Hitman DarknessI have almost done the win 5 flawless and still don’t have this wow
    Posted by Hitman Darkness on 16 Aug 23 at 19:00
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