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Ink Master

Visit 7 Ink locations.

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How to unlock the Ink Master achievement

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    This achievement is most definitely missable and there will be small spoilers. It's also worth noting that these all must be done in one run and not multiple. There are a total of 7 Ink Locations. Some users have confirmed that they were able to access the statue portal in Old Town if they used their 3 gems on it. If you would like to play it safe and get some loot all the gemstone locations are listed. If you're looking to just blaze through for this achievement aenima122 and The Dauntless have confirmed you can just use 3 gems on the statue in Old Town to access the Ink Location (#5).

    All of this information can be found at an amazing site Here. I have just put it in one place for you all.

    Chapter 1
    Ink Locations:
    1. The first Ink Location you will stumble upon but not be able to immediately access is the small well in Markovna. You will enter the the well after first removing the curse off the nearby alchemist located just a few steps south-east of the well. Check This for more information.

    2. In the north-eastern part of Croakwood will be a farm. On that farm there is an "Ominous Scarecrow". If you interact with the Scarecrow who will be teleported to a boss fight with him. The fight is a little tricky, focus your attacks on all of the Vila/Harpies and when the boss isn't surrounded in a purple/pink shield attack him. After defeating him use the nearby portal to return to Croakwood.

    Mysterious Gemstone Locations:
    1. In a crate at the Romany camp in Croakwood. The camp is located at the south-western part of the map. Check number 7 here.

    2. In a treasure chest in the Ink Location you journey to during Journey to The Ink.

    3. In a treasure chest found in the north-western part of Gallowsbog. Look at number 2 on the map here

    Your search for gems can end here if you wish. By saving these 3 gems until you get to the Old Town statue, you can use them to get into the portal but will not be able to get the loot since it requires a key received from using the gems on the statue in Markovna.

    Note: completing the below optional means you will need to get the other 3 stones.

    *Optional* After getting all 3 of these gemstones travel to Markovna and place them into the statue located there. This is the first statue out of 2 which need to have their gemstones inserted for the 5th Ink Location loot to become obtainable.

    Chapter 2
    Ink Locations:
    3. This location is called the Lost Place. After accepting the mission The Gas Projector which is part of the main questline, the first time afterwards you use the Ink Gate in the Secret Lair you will be teleported here instead.

    4. The Hideout which is part of the side-quest The Beggar King. To reach this Ink Location you must give each beggar in The Rookery and The Sewage Plant 50 coins which will open a draw bridge in the north-western part of The Sewage Plant to lower and you can talk to a beggar for the side-quest. The bridge is number 5 on The Sewage Plant map.

    Mysterious Gemstone Locations:
    4. In Dreadworks. There is a corpse with the gemstone on it which can be found in the south-western corner of the map. Check 7 Here

    5. In the Abandoned Research Station which can be accessed from The Sewage Plant. It is located in the south-western part of the map. Look at number 4 Here.

    Ensure that you have gotten the stone from Hidden Treasure as the Industrial Port map changes in Chapter 3. I cannot confirm if the side-quest can still be completed in Chapter 3.

    6. Found in the treasure at the end of the side-quest Hidden Treasure on the map Industrial Port. This quest is available from Todor Schmiko after completing the side-quest The Assistant. More details can be found Here.

    Credits to aneurysmi who pointed out that after completing Chapter 2 you are able to travel to any previous Ink Gate including the early game. You can travel to Markovna and if you've completed Journey To The Ink you can re-enter the well in the town there.

    Chapter 3
    Ink Locations:
    5. The Statue. This is what those stones we have diligently been collecting are for. Located in Old Town is another statue. When you place the 3 stones you collected from Chapter 2 in the Statue, it will cause a ton of gargoyles around you to attack, watch out for their meteor attack which you can avoid by watching the marker on the ground. After killing them all enter the portal. if you don't want the loot here you can leave since you entered the portal. The rest of this step is for retrieving the loot here.

    In order to bring down the shield you will have to find 6 more stones all scattered on this map. You will find one on an Elyctrical Strongman Minion, two in a Domovoy Corpse, one carried by a Lesovik Chieftain, one in a treasure chest, and one carried by a Pale Gentleman Champion. More information on this and all the stones can be found here. And a map of Old Town can be found here.

    6. Lost and Found, this map is reached by talking to a soldier in the western part of Old Town and saying "Let's see those labels" followed by a selection, note that while all selections are on the same map, what you fight depends on your choice. Then down the alley is a portal. More information can be found here. Look at number 4 on the map in the link.

    7. The Pocket Realm is part of the main story line and cannot be missed. You access it after speaking to and taking the Ink portal to continue your journey.

    That is it for the guide. If you vote negative please explain why. I hope this helps, this can be a rather nerve-wracking achievement to get and it requires a little bit of planning in order to ensure it will all happen smoothly.
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    Follies of ManAlright thanks for the input you two. I will amend the guide.
    Posted by Follies of Man on 10 Jan 16 at 16:38
    LoximI'm having trouble looting the third gemstone in Gallowsbog. The chest is there but I can't interact with it, it's like its glitched or phased out of the world. I can't figure out why no one else seems to have had this problem.
    Posted by Loxim on 26 Mar 16 at 11:57
    UnsungGhostI can confirm that you can talk to Todor Schmiko after completing the game, get the treasure map and the 6th gemstone.
    Posted by UnsungGhost on 27 Mar 16 at 05:17
    LV 1 Blue SlimeI did not get Lost Place until AFTER I finished The Gas Projector.
    Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 09 Apr 16 at 16:29
    StevoCallyThanks, helped me track down the ones I was missing; The Statue and Lost & Found. :)
    Posted by StevoCally on 10 Apr 16 at 17:56
    BacavoitThanks I got it!
    Posted by Bacavoit on 24 Jun 16 at 14:48
    spareGgnomewent through all of this. great Guide. I got the achievment in game but not on my xbox go figure that one roll
    Posted by spareGgnome on 03 Aug 16 at 23:09
    flubberfudgeAwesome I was worried about this, I took my time while I was playing through the game (explored everything before moving on) and I beat final boss with one remaining. So I went to old town, activated the statue, walked in the portal and BLEEP BLOOP.
    Posted by flubberfudge on 26 Sep 16 at 02:36
    Majlo49 SVKCan I re-enter the pocket realm? Last ink location. Cause I went to gables and cant go back :( Achievement didnt unlocked should I explore whole ink location maps?
    Posted by Majlo49 SVK on 11 Nov 16 at 12:43
    Yoh9If you've visited all ink locations and your achievement status is sitting at 6/7, delete your save file from BOTH console and cloud, make a new character and rush to the first ink location - the scarecrow. Your achievement should pop then. Something about the in game achievement list and the xbox achievement list falling out of sync and once you've completed the in game achievement you can't earn any more progress towards it, thus causing your xbox achievement to be stuck, but when you delete all save data it resets the in game achievement list so when you go back to the scarecrow ink location it counts it toward your xbox achievement.

    Hope that helps anyone whose achievement didn't pop and is stuck.
    Posted by Yoh9 on 11 Apr at 16:15
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