Spotless Defense achievement in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Spotless Defense

Defend the Lair without a single enemy getting in.

Spotless Defense+0.2
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How to unlock the Spotless Defense achievement

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    This achievement can only be obtained during the first Lair Defense "Protect the Lair" (main story) and is best done with 2 or more people, but it can also be done solo.

    Pre-requisite - Upgrading the Generator (Not needed if doing Co-Op, but i recommend doing anyway to be safe)
    After rescuing the engineer he will go back to the Secret Lair and stand by the generator (northwest corner) where you will be able to purchase upgrades and place traps, I highly recommend ONLY upgrading the generator for now as the other upgrades use power which could otherwise be used for traps. To upgrade the generator first you will need a generator plan which can be obtained though the side quest "The Assistant". At the end of the side quest you get to choose your reward from a generator plan, a trap plan, or some ability points, no matter which you choose you can always get the other two from the assistant who resides in the south east corner of the lair after the quest.

    Once you have the generator plan, fully upgrade the generator and you can then start placing traps.

    Trap Placement

    The trick with the traps is to use as many Monster in Box traps as possible, they grab the attention of the enemies giving you plenty of time to run to any part of the map and help, but this isn't needed very often as they are also very good at killing the enemies too! I also place a few spike traps at the parts where the enemies group up.

    Machine Parts Required: 126
    If you only upgraded the generator you should be able to get something like this:
    External image

    Machine Parts Required: 96
    If you upgraded everything at the engineer you should get something like this:
    External image

    On Normal (solo) both of the above are fine, higher difficulties might want to play it safe and have more traps covering 3 and 4 so you can exclusively defend 1 and 2 at the Player 1 Co-Op spot.

    Co-Op Method

    Pretty straight forward, stand at the co op spots shown in the above pictures and don't let anything past, if anything even reaches you that is. You can even go up to the enemy spawns and fight them there but be keep your map up and be ready to run back to defend the other spawn when necessary. After 3 Waves the boss will spawn at 2, simply pull the boss and his minions over to the group of traps at 3/4 (or stay at 2, up to you) and fight them there.

    Solo Method

    For the most part nothing will get past the first lot of monster in boxes at 3 & 4 so you'll be spending most of your time defending the Player 1 Co-Op spot, but i recommend running back to the Solo area every time it's clear so you can be ready to catch that one sneaky guy that gets past your defenses. After 3 Waves the boss will spawn at 2, simply pull the boss and his minions over to the group of traps at 3/4 (or stay at 2, up to you) and fight them there.

    Other Details

    There are 3 Waves, each consisting of varied enemies though nothing too difficult. Wave 1 Spawns at (1), Wave 2 Spawns at (2) then (3) and Wave 3 spawns at (1) & (2) then (3) & (4), the boss always spawns at 2.
    Once you start the defense there is no way to restart it. Make sure to prepare before going in!
    This achievement is Missable, there are two lair defenses in total but the achievement can only be obtained from the first one, if you fail you will need to start a new game or join a friends game to try again.

    This is my first solution, be gentle :D

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    DeeperWhale0626How do you get more machine parts?
    Posted by DeeperWhale0626 on 27 Dec 18 at 21:36
    eohjayGreat solution. I had stupidly purchased some upgrades other than the generator upgrades and had to use the setup in the second image. I was also playing melee (Musha hardcore guide) and a bit worried since everyone seems to recommend ranged for this.

    It went incredibly smoothly even with the above "hiccups". Nothing made it past the initial defense points and I had move than enough time to maneuver between stations and heal the defenders/mow down mobs.

    Posted by eohjay on 08 Jan at 13:11
    LordSuprachrisIs it supposed to unlock also when you join someone else's game or only when you're the host?
    Posted by LordSuprachris on 25 Mar at 10:19
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    Lukledinio's guide is excellent, but makes this achievement sound harder than it actually is. Here's an alternate strategy if you're going for Spotless Defense by yourself. You will know when the defense mini-game is about to start as you play the story and talk to Vladov. You can hold off on starting the defense bit and prepare for it. BTW, there are 2 lair defenses in the game. I'm not certain if you can still get the achievement if you fail Spotless Defense the first time and succeed the second. Be aware, the second defense is more difficult than the first.

    If you fail the first round, and are super paranoid it is voided here's what you do: DON'T PANIC AND QUIT THE GAME RIGHT AWAY. Instead, push cn_guide. Navigate to system settings and internet connection. Disconnect from the internet. Quit the game (if you don't know how, go back to the game, hit cn_guide, and with the inset window showing van helsing highlighted, push cn_start and select quit.) Go to the Van Helsing game management and delete your game save. When restarting the game, your Xbox will download a cached save from XBL which ought to give you a second chance at the achievement (this same trick is used to protect your hardcore character if you happen to die)

    playing up to the lair defense:

    the easier the difficulty, the easier this achievement is to get (duh)

    open every dumpster you come across - they frequently contain machine parts used for generator upgrades and traps.

    have the generator upgraded as much as possible before starting the defense

    prep before starting defense:

    set your AI partner's behavior to ranged.

    equip the hardest hitting gun you have

    skill up and try to max techniques that hit multiple enemies at once. good ones are explosive shot, scatter shot, and flaming sphere. If playing on casual, leveling up your basic shoot skill, you can pretty much stand back and one hit kill enemies as they spawn. If you need to free up additional skill points, don't forget you can reset your skills talking to the gypsy prince.

    talk to the engineer and set up your traps. I recommend Luklendinio's second set up, it accounts for upgrades that eat up generator energy and if you happen to be short on machine parts. Here's his set up:
    External image

    I would recommend only following the lower half of the map in terms of set up. Placing traps on the upper half of the map are not needed. You can also skip placing any spike traps if you wish (or cant afford them). The main most important trap is the Monster In The Boxes, their function is to stop enemies from advancing. That's really all you need for Spotless Defense on easy difficulties.

    once lair defense starts:

    As soon as the lair defense begins, push cn_down on the D-pad. This will expand the map, and it will show you where every enemy is on the board as a red dot.

    it is entirely up to you to run between the 4 choke points and kill the enemy invaders.

    as said before, the Monster In The Boxes are merely to distract the enemy hoards. They are extraordinarily effective. You can sit behind them and zap every single enemy that comes out of a gate before moving onto the next. If somehow an enemy bypasses the MITBs, you will be able to see where on the map and catch them in time before they invade your lair.

    this isn't that hard on the very first defense. The Monster In The Boxes aren't as effective on the second.
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