What's in the bag? achievement in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

What's in the bag?

Take 20 pieces of loot from the Domovoy on the Gorgon Pass.

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How to unlock the What's in the bag? achievement

  • Dream FiendDream Fiend523,700
    01 Dec 2015 01 Dec 2015 05 Dec 2015
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    Once you know what to do this is a fairly simple and quick achievement.

    Video guide:

    Text guide:

    A huge thanks goes to Dr Doppelklick for explaining something I did not realize when I wrote my previous guide, this simplifies the task big time!

    When you start a new character you will start in Gorgon Pass with Katarina, first thing to do is to press cn_back and go over to skills, go to your Shoot skill (In the Occult Hunter section) then press cn_Y on one of the three smaller circle above it. Go over the middle circle (Tar shot) and press cn_X 3 times to switch the number to 0. Now press cn_Y to finish the combo.

    Continue through the level as you would normally until you level up, when you level up put the character points into dexterity, one skill point into the Shoot skill and one into the Ghostly Mirage trick.

    Now continue on once again until you get to the large clearing just past the shrine (noticeably larger on the minimap) inch to the right a little at a time to get the wolves attention in here then bring them back to the left abit to kill them so you do not activate the Domovoi spawn.

    Once you clear out the group of 10-15 wolves you should go into the menu, go to the companion tab and press cn_RB to switch the far left panel to the behaviour settings, change melee to ranged and defend to assist. Now go into the skills tab, go to the Shoot skill and press cn_Y on the 3 smaller circles again, while over top the middle circle (Tar shot) press cn_A 3 times so it shows the number 3, press cn_Y and close the menus.

    Equip the gun if it is not equipped already.

    Now you will walk to the right and when Katarina says "Look a Domovoy" you should see a creature running from the top of the screen to the bottom, quickly press cn_B to use Ghostly Mirage, then press cn_LB to activate rage now you can shoot the Domovoy with cn_X and hold it to keep shooting. You may have to reposition yourself to keep hitting him.

    Once the Domovoy has jumped off the cliff pick up all that sweet loot (including gold piles) and you should unlock the achievement.

    Credit for the tip of not constantly depleting your rage goes to Dr Doppelklick

    Zavistic and Born Knight 74 have confirmed that this achievement is also cumulative in case you do not get 20 on your first try, however some people have also said the achievement was NOT cumulative for them

    **Playing on my girlfriends account I did get the achievement to 80% on my first attempt, and then hit 100% on a second character picking up only a minimal amount of loot, however that being said I feel that the counting is off. When I got 80% I only picked up a few pieces of loot/gold, and when I went from 80% to 100% I could only see 1 single pile of gold get picked up by my character which obviously does not make sense. I would say if it does not unlock on your first or second try just keep trying. but personally and as people have said in the comments it should work.**

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    Demon Slayer050This achievement either varies per person whether it be accumulative vs in 1 go, or, possibly patched. Mine appeared glitched at 95% and my friend's was stuck at 60%. But when he improved his attempts it increased to 80%. Meaning, we got to do it in 1 go.

    Anycase, a easy way to get this in one go guaranteed is to use the above method but do it in coop and have one person pick up all the coins.
    Posted by Demon Slayer050 on 16 Mar 17 at 22:50
    knight0fkh0nshuGreat guide! Got it on my first try. Thanks!
    Posted by knight0fkh0nshu on 21 Jan 18 at 07:05
    SciKoGuys, you can't "confirm" this as cumulative when it doesn't work for everybody. then it's not cumulative, it's glitchy.

    I got this just now after my fifth playthrough with 15-19 hits everytime (except the last one, obviously). Good luck everybody!
    Posted by SciKo on 18 Feb 18 at 17:37
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  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV153,559
    02 Dec 2015 02 Dec 2015 02 Dec 2015
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    This achievement is missable and located directly at the beginning of the game. If you miss or "fail" Domovoy on your first playtrough, create a new hunter and play to the point in this video (2 minutes)

    Set Lady Katarina to "Ranged" and Assist, this is important. We use also the skill "Ghostly Mirage". We have to hit Domovoy 20 times for 20 pieces. If you fail or the achievement is not unlocked, try to dashboard and reload otherwise create again a new hunter and repeat.

    Unconfirmed: cumulative with more chars. (needs confirming from more users)
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    Tha Real CuberI've tried 8 characters and between char 7 and 8 I checked the tracker in snap mode, didn't change from 80% to 100% after picking up more than 4 pcs of loot. So I am stuck on max 16 pcs. It doesn't seem to work across multiple characters. Will have to try to get 20 in one go.
    Posted by Tha Real Cuber on 03 Dec 15 at 16:47
  • Removed Gamer
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    EDIT 2: You can also just deactivate Auto-Combos in the options... ;)

    EDIT: Better yet: Deactivate auto for melee and use ranged later :)

    In addition to Dream Fiends excellent guide you can also deactivate the auto spending of Rage by pressing cn_Y on the first skill to build a combo and then cn_Y 3 times to set the middle modifier to 0. This way Rage will only get spend manually with the right stick.

    Shortly before the Gold Domovoy you can either press cn_RSu 3 times or reactivate the auto spending again. Auto is easier.

    And yes, this should have been explained much better ingame... :)
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    XelDJ TheOnly1I used the ranged ghost system and the rage meter for shooting the domovoy, and managed to get a lot of gold piles, probably got my share of 20. Noticed that i slowed him dow, giving me the opportunity to get a lot of hits.
    Was checking my achievement % on the xbox app for windows 10 and after 5 tries i got it. I had 30% completion and after every time it moved up...last game of 5 (everytime creating a new character) I had 90%, so there was no error in completing it.
    Posted by XelDJ TheOnly1 on 06 Dec 15 at 19:38
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