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Shadow Jago Master achievement in Killer Instinct

Shadow Jago Master

Reach 150 Fight Challenges with Shadow Jago

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How to unlock the Shadow Jago Master achievement

  • LoftyLofty721,255
    25 Jul 2016 25 Jul 2016
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    I found this post within the forums by Zenn P and I just think everyone should see this as it is by far the best way to get the 150 fight challenges done.

    I take no ownership of this guide and I will of course remove it if asked to.

    Zenn P forum post starts here.

    With online access in distress, I have been farming the 150 fight challenge achievements entirely offline. I noticed this forum, therefore I decided to contribute with my own "ultimate" guide for boosting fight challenges. While fight challenges are mainly unlocked through Versus Mode, Survival, and Online Modes, this guide will primarily focus on acquiring fight challenges through the multiplayer Versus and Survival modes. Using these methods, 150 titles can easily be acquired within several hours.

    Primarily, it is most efficient to farm titles in 2P versus mode while manually using both controllers. Most importantly, always remember to set the matches up as listed below:

    1. From the main menu select Multiplayer > Fight > Local Play
    2. Once at the fighter select screen, enter 2P controller with cn_A-button
    3. Press cn_Y-button to set the Time Limit to "Infinite"
    4. These options will help in farming specific challenges

    If you ever need to check your challenge progress select Fight Archive > Fight Challenges from the main menu. Now, onto the guide.

    Note: I will list the optimal number of each challenge in brackets to give players a range to shoot for when grinding to 150 as some of the maximum numbers for 10 titles are rather demanding.

    Ultras, Combo Hits, Shadow Moves, & Juggle Hits
    These are the most basic and naturally unlocked challenges in the game. Executing your Ultra at the end of a match works towards miscellaneous other challenges including combo hits, juggles, and more. Therefore, when you first start farming challenges for a character, be sure to pause and check out their command list for Ultra inputs. Various fighters' normal attacks also count as overheads; therefore, Ultras might count towards those titles also. Once your opponent is in danger, start with a shadow move(s) and then transition it into your Ultra. Once the Ultra has completed, attempt to juggle with additional shadow moves, then repeat. Make it a priority that you ALWAYS execute your Ultra at the end of every single match you play, whether in 2P Versus or Survival mode. A hefty portion of your challenges will be unlocked by doing this alone.

    Combo Breakers [500 for 10 Titles]
    While in 2P Versus, select Fulgore as your 2P dummy. Once the match starts press cn_start > Controller. Highlight Light Kick and press cn_RT to switch the input so that more combo breakers can be farmed. Select Save and then resume the match. While on the right side of the screen, input Fulgore's Blade Dash (cn_downcn_downleft + cn_RT) with one hand and on your other hand [main account], press (cn_RSd) to perform a Combo Breaker. Repeat this for the entirety of the match if necessary. Roughly 40 combo breakers can be farmed per match with this method. Completing 500 of them will net you 10 challenges toward the 150 required.

    Counter Breakers [150 for 10 Titles]
    Your versus opponent should not matter while farming these. Using your main account, execute a special move while near 2P and then go straight into an auto by pressing the corresponding button again. Immediately after this, press cn_Y+cn_B (guard animation) and have the 2P controller press (cn_RSd), this will result in a counter breaker. I will use Jago [main] versus Fulgore [2P dummy] as an example.

    1. Jago performs Laser Sword (cn_downcn_downleft + cn_Y) then press cn_Y again right after
    2. Quickly press cn_Y+cn_B to go into a guard animation
    3. Have Fulgore [2P] press (cn_RSd) for the counter breaker.

    Repeat for the entirety of the match if necessary. Roughly 20+ counter breakers can be achieved per match using this method. Completing 150 of these will net you 10 challenges.

    Blocks [5000 for 9 Titles]
    While in 2P versus, select Kan-Ra as your 2P dummy. Once the match starts back both fighters into a corner. Rubber band or place something heavy against your left-stick so that your are walking away from Kan-Ra. Make sure both fighters are very close to one another. Now, while using Kan-Ra, simply jump upwards and press cn_RT for a sand stomp attack that nets 6 blocks per input. Repeatedly input Up then cn_RT and watch your Block based challenges unlock very quickly. Whenever you can, input Kan-Ra's shadow moves for extra blocks. An alternative attack is Away + cn_Y which nets 5 blocks per input. Repeat for the entirety of the match if necessary. Completing 5000 blocks will net you 9 challenges which can be easily accomplished with Kan-Ra as your dummy.

    Survival Matches [50 for 10 Titles]
    These are a very simple 10 challenges to obtain, albeit dreadfully monotonous. Make sure to set the difficulty to Easy from the fighter select screen and then go on to defeat opponents. Opponents get increasingly defiant as you progress. As a suggestion, quit out and re-start survival once you have around 15 wins or more for easier matches. You do not need to win these for them to count, only play them. However, it is suggested that you play them to work towards the above titles to expedite the unlocking process.

    There is also the effortless alternative of setting the difficulty to Champion and allowing the first survival opponent to defeat you quickly. Select "Try Again", select your fighter, and repeat.

    Throws [500 for 8 Titles]
    Depending on the character you are using, throws can be easily obtainable challenges. Simply boost them in 2P versus against a dummy by getting near it and press (cn_RSd) while in the corner. Repeat for the entirety of the match. I would suggest you farm these with characters that have throws that don't result in a knock down (to save time). Several challenges can be acquired by simply hitting them in increments in 50 which isn't half bad.

    Specials [250 for 4 Titles each]
    Depending on the character you are using, you can swipe several of these challenges throughout three specific categories. Simply start up a 2P versus match and continue to input that said special on the 2P dummy until the match ends. It is in your best interest of repeatedly using specials that don't take up a lot of frames. Nonetheless, you'll be acquiring these through natural play from executing combos and ultras.

    Also, specials will count even if they are blocked but not if they whiff. So if you want to make your 2P dummy block to increase executed specials per match then that is a viable option.

    Supreme Victories
    These don't really need to be mentioned. You will likely scoop up all 10 related challenges to this category while working towards other challenges. Simply win matches without losing your initial green bar of health. You will likely obtain these by playing Survival matches or boosting Versus-related titles.

    Versus Matches
    These challenges are absolutely mandatory, especially since there are "Play 200 matches as ________" achievements. Therefore, this is a guaranteed 10 challenges and 100 matches towards the achievement(s). It is not recommend to farm these until you have farmed most of the other challenges. There are two methods I use to farm versus matches.

    The extremely fast method is to start up 2P versus mode with your main account against Jago as your 2P dummy. Rubber band or lean something heavy against the left-stick so that your main account is walking towards Jago. Once the match starts quickly spam Jago's crouching heavy punch attack cn_down+cn_RB repeatedly. I suggest configuring the heavy punch button to a face button for more comfortable spamming. Repeat until the match has concluded. Using this method, each fight should only take 8 in-game seconds. It requires some effort, but you can finish 100 matches in around a hour, easily.

    The effortless, and less demanding method is to fight against Sabrewulf in CPU versus on Kyle difficulty. Allow him to quickly defeat you, then hit rematch.

    While the majority of these methods echo what was previously mentioned from the above posts, I merely wanted to consolidate some of the information all into one post. For the record, I was already using many of these methods before I even read them. I figured there should be an overall guide that players can access once they begging farming the 150 fight challenges. It is a long and tedious task, but very simple once you get into a rhythm of unlocking them all.

    Mind you, this guide assumes that the player is absolutely avoiding any online-related titles. Therefore, if you happen to obtain any online-related titles, using this guide makes it even easier to reach the 150 overall. One final note I want to acknowledge are the notifications of when a title is unlocked:
    As of the most recent update, Fight Challenge unlock notifications will not appear during initial matches, but only after you have completed the match during the results screen. After any subsequent rematches however, unlock notifications will appear during the match. This cycle will continue if re-selecting characters or playing a new mode. If you like to know when exactly your titles unlock, it is best to play a quick match, then once you select rematch, begin boosting said titles.

    Titles unlock notifications previously would unlock during the match without needing to play 1 full match, but recent updates have changed that. There hasn't been any prominent complaints over this, so it appears developers have ignored patching it back to the way it was.
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    Below is my video Guide for a baseline to efficiently earn 150 fighting challenges

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