Endless Day achievement in Dungeon of the Endless

Endless Day

Play during the Endless Day (01/21) and get this achievement.

Endless Day+1.6
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How to unlock the Endless Day achievement

  • FireDrake007FireDrake007132,825
    18 Jan 2021 18 Jan 2021
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    Here is the description of the of the guide provided by the developers for this achievement on steam:


    The event starts on January 21st and ends on January 25th (midnight CET).

    Dungeon of the Endless

    How to unlock the archivist, Esseb Tarosh: you need to start a new game of Dungeon of the Endless. The hero will be available in your pool right away, for the duration of the event. Like any other heroes in DotE, you need to survive at least three floors with the hero or finish the game with it. If you manage to do so, once the event ends, you will be able to keep the Esseb Tarosh in your pool of heroes.

    How to unlock the “Endless Day” achievement: you need to start a new game in any difficulty, hire the archivist hero and keep it alive, and complete the game. Make sure you start and complete a game between January 21st and January 25th in order to get the achievement.
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  • B1ueSeptemberB1ueSeptember538,895
    26 May 2016 26 May 2016 26 May 2016
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    This achievement must be obtained on 1/21, which means you have two ways to go about it. You can wait until January 21st, or you can re-set the time on your Xbox One. To change the date, unhook your One from the internet then do a hard re-set (hold the power button down for ten seconds). You should now be able to go into Settings and change the date. I don't know that the year matters, but I chose 1/21/2017.

    You will have a new character available who has some pretty nice skills, so you might not want to leave this for last like I did. If you keep him alive for three floors and/or finish the game with him, he will become permanently unlocked like your others. I don't think it matters which pod you use, but I stuck with the Escape Pod on Too Easy.

    One thing to be aware of - the description of this achievement is a bit deceiving. You don't have to just "play" on 1/21; you must win a game, so instead of the two minutes I was expecting, it was closer to two hours. Also, the achievement didn't fire when I finished the game. It was not until I went back online, turned my Xbox off and on, then opened the game again that I received the achievement, so it's a bit buggy.
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    Akinokaze HTurns out you may only have to start the run on the correct day.

    I started the run on the 21st, I cleared the first 3 floors and permanently unlocked the endless character while still on the 21st.

    However, the run took 5 hours [my first time playing] and i finished it well into the 22nd, yet still got the achievement.

    NOTE: I didn't save and quit, nor did I use quick resume, it was a single session.

    Maybe all you really need to do is unlock the character on the correct day, and finish a run with that character alive?

    NOTE 2: I only completed the run because i encountered a glitch at two of the merchants. When selling gear to them, an item didn't get removed from my inventory which allowed me to abuse the hell out of it to get over 10K food and 20k industry so I could max out my team and buy anything i wanted [though after a few teammate deaths and me replacing members when I'd finished unlocking them, i still ran out of food XD]
    Posted by Akinokaze H on 22 Jan at 04:55
    EarthboundXOK, after reading the walkthrough, I am much better at the game now. So I successfully completed a playthrough.

    The game basically teaches you nothing, so the walkthrough was a big help.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 22 Jan at 05:53
    iagoJust to clarify, since the event goes from January 21st and ends on January 25th (midnight CET) you can get the achievement during this time, I started and finished a game on January 24th and it unlocked just fine. You don't have to do this just on January 21st.

    Just keep in mind that Esseb Tarosh has to survive till the end. I got him killed on floor 10 on an earlier run and didn't get the achievement.
    Posted by iago on 24 Jan at 17:06
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