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Legendary Hero

Obtain legendary stuff.

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How to unlock the Legendary Hero achievement

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    17 Jan 2016 17 Jan 2016 09 Feb 2016
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    This can be obtained from Theon the Legendary Vendor in Skyrock. You trade 500 Dragon Fangs for a chance at a legendary item from the chest.

    The chest is completely random but I suggest you wait until you are at least 30+ so that the gear you get will be better and help you complete the Dragon Raid and Winter levels.

    Ways to get Dragon Fangs (updated with info from DerParol05):
    650 if you log in each day for 30 days straight
    Rewards for leveling a character each level from 31-40 (50 per level, 10 times per character)
    Reward for beating the each level of Winter (100 per with 9 total levels)
    1-5 for complete Boss Hunt (level 20+ is always 5 as reward)
    Rewards for placing in events (currently not active)
    2 to 37 for beating 20 floors in a dark tower (raid)
    Killing the Dragon 50 teeth (the dragon scroll is needed for entry and reqs lvl 20).
    Clearing the desert or swamp dungeon (1 for level 1, 2 for level 2 ...)
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    sniporeWas hoping to find out how it went for everyone else. Honestly I would just save all for lvl 40 so the gear is better. I'm still trying to find a group for dragon raid and then I'll have all non glitched achievements. Impossible to find a group though.
    Posted by snipore on 19 Jan 16 at 03:58
    DerParol05Hello. First the bad news: 14 chests open - no legendary things. All 4 Hero have 40 lvl.
    Correct in the guide:
    1. 650 canines if you enter 21 days undermining.
    2. On 50 awards for pumping teeth each level starting with 31 and 40 (a total of 40 awards, 10 of each character)
    3. 100 teeth for each level of winter. (Total 9 levels)
    4. 5 canines for killing a raid boss.
    5. 2 to 37 for the passage of the canines 20 floors in a dark tower (raid)
    6. Killing the Dragon 50 canines (the dragon roll is needed for entry). Scroll poluchaetsya times a day starting at lvl 20 or can be purchased for 9 crystals.
    7. Passage of the desert or swamp dungeon (level 1, 2 canines, 2 - 4 canines, not passed on)
    8. During the dark knight murder (killing one time, you need a scroll, canines give a little)
    9. The worst news on the February 9 event is disabled, the start date of the work is unknown.
    Posted by DerParol05 on 09 Feb 16 at 14:38
    sniporeThanks. Updated with the info you provided
    Posted by snipore on 09 Feb 16 at 14:53
    DerParol05Events have earned.
    Posted by DerParol05 on 10 Feb 16 at 11:16
    Panoramixx85I found the legendary stuff today. I have archer at level 35, knight at 34, warrior at 32. I got the stuff for the wizard, wich is at level 18... And you can't wear the stuff until you're level 40 facepalm
    Posted by Panoramixx85 on 12 Apr 16 at 20:16
    I am L0cutusI must have opened at least 25 of these, and still nothing...I've only ever even got one "epic" item angry
    Posted by I am L0cutus on 24 Apr 16 at 03:37
    Shadow KisuragiBest method to farm Teeth currently is the Tournament, which occurs weekly and ends at 8pm Eastern Time on Sunday. Most of the time, you can earn 50 Teeth just by signing in and claiming your reward.

    However, if you fight during the last hour and win at least a couple matches, you'll get 100 Teeth for being Top 100, and if you make it into the Top 10 (not too difficult if you attempt within the last hour, as the Top 5 are focused on farming people for points before then), you can get 500 Teeth. Not bad for less than an hour's worth of time per week, but slow if you want to get it out of the way.
    Posted by Shadow Kisuragi on 13 Jun 16 at 14:04
    SkelixSeems pvp tournament is broken, worked for a few months, then was down for a couple of months, seems down for me now, the way I've been earning teeth *exploit* -> Log in for 30 days in a row, on 30th day you are given 500 teeth. Remember the time you logged in and got daily reward, now the next day completely skip don't play at all, then next day log in about the same time as first day (so +48 hours), let game load up, now back out of app completely, load back up and you will get a repeat of previous days 500 teeth! I've been doing this for about a month now, 500 teeth every other day.
    Posted by Skelix on 16 Feb 17 at 04:44
    Johnny SinisterThe spamming 500 teeth exploit above worked pretty good. However, it would usually only work about 5 times then the daily bonuses would stop for a couple of weeks.
    Also, not sure if the time is relevant when opening the chest, but for about a year I would open my boxes at night (around the time the weekly challenges ended and my dailies were awarded), and I had no luck. The FIRST time I opened one during the morning (9:00 A.M central) the achievement unlocks. Probably just dumb luck though.
    And just to point out, you will know you have a legendary item immediately as the achievement unlocks as soon as you pay the 500 teeth. If you are watching the box open, it is already a lost cause.
    Posted by Johnny Sinister on 19 Sep 17 at 14:18
    Skelixoh also, if my trick doesn't work when you load app back up, travel to big city then back to your little krap town, or even do a quick mission (kill the bear), took me 50-75ish chests. My interest in this game has gone up since they fixed the 3 broken achievements!
    Posted by Skelix on 15 Dec 17 at 11:33
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