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Hit The Ceiling achievement in Need for Speed

Hit The Ceiling

Reach REP Level 70

Hit The Ceiling+0.8
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How to unlock the Hit The Ceiling achievement

  • EurydaceEurydace589,689
    10 Dec 2015 10 Dec 2015 09 Mar 2016
    77 17 53
    Hot Rod update broke all the old methods. The fastest method is now to complete the new race Speed Tunnel. It rewards 20k rep for a 30 second race. Sorry cry

    Here's the old solution:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

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    witter56This is a pain with all the glitches being fixed now... There's no way you will get to level 70 if you complete all the events...
    So, I tried some things out. Trying to get my car get stuck on objects etc, nothing works.
    But apparently, you can get 300 REP when doing donuts. I rubber banded my controller (left stick and RT) and kept doing donuts.
    Every 10 seconds or so you get 300 REP.
    1 hour will give you roughly 108000 REP.

    This is a great way if you don't want to grind to REP 70, but VERY VERY time consuming. cry
    I will do this for 1-2 hours every day while completing the daily challenges. Currently at rank 59 so still a long way to go...
    Posted by witter56 on 16 Sep 17 at 17:07
    Dr MartyThe Speed Tunnel Race takes almost exactly 90sec for one cycle (incl. loading screens) for roughly 25.000 points.
    When you've finished the game you should be around level 50 (this includes Eddie's extra missions), which is at around 6.500.000 points. You need around double that for level 70.

    So, you'll have to do Speed Tunnel ca. 260 times. That's 6.5h of doing the same exact thing over and over again!!!
    Posted by Dr Marty on 20 Nov 18 at 03:26
    SaP RaZzorWas lvl 60 when I started, I get 27/29k points per race ( record almost 32k ) but still needed to do it around 150 times.. 50 more to go. :,)
    Posted by SaP RaZzor on 10 Jan 20 at 23:51
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  • ItsJustAChazeItsJustAChaze513,293
    21 Dec 2015 21 Dec 2015 29 Dec 2015
    37 5 13
    EuryDace has a very nice guide, but for people like me who has a bit of trouble holding a clean drift around circles for awhile without hitting a cop or messing it up, this wasn't doing it for me very well.

    Here's what I ended up doing and it actually seemed pretty fast and easy, it nets in around at least 100k every 3 minutes if you do it right (shouldn't be difficult) I won't claim it's the best method but I believe it is a pretty good one (imo) and worked good for me.

    Sorry in advance for the long reading!

    What I did is from the garage, go left around the corner and straight down the road, over the bridge (Los Sol Bridge) and to the left should be a police station (if a cop is there, you're in luck!) If you're still having trouble finding it, look just left of the garage for "Macdermid's MileMile(Hard)" on the map. I kinda show the location at the end of the video below.

    This is where it gets fun, you don't absolutely need a cop but it makes it faster. From the top of the bridge, sprint to the other end just past the police station (or until you see the "high speed" multiplier) then hit the e-brake to do a 180 (try not to over turn for more) and turn around (so you get a "drifting" multiplier). Come to a complete stop so you can start to get another 0-60 multiplier and speed off back to the bridge until you see another "high speed" multiplier then e-brake back around, get the drifting multiplier again, rinse and repeat over and over. Btw, most of these points come from the 0-60 multiplier so get it when you can!

    EDIT: Thank you TONI III04 for this tip. If you want another multiplier, go for the "Perfect Nitrous" multiplier. This is best done with either the nos tuning set to full power or having a low capacity tank (or both options)
    I didn't think of this cause when I did this I had a lot of duration on mine and it didn't drain by the time I needed to turn around so make sure you don't have a long Nos duration for this like I did.

    With a cop you can get even more multiplier to help and possibly keep the score from ending and if you can get any near misses, go for it! But don't hit civilian cars or they will just be obstacles in the way. From my experience, you can hit a cop as fast as you can go and you wont crash so smash them if you want to for another multiplier if you want. Keep this up and do it right and you'll be getting at least 100k in 3 minutes easily.

    If you start getting a lot of cops like, lets say.. 5+ and they block the road a lot, run for it and come back later, you don't want to get busted or the fines will be pretty hefty but if you escape then that's money for you to get.

    For me, I used a maxed out GTR Premium with extreme grip tires but had tuning around 30% to the left for a bit of drift. This car (at least mine) has 1233hp and 0-60 in 1.67s, but you can use whatever as long as you have a fast car.

    By the time I needed to grind to 70, I was rep level 55 or so and had already done all events, so this can be waited on for awhile, while you go through the story and you'll get good cars by then anyways so money wouldn't be bad. Don't forget to do dailies!

    This is a little clip I made to kind of give an idea of what i'm talking about, plus some people prefer video (this is my first guide btw)
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    LuckyKantGetting around 80k in 5 minutes
    Posted by LuckyKant on 18 Oct 16 at 19:58
    ItsJustAChazeThat's still good, although I did notice when I did it again that the scores were slower. Maybe they changed how many points you get for stuff.
    Posted by ItsJustAChaze on 19 Oct 16 at 03:57
    LuckyKantSeems like it. There were many people doing the same thing, so it must be working. Boring though so I think I will spread it out over a few days. Probably 30 minutes per day, alongside daily challenges. Thanks for the comments, +1.
    Posted by LuckyKant on 19 Oct 16 at 04:01
  • AlafSCAlafSC131,097
    Today Today
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    Creio que uma das formas mais rápido é ficar dando a ré cn_LT e virando totalmente para a direita ou a esquerda cn_LSl cn_LSr . Tem que ser um lugar bem aberto e com um carro especifico (F132) O ultimo carro na loja. Você consegue muito pontos assim. Estou tentando upar desta forma. Eu gosto de chamar a policia e fazer o que eu falei a cima, da ainda mais.
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