One Man Army achievement in GTA 4

One Man Army

Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level.

One Man Army+0.1
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How to unlock the One Man Army achievement

  • NaronzNaronz20,210
    03 Nov 2008 03 Nov 2008 15 Jun 2013
    114 13 20
    So basically I had already finished the game when I did this achievement and I couldn't get any idea of how to do it. So I stole a helicopter, from anywhere in the game and landed it outside a net cafe, then I went inside and logged into a computer, and entered "" as a URL to get an instant five star wanted level as a pedophile. After that I ran out and got into the chopper and got some altitude. When your safe from the shots, dial "2675550150" on the cell phone, that should get you 1 more wanted star level, after that just run around with the chopper until the achievement pops out.

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    Dfaultz vHist popped after about 9min strange but thumbs up on this
    Posted by Dfaultz v on 07 Jun 20 at 16:30
    simuxas123If you use cheats before that, you could not get that achievement.
    Posted by simuxas123 on 18 Nov 20 at 13:41
    BuffleBison5104i just took a helicopter to the third island while it was still locked and got 6 stars, then just flew over water and waited and sometimes moved if a army chopper was coming too close. Very easy this way and no cheats needed.
    Posted by BuffleBison5104 on 06 Jun 21 at 21:20
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  • RedCoIaRedCoIa210,737
    30 Mar 2009 21 Jun 2010 06 Dec 2016
    101 2 19
    Quick and easy way:

    Go into an apartment, which has only a lift as an entrance (e. g. the one in Alconquiun or the Playboy X' mansion). Then dial "267-555-0150" on your cell phone and repeat that until you raised your wanted level to six stars.

    Stay 5 Minutes in the apartment and ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!
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    Mb Crunch24Still works just got it 10-2-18
    Posted by Mb Crunch24 on 02 Oct 18 at 23:21
    EthigyGreat solution. Made this achievement a joke.
    Posted by Ethigy on 02 Nov 18 at 03:06
    TomEternalGreat solution. Works fine September 17 2021.
    Posted by TomEternal on 17 Sep 21 at 04:59
  • AndroidOdnetninAndroidOdnetnin1,094,505
    28 Jul 2008 04 Nov 2008 09 Mar 2012
    53 9 9
    I used this method of attack when I was playing GTAIV to get both "One Man Army" and "Walk Free".

    *Edit: March 9, 2012 - The video that I used has been set to private. I found another copy of the video though. Re-posted.
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    LanEvoIXWorked perfectly, thanks!
    Posted by LanEvoIX on 29 Apr 12 at 20:40
    Itzz Sh0wt1m3i can't get the sixth star!
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 26 Sep 12 at 17:56
    HedganianThe solution should mention that this method only works before the second island is unlocked - otherwise driving down the subway tunnel doesn't give you any stars.
    Posted by Hedganian on 22 Apr 17 at 20:39
  • hard eurohard euro107,056
    21 Jul 2008 21 Aug 2008
    43 3 5

    After leaving Little Jacob down in a helicopter to end a mission, fly directly over the third island, causing you to get a 6-Star wanted rating. Hold the RT fully down and the LS fully forward to achieve top speed, and just continue to fly over the sea for 5 minutes.
    I was not shot at once, and could see no police helicopters on my on-screen map after a minute or so.
  • At Your ThroatAt Your Throat67,408
    19 Aug 2009 19 Sep 2009
    33 1 2
    Heres my solution: Its a little difficult if your a novice with the weapons and grenades but it was by far the most fun I had in any achievment for GTAIV

    Need: Max Health and Body Armor, M16(Max Ammo)
    Max Grenades, Max Sniper Ammo, SMG(Just in case),Helicopter frm Helitours.

    Flying from the Helitours Pads to Algonquin you will see a grey building that is tall but not a hugh scyscrapers so you will still be able to see people on the ground. This building should be next to two taller skycrapers

    Land on it, get out & call the police. When they come head shot them both with the sniper rifle. Then one at a time pick off some citizens until more cops come and shoot the cops( killing cops make the stars go up faster...I think)

    Then the helicopters should arrive. ( this is where the fun begins) The coppers will start high up and work there way down the side of the taller buildings. Pull out the snipers and shot the PILOT---Watch them go down and you just killed two swat. In between choppers just lob some grenades over to the cops below and your six stars should arrive. If you run out of sniper ammo, pull out the Assult Riffle and spray the helicopter gunner.

    Repeat this method for your achievment.

    Keep on Gaming.
  • easyleneasylen34,283
    09 Jan 2010 09 Jan 2010
    34 3 3
    the way i did it was i went to the helipads at Fisherman South. I then stole a tour helicopter and went to the locked island. this gave me instant 6-stars. I then went flying for 5 mins looking at the tourist attractions :)
  • DigiGizmoDigiGizmo125,593
    11 Sep 2009 24 Sep 2009
    35 4 0
    early in the game b4 unlocking the other parts of the city, you can access the railroad that lead's under the blocked bridges, though they are only blocked by police on the road acces.
    stick under the bridge for 5 minutes to get this achievement.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    37 7 1
    Go the the heli-tours and steal a helicopter before unlocking the third island. Fly over it for 5 minutes (make sure your not being shot) and the achievement will unlock.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    30 1 0
    Simple, before unlocking Alderney get a helicopter, easiest place is from the helitours at the bottom corner of Algonquin, and fly to Alderney. Once you have the 6 stars required make a beeline for either PlayBoyXs' old penthouse sweet or the apartment that Roman gives you with the elevator. By far the easiest would be PlayBoyXs' house because you can land on the roof and have no trouble getting inside. Then just hang around for 5 minutes. Easy As.
  • Solamon77Solamon77147,398
    21 Aug 2010 21 Aug 2010 21 Aug 2010
    29 1 1
    All these solutions are too difficult. Here is the easiest way possible.

    *Go stand by the entrance to a subway tunnel
    *shoot someone to get a wanted level
    *run into the subway and onto the tracks, cops won't follow if you keep running (at least they didn't for me. If there is a cop on the station, it will only be a few so kill them)
    *follow the tracks to the area between stations
    *enter this code into your cell phone to increase your wanted level:
    2675550150 (Don't worry, it won't disable any achievements)
    *Enter it again and again until you have a six star level.
    *Stand around and wait for the achievement to pop.
  • D13G0 M4ND13G0 M4N58,830
    27 Oct 2009 28 Oct 2009 28 Oct 2009
    36 8 1
    The FASTEST and EASIEST way (you can do it in a new game right away)... see video

    You can try it the hard way also, with a lot of ammo, armor, and skills... I dont know which one you like most... you have the 2 options
  • Bloodie KnuXBloodie KnuX420,187
    19 Jul 2009 06 Aug 2009
    30 3 0
    this is an easy achievement to get in the beginning of the game after you get to the apartment with Roman, leave and go to the river dividing Broker and Algonquin, find a speed boat and go to Algonquin to get an instant 6 star rating then there is a 'lil island in the middle, the helicopters will have trouble shooting you and the cops in the boats will keep spawning way behind you so just go five minutes in circles around that island until the achievement pops up, then you can easily escape the six stars b keep going fast with the cops spawning they won't be able to catch you fast enough, and the choppers will be confused so you get away clean easy peasy
  • Psycho Joe 1Psycho Joe 150,223
    16 Apr 2009 16 Apr 2009
    30 3 0
    If you have unlocked all the islands (like I had before attempting this), then use this solution:

    Buy yourself quite a few sub-machine gun rounds. Then, ring for a police car, and when it arrives, shoot both officers inside. This should give you a 3-star rating.

    Now, get in the dead officers' car, and drive around in a small area whilst firing your sub-machine gun out of your window at other police cars and officers, and eventually the cars will begin to blow up. By now, you should have a 5-star rating.

    Now the SWAT team gets involved. Abandon your police car and steal one of their seemingly bullet-proof trucks to continue your rampage with your sub-machine gun. In no time, you should have you 6-star rating, and since you're in one of the toughest vehicles in the game, all you have to do is drive around in it for 5 minutes to get this achievement.
  • RyankeltyRyankelty25,329
    03 Apr 2010 29 Jun 2010
    26 2 0

    Ok very easy you need two cheats so if you dont want to use cheats to get your 100%. Just start a new game do I LUV LC mission then spawn a APC (272-555-8265) and then go around blowing everything up and when your on fire use the health cheat (362-555-0100) its very fun this way
  • Thunder HawxThunder Hawx51,652
    18 May 2009 01 Jun 2009
    29 5 0

    if you choose to kill playboy go inside the house go out onto the balcony and go on a killing on the road down soon youll build a 6star wanted level once you do just sit inside your house for 5 minutes and youll have the achivement.
  • Gigi142Gigi14246,901
    03 Dec 2010 15 Dec 2010
    25 2 1
    Land a helicopter on happiness island before you unlock the island. You'll automatically get a 6 star wanted level, then kill the cops on the island, and go inside where the statue's located on top, stay the for five mins and achievement unlocked.

    I have about 3 ways of unlocking this achievement. Another way to unlock it is, at the beginning of the game go the bridge with the train track under it. Try to get a car or motorcycle on to the track, if you can't do that just jump on. Travel underground to another island to get a 6 star wanted level, stay out of sight and you'll get the achvmnt.This is about the best and fastest way to get this achvmnt.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    23 1 0
    Go across the street from the hospital near albany avenue. Head down the alleyway. on your left there are usually two cops talking kill them. you now have a beautiful wanted rating. run further down the alleyway until you come to the stairs. Do not go up the stairss instead head past them and hide behind the dumpsters. At your back is a building so there is no danger of someone attacking from behind you, the stairs give some decent cover. The alley is very narrow so you're safe from the air, any chopper that makes an attempt usually crashes.Ahead of you on are the stairs on one side and a building on the other this provides a very narrow area of attack for the cops and a perfect super awesome funnel off death for your machine gun. now that you're dug in all you have to do is mow down the stupid fools who run int your LOS. You're pretty much invulnerable as long as you don't leave them past the gap between the stairs and the building and even then blindfiring with an smg discombobulates whatever is running towards you. Using this method makes 5 mins seem like a cakewalk. In fact if you go in fully stocked on everything you can last hours. i clocked three once although i used the weapon cheat since i already had the achievement. another good spot is to hide at the end of the corridor in the hospital in broker using the same method or to hold out on the top floor of those weird tower yokes in the park in dukes, blowing away whatever comes up the ladder
  • MAGNUS 7000MAGNUS 700079,549
    28 Oct 2009 06 Nov 2009
    25 4 0
    I just jacked a helicopter, landed it on a small roof near time square, lobbed nades and shot cops till I got 6 stars. Wait 4 5 min and boom u got it. They cant shoot u from there.
  • KirkSadlerKirkSadler309,033
    29 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011
    20 2 0
    I easily got this near the beginning of the game running down the subway line underneath Algonquin (before it is unlocked). You will immediately get a Level 6 Star rating. Keep going forward until you are completely underground (so the choppers can't shoot at you) and wait for five minutes.
  • Tenatius BTenatius B96,011
    17 Nov 2011 17 Nov 2011
    18 1 0
    The easiest way to do this achievement is to get a helicopter (there are always choppers at the chopper tour place) an fly to an island you haven't unlocked yet. Then simply fly around for 5 minutes. It should pop right as it ticks over 5 minutes.
  • A Krayt DragonA Krayt Dragon161,968
    03 Jul 2011 04 Jul 2011
    18 1 0
    There's an extremely easy way to do this. Early in the game (I did this right after Roman asked me to go to a Strip Club with him for the first time), go to the airport on the main island and steal a helicopter. Then, just fly in a circle around all of the islands for 5 minutes and voila, you've got your cheevo.
    16 Sep 2010 10 Aug 2011 22 Jan 2016
    19 3 0
    This is how I got it, it'a not my video, all credit goes to xd3vilzm0f0x.

    ps: It's best to get this at the start of the game as you won't have unlocked the island.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    18 3 0
    There are two easyish ways to get this, both require you to not have all the islands unlocked. One way is get in a helicopter and fly around on the locked island and just stay high off the ground for 5 minutes. The other is go to one of the locked bridges and hide under it. There are many bridges that this works on so find one that you can get yourslef into tight corner and still be hidden from the helicopter, and just chill there.
  • UndyingPruneUndyingPrune231,964
    01 Oct 2010 01 Apr 2010 17 Dec 2010
    20 5 0
    what i did was spawn a jetmax since it won't block any achievements and then just cruise along the map just be carefull not to lose your'e wanted level and don't get shot to much. WARNING!! : this only works when you dont have all the islands unlocked!!
  • SPEEDY85 PLSPEEDY85 PL619,148
    18 Mar 2010 19 Mar 2010 05 Sep 2012
    19 6 0
    Easiest way for get this achievement is get Bodyarmor, Assault rifle , sniper rifle. Afterwards take taxi to Northern Gardens (near subway) enter in tunnel, kill cops until get 6 stars. When done just peacefully wait 5 min to get the achievement.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    20 7 0

    Complete All Of Brucies Missions and Wait Until He Asks To Go and Do Something (e.g. See A Show or Drinking).

    After This Youve Unlocked Chopper Ride. Take Him To A Locked Island and You Will Get 6 Star. After This Just Drive Him To The Spot He Wanted To Go and Take Him Home.

    Once You Take Him Home Your Star Level Goes.
  • matdanmatdan803,957
    12 Apr 2013 12 Apr 2013
    11 0 2
    More fun way and easy is to get a taxi then go to the Clucking bell near the area in game that looks like Times square. Should be middle island there will be a slanted street this is where it is.
    Now after jacking the taxi that got you there drive into the building and park the taxi at an angle now go through the swing doors in front. Kill the workers to get a wanted level.

    Having max ammo and armor as well as health beforehand is essential for survival from here on out. You can hide behind the counter and blindfire headshot the incoming cops to get a 6 star rating eventually. They will instinctively camp in the doorway and car wreck from the frags you have likely thrown. Occasionally a cop may sneak past to the left of the counter you will take only a little damage from these unless shotguns in which case blindfire. Frag the doorway every now and then you should have a few to kill the groups of cops. Reposition to site the doorway to push them outside this should make the last minutes go by quickly. Should get this quickly after.

    This solution is in mind for people who completed Liberty City Minute and are dusting off the rest of the game. Also the most fun way to do this rather then sitting still for 5 minutes.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    8 0 0
    For all the people who mentioned helicopters, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Under The Radar achievement yet.

    Once you get to Algonquin (the central island), you can legitimately access helicopters - either by stealing them from the helicopter tours, or by having Brucie ask you if you want to go on a helicopter ride (if you have done all his missions, he should call you shortly after you went to Algonquin for the first time).

    While you still can't get to the last island, you can get a six star wanted level just by hovering too close to the blocked island. But instead of hiding, going to a safe house, or flying around for sic minutes, why not put that time into getting another achievement?

    If you haven't started to work at the Under The Radar achievement yet, it should easily take you six minutes to fly under all the bridges. Just remember not to hoover too long in the same place, lest the choppers start firing away at you.

    I actually got this achievement by accident while going for the Under The Radar achievement. Once I saw my wanted level rise to six, I figured 'why not?' and kept on going from bridge to bridge, occasionally dodging helicopter fire. I did this on Brucie's helicopter ride so without guns, shouldn't be too hard.
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