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You Got The Message

Deliver all 30 cars ordered through text message.

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How to unlock the You Got The Message achievement

  • The Milk Man 09The Milk Man 09130,513
    08 May 2008 15 Feb 2009 28 Jan 2011
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    Here is a link to a map I made a while ago after you get the texts this is where you can find the cars, then take them to the unlabeled green dot on the map that is the garage on bohan. After that go save and after sleeping you should receive another text. You can break the windows on the car and it still counts as good condition.

    External image

    The map is larger if you go to the comments and click the link.

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    mast3r 0r0m1sSorry for the double, but if you want to see how many cars you have so far, Stats - Score - 2nd from bottom.
    Posted by mast3r 0r0m1s on 26 Oct 13 at 19:43
    Lukaztroi down voted because the the guide lacks information on how to get this achievement started. great map; but in order to be a great guide, it should have all necessary stipulations for initiating the achievement.
    Posted by Lukaztro on 08 Oct 15 at 23:42
    Dragonborn GearI must admit, this is not a thorough guide. To clarify, the cars are NEVER located as a destination on your map. The garage you have to take it to is in the top right island next to the Safe house labeled "Garage" and is otherwise never listed as a destination after you obtain the car. I waited to start this until after I completed the main missions and Brucie's car thefts (Neither are necessary to 100% before starting this). I scrolled through my messages on my phone to find Stevie's name, which had the name of the car I had to find, then I used the map in this guide to find each one. As the guide states, you might as well just sleep after each car at the nearby safe house to get the next text.
    Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 10 Mar 16 at 00:14
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  • Juanblue85Juanblue8583,225
    14 Aug 2009 12 Aug 2009 25 Jan 2018
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    Here is a website that provides a map that can be enlarge to find the location of the vehicles Stevie tells you to get.
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    EarthboundXLink is now dead.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 23 Feb 17 at 06:35
    Juanblue85Thanks, I have provided a new link to the wiki site that gives even better info than what I previously posted. Its been a long time I guess I should have made sure to screencap the map while it was available at the time.
    Posted by Juanblue85 on 25 Jan 18 at 21:40
    InterracialVery useful link, thank you for sharing!
    Posted by Interracial on 24 Dec 19 at 09:21
  • Octobot SuperOctobot Super301,897
    03 Aug 2012 29 Jul 2012 01 Aug 2012
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    This solution is adapted from my GTAIV guide. Hence any similarities.

    You will have access to the Car Theft Missions (not to be confused with Brucie's Exotic Export Missions) after you complete Smackdown for Derrick McReary. This mission occurs about 3/4 of the way through the main story missions. Also make sure you have completed No. 1 for Brucie to be introduced to Stevie.

    • You will receive your "contracts" through text messages, rather than email. You'll get one text message at a time, and you don't need to do anything special to accept the mission like you did with Brucie.

    • There are 30 cars to steal now, rather than 10. Thirty cars takes a long time, and may get tedious. It might be nice to save some other missions to do in case these get boring.

    • The text message only contains a vague location of the car Stevie wants, along with a picture that should give you some visual clues of where the desired vehicle is. You won't get a blip on your radar.

    • The car will only appear after you read the text. This has some interesting consequences. You can actually look at the empty spot where the car will appear, read the text message, and watch the car appear like magic.

    • Sometimes (especially if you take a taxi to the destination), the car won't appear, even after reading the text. To fix this, just drive a few blocks down the road, and come back. The missing vehicle should have appeared.

    • Once you get the correct car, some text should appear on the screen telling you that it's the car Stevie wants.

    • Breaking a window to get into the car doesn't decrease the value for some reason, so don't worry about that.

    • The missions are less random. Though you'll receive the texts in varying order, the same vehicles will always be in the same places. Thus it is best to use the following alphabetical list to find which island your car is on and then reference the correct map.

    • You must wait a bit after delivering a car before you get another text message from Stevie. If you'd like to speed things up, just sleep in between thefts.

    • After delivering all 30 cars, you can continue to deliver cars for cash, a great way to earn money in a pinch.

    • The drop off point for the vehicles is in a garage on Bohan, no matter what island you jack the car from. Some of the vehicles will be particularly hard to get to the garage without dinging them up a little! Fortunately, if you want to receive full payment for all of the vehicles, you can use a Pay 'N' Spray and / or Car Wash to get the vehicle in top condition before bringing it over.

    Alphabetical List of Cars

    Car Name - Location - Max Value

    Banshee - Algonquin (3) - $26,400
    Bobcat - Dukes / Broker (8) - $8250
    Buccaneer - Bohan (2) - $5940
    Cavalcade - Alderney (2) - $23,100
    Cognoscenti - Alderney (3) - $29,700
    Comet - Algonquin (4) - $19,800
    Contender - Dukes / Broker (5) - $8250
    Coquette - Algonquin (6) - $13,530
    DF8-90 - Dukes / Broker (11) - $5940
    Dilettante - Dukes / Broker (4) - $6600
    Dukes - Algonquin (1) - $7260
    Faggio - Algonquin (7) - $2310
    Freeway - Dukes / Broker (7) - $6600
    Huntley Sport - Bohan (1) - $13,200
    Infernus - Dukes / Broker (10) - $33,000
    Intruder - Dukes / Broker (9) - $8250
    Manana - Dukes / Broker (6) - $3960
    Moonbeam - Charge Island (1) - $7260
    NRG 900 - Algonquin (2) - $8250
    Patriot - Algonquin (10) - $16,500
    PMP 600 - Algonquin (9) - $10,560
    Rancher - Alderney (6) - $8250
    Rebla - Algonquin (5) - $11,550
    Sabre GT - Dukes / Broker (1) - $8250
    Sentinel - Alderney (4) - $8250
    Sultan - Alderney (5) - $11,550
    SuperGT - Algonquin (8) - $36,300
    Turismo - Alderney (1) - $36,300
    Voodoo - Dukes / Broker (3) - $6600
    Washington - Dukes / Broker (2) - $7260

    Dukes and Broker
    Charge Island

    Detailed descriptions:

    Dukes and Broker

    1. Sabre GT - Meadows Park
    The green and yellow Sabre GT should be easy to find, even without the help of a map. The towers in the background should give the location away. Anyway, it's sitting in the driveway in front of the garage. There's an alarm, but it shouldn't attract any attention.

    2. Washington - Steinway
    The Washington is across the street from the in-ground pool mentioned in the text message. There's no alarm.

    3. Voodoo - East Island City
    The Voodoo is parked in front of the very tall LC24 building. The area is quite thick with cops, so you may have to wait a while before stealing it, unless you plan on just outrunning them.

    4 Dilettante - Willis
    The Dilettante is actually NOT in front of the theater at all, as the text message would have you believe. Head north from the theater and take the first road on your left. You should see the brown Dilettante parked here. Wait for any cops to leave, and grab the car. There's no alarm.

    5. Contender - BOABO
    The Contender, a pickup truck, sits just inside the gates of this warehouse area. No alarm.

    6. Manana - Cerveza Heights
    The Manana is sitting in a parking lot south of the abandoned Burger Shot. No alarm.

    7. Freeway - Willis
    The Freeway is right in front of the Wash 'N' Lube, no alarm, and you shouldn't have any trouble.

    8. Bobcat - Francis International Airport
    This lonely Bobcat sits on the top floor of the three story parking garage. Shouldn't be hard to find (or to steal) at all. Wait for the alarm to die before leaving, since the airport is swarming with cops.

    9. Intruder - Rotterdam Hill
    The Intruder bides its time next to a hot dog vendor. No alarm.

    10. Infernus - Downtown
    The Infernus is parked on the curb in front of the Pizza / Salad restaurant. Just like Stevie suggests, it sticks out like a sore thumb. There is an alarm and plenty of heat in the area, so take some care with this theft, especially considering the potential value of the car.

    11. DF8-90 - Hove Beach
    The DF8-90 is sitting in a roped-in parking lot. No alarm.


    1. Huntley Sport - Northern Gardens
    The Huntley Sport is located right in the parking lot of the police station. I suppose it's possible to wait until no cops are looking, but I found it easier to just grab the thing and high tail it out of there. The Huntley Sport is worth a lot of money, so you may want to fix it up before taking it to Stevie if it's badly damaged.

    2. Buccaneer - Industrial District
    The Buccaneer is sitting on an inconspicuous corner, just off the road. There is an alarm, so wait until any cops clear out.

    Charge Island

    1. Moonbeam
    In a parking lot north of the northernmost cluster of tanks on the island. There is no alarm, and it's very easy to jack this car without attracting any attention whatsoever.


    1. Dukes - East Holland
    The Dukes is an easy grab, sitting in front of Ned's Drugstore. Part of the engine is sticking out of the hood, if that helps.

    2. NRG 900 - Lancaster
    The much loved NRG 900 is parked right in front of the Derriere, and there is no alarm to worry about.

    3. Banshee - Middle Park West
    The Banshee is located a block west of the southwest corner of Middle Park. There's no alarm, and this is a surprisingly easy grab.

    4 Comet - Westminster
    The Comet sits in the large parking lot north of the Burger Shot. In fact, it may very well be the only car there! It's a tough steal. Though you aren't close to the road, the alarm will sound and any police in the area will be very interested. Luckily, there's a Pay 'N' Spray just down the street, if you need it.

    5. Rebla - The Triangle
    The Rebla is parked right in front of Fanny Crabs, as the text suggests. There's an alarm.

    6. Coquette - Suffolk
    The Coquette is easy to spot, just sitting in front of the church (which itself is easy to spot). There's an alarm, of course.

    7. Faggio - Chinatown
    The lonely Faggio is in front of MK Restaurant (with the yellow and orange lettering). There's no alarm, of course, but you may want to look around for police anyway. Chinatown is pretty crowded.

    8. SuperGT - Chinatown
    The SuperGT is right across the street from the 69 Exchange building. Curiously, it is parked the wrong way on a one way street. There's an alarm.

    9. PMP 600 - The Exchange
    The PMP 600 sits peacefully in an alley, just big enough to accommodate. There's an alarm, but you're in a relatively covered area, so break in with confidence.

    10. Patriot - Castle Gardens
    The gaudy, bright yellow Patriot is parked near the two connected towers, right in front of a hot dog stand. There's an alarm and lots of cops about, and you're quite a ways away from the garage. Be extra cautious with this particular theft.


    1. Turismo - Westdyke
    The Turismo is parked in front of a very large mansion, in the driveway off to the right. There's an alarm, but no one should bother you if you stick around in the driveway until it dies down.

    2. Cavalcade - Westdyke
    The Cavalcade is an SUV type vehicle with no alarm, sitting in a dark driveway. It shouldn't give you trouble except for maybe the long drive.

    3. Cognoscenti - Alderney City
    The Cognoscenti is sitting in a rundown alley. There's an alarm, but you should be fairly safe to just grab the thing and speed off.

    4. Sentinel - Normandy
    The Sentinel sits just south of the northernmost row of tanks in a parking lot. It's a quiet area, but there is an alarm, so you should hang around until it dies.

    5. Sultan - Berchem
    The Sultan is parked on the west side of the street at the end of a driveway, diagonally in front of a garage. There's an alarm, but you should be safe if you wait it out in the driveway.

    6. Rancher - Port Tudor
    The Rancher truck is parked in the parking lot of the southern warehouse. No alarm, no cops, no problem (usually).
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    Barn3yXBOXSuper helpful, thank you :)
    Posted by Barn3yXBOX on 10 Mar 19 at 08:38
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