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Liberty City (5)

After meeting all possible friends, the ones left alive all like you above 90%.

Liberty City (5)0
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How to unlock the Liberty City (5) achievement

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    [please Note: Solution contains SPOILERS!]

    Liberty City (5)

    (5) Referring to :
    -1-Roman (Unless you let him die)
    -2-Little Jacob
    -5- Yourself
    (-6- Dwayne if he is still alive)

    So in the best case scenario (for this achievement), both Roman and Dwayne are sleeping with the fishes.

    These are the 5 friends you should get above 90% at any point throughout the game.(minus yourself off course) Once you got a friend above 90% the game will register it as such and you can neglect visiting this friend from now on unless you wish to keep their special abilities ( Those will disappear when your friends like % level decreases to much).

    You don't have to get them higher than 90% at the same time and you can do this before the ending of the game after you've met all the friends i have listed above.

    [Kate problem]
    Kate is not needed for the achievement but i will squeeze this in here regardless:
    SPOILER:At the ending of the game you have to decide if you want to make the choice for money or revenge. If you happen to pick the choice to go for the money Roman will die and kate will survive. Kate will be incredibly disappointed in you and will refuse to pick up the phone. You should recieve a call from her after the first time you saved after completing the game. She tells you to give her a call if you want to hang out.

    [Dwayne Problem]
    Assuming that you've kept Dwayne alive you may run in to some problems regarding getting in contact with him because he doesn't anwser his cell phone after the mission where you had to decide whether or not to kill him. Go find a computer and check your email. Read all your mails and make a positive reply to the ones you have recieved from Dwayne. From that moment forward you can spam dwayne with phonecalls, eventually he will anwser them and you can start hanging out with him.

    [Additional friend problems]
    Friends may have a hang over, may be asleep , are watching america's next top hooker or are butthurt because you didn't give them a call in the last 10 years.You will lose respect when you get a response like this. Aside from when they are asleep you should just drive a couple of blocks away from the position were you orginally called them and call them again, they are usually much more cooperative then.

    [Wake up times and interests]
    Your friends all sleep at specific times and all like certain ways of spending time together more than others. I will list them below

    Roman: [Roman doesn't sleep <--that explains a lot] and he also doesn't care where you take him

    Little Jacob:He is awake from 2PM to 4AM. He likes: Darts , Drinking, Eating , Pool, Show , Stripclubs

    Brucie: awake from 7 AM to 1AM, he likes Boating ,Bowling, Drinking, Eating, HeliRides, Show , Strip Club

    Dwayne: Awake from 11AM to 3AM, he likes Bowling ,Drinking,Eating, Show, Strip Club

    Packie: 3PM- 6AM, he likes : Bowling, Darts,Drinking, Pool, Show, Strip Club

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    HTK PsychoWorks with just 3 I did it just with Jacob, Packie and Brucie so as the post says kill Roman and Dwayne makes it much easier shame I killed Roman before getting his ability gotta go back through for that now was to busy rushing for the 30 hours
    Posted by HTK Psycho on 24 Nov 13 at 00:04
    If you are having problems contacting Dwayne then all you need to do is reply to his email at any internet cafe. Then save your game about 10 to 15 times this will pass by two or three days game time, Then you will get a call from him. He will ask you if you want to go get some food or one of the other things he likes to do. Now he is you friend and you can call him between the times 11.00am-3.00am 18hours. I hope this helps.
    Posted by Vito084 on 15 Dec 13 at 21:38
    LoneSt4r1836Big thanks for the solution to the Dwayne problem. Worked perfectly.
    Posted by LoneSt4r1836 on 17 Mar 14 at 18:54
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    Your Possible Friends are:

    Name: Roman Bellic
    Is awake: 24 hours a day
    Favorite Activities: Bowling, Darts, Drinking, Eating, Pool, Show, and Strip Club
    Eating Preferences: Favorite restaurant is Burger Shot. Early in the game when you're poor, he'll eat anywhere, as you progress through the game, he prefers only high class restaurants.
    Nightspot Preference: Anywhere

    Name: Little Jacob
    Is awake: 1pm until 4am
    Favorite Activities: Darts, Drinking, Eating, Pool, Show, and Strip Club
    Eating Preferences: Cluckin' Bell, but he also likes any other fast food restaurants as well.
    Nightspot Preference: Club Liberty

    Name: Brucie
    Is awake: 7am until 1am
    Favorite Activities: Boating, Bowling, Drinking, Eating, Helicopter Rides, Show, and Strip Club
    Eating Preferences: As high class as possible, does not like fast/greasy food.
    Nightspot Preference: Any high class establishment.

    Name: Dwayne Forge
    Is awake: 11am until 3am
    Favorite Activities: Bowling, Drinking, Eating, Show, and Strip Club
    Eating Preferences: Cluckin' Bell, or high class restaurants
    Nightspot Preference: Club Liberty

    Name: Patrick (Packie) McReary
    Is awake: 3pm until 6am
    Favorite Activities: Bowling, Darts, Drinking, Pool, Show, and Strip Club
    Eating Preferences: Burger Shot, Pizza Stack, and Pang
    Nightspot Preference: Donnie's Bar

    You can check your progress:
    Start--> Stats--> General--> Roman Like
    Start--> Stats--> General--> Jacob Like
    Start--> Stats--> General--> Brucie Like
    Start--> Stats--> General--> Dwayne Like
    Start--> Stats--> General--> Packie Like

    **Can be done after completing story mode**

    In the course of the game, you can choose certain paths that may kill one or more "friends." If that happens, it's ok, as the achievement says, only the ones left alive must like you over 90%.

    I didnt write this i only posted it here from to help you all out some :)

    Guide By: Khaos, pashos18 at
  • IAmThatchIAmThatch#8279569,677
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    A piece of advice from someone in the middle of getting this achievement: Don't just keep doing the same things with people. The more times you consecutively do something with the same person the less of an increase you will receive in the percentage increase. In time they'll just tell you they don't want to do that particular activity.
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