Key To The City achievement in GTA 4

Key To The City

Achieve 100% in "Game progress" statistic.

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How to unlock the Key To The City achievement

  • sadelacksadelack54,433
    05 Jun 2009 04 May 2009 04 May 2009
    182 8 42
    this here link is better

    it has a great, organised online checklist to get this ridiculous achievement--you can get all the info there instead of spending $20 on a guide. And you can track it all online with a password account--no printouts necessary.

    CAUTION: i didnt realize til 1/2 way thru exactly what was required for this, and burned a bunch of hours because I missed a stranger early on.

    ONE OPTION: first playthru strictly for fun, because its a great story. dont bother trying to get the collector achieves, because you'll have to do them again in the "Key" runthru.
    Be smart and do Key to the City and the Liberty City Minute in the second (or first) run-thru in 20 or less hours.
    I found the jumps very hard to find and to execute even with maps and walkthroughs, so be sure to save before making each jump attempt--sometimes you have to find a specific bike or car on each attempt, and that can really suck up the clock.

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    lllSTIFFLERlllim sttuck at 96.33% done all random people done all 50 stunt jumps done the 200 rat birds
    finished the stoiry done the 9 races done 30 cars sold to steve done 10 of the imports done
    done 10 drug packages and im pretty sure i have done all friends actiivs and won PLEASE HELP !!!! IM RIPING MY HAIR OUT ms me What am i bloody missing
    Posted by lllSTIFFLERlll on 02 Jan 18 at 18:26
    GodLike499Is there a way to track how many assassination missions you've done on the in-game stats page? I haven't played this game in awhile, and I can't remember if I've done them or not. I've finished the main story, but I haven't heard (or noticed) a phone ringing while running around killing the pidgins.
    Posted by GodLike499 on 16 Oct 19 at 23:42
    kugelblitz22If you are missing a few % (like me 3,33%) do all the friends activites again.
    Redo all of them even if its super annoying, its safer to start from scratch.
    Posted by kugelblitz22 on 01 Aug 20 at 16:46
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  • CompletedJeroenCompletedJeroen64,528
    20 Nov 2010 19 Feb 2011 10 Sep 2011
    80 4 11
    this achievement is really not that hard, as long as you have patience, a little bid of combat skill and as long as you remember everything you've done
    so first of all you want to do the following:

    *beat all story missions (94) these ones require some skill, but arent impossible. you know you are done with this as soon as you get the "You won!" achievement
    Grand Theft Auto IVYou Won!CompletedJeroenThe You Won! achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 97 pointsComplete the final mission.

    *once you are done with this you want to complete all 10 of Little Jacob's courier package jobs. you can start these after the mission Shadow, early in the game. you are done with this as soon as you get the "Courier service" achievement
    Grand Theft Auto IVCourier ServiceCompletedJeroenThe Courier Service achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 21 pointsComplete all 10 package delivery jobs.

    *then you want to start to check your emails from brucie, which you can do after the mission Logging on. he will send you some emails about 10 vehicles he wants to be stolen. if you send him a possitive reaction you will begin the mission. you are done with this as soon as you unlock the "Order Fullfilled" achievement
    Grand Theft Auto IVOrder FulfilledCompletedJeroenThe Order Fulfilled achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 19 pointsComplete all 10 Exotic Export orders.

    *now you should start to check your text messages from Stevie. he'll send you the locations of 30 vehicles he wants to be stolen. check out youtube for the locations. when you steel one of the vehicles the game will tell you and you want to go to your garage in Bohan and park your vehicle in here. you dont have to worry about this once you have the "You Got the Message" achievement
    Grand Theft Auto IVYou Got The MessageCompletedJeroenThe You Got The Message achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 59 pointsDeliver all 30 cars ordered through text message.

    *now we want to look for some police cars. steel one and access the computer. you should go to current crimes and choose one. now you start a mission in which you must kill some criminals. complete 20 crimes and youre done with this and you obtain the "Cleaned the Mean Streets" achievement
    Grand Theft Auto IVCleaned The Mean StreetsCompletedJeroenThe Cleaned The Mean Streets achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 48 pointsCapture 20 criminals through the police computer.

    *now we keep our police car and we're going to look for the most wanted. there will be 10 criminals you want to visite and to shut up. once you are done with the first 10, you should go to the other islands (alderny (west), algonquin (middle) and Bohan/Dukes/Broker (East)) and complete the remaining 20 most wanted missions and you should get the "Manhunt" achievement
    Grand Theft Auto IVManhuntCompletedJeroenThe Manhunt achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 37 pointsComplete the most wanted side missions from the police computer.

    *now we should go to alderny (the left island) and, after you have completed the mission Truck Hustle, there should be an Assassination mission on your map. you will need to complete all 9 missions and you will obtain the "Assassin's Creed" achievement
    Grand Theft Auto IVAssassin's GreedCompletedJeroenThe Assassin's Greed achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 36 pointsComplete all 9 assassin missions.

    *now you should call brucie to do some races. you need to complete at least 9 of them. but you may want to do 11 more so you get the "Genetically Superior" achievement (THIS IS NOT NEEDED FOR THE KEY TO THE CITY ACHIEVEMENT, but if youre going for achievements, why not grab this one on your way)
    Grand Theft Auto IVGenetically SuperiorCompletedJeroenThe Genetically Superior achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 83 pointsCome first in 20 singleplayer street races.

    *the next thing to do is doing all the random character missions. you can find the locations of these on youtube (YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE THE MISSIONS FROM IVAN, CHERISE, CLARENCE AND JEFF) you have met all 10 strangers at least once once you get the "No more Strangers" achievement (BUT YOU'LL NEED TO COMPLETE EVERY MISSION OF THEM)
    Grand Theft Auto IVNo More StrangersCompletedJeroenThe No More Strangers achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 16 pointsMeet all random characters.

    *now you can start to hang out with your friends Brucie, Little Jacob and Packie. call them and complete every activity with these 3 friends at least once (thats about 30 activities) there is no Achievement for this, but you will obtain the "Dial B for bomb", "That's How We Roll!" and "Retail Therapy" achievements when you unlock their special abilities (THIS IS ALSO NEEDED FOR 100%) you may as well hang out with your two other friends (if they are still alive) and grab the "Liberty City (5)" achievement (not needed for 100%)
    Grand Theft Auto IVDial B For BombCompletedJeroenThe Dial B For Bomb achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 22 pointsUnlock the special ability of phoning for a bomb to be placed.

    Grand Theft Auto IVRetail TherapyCompletedJeroenThe Retail Therapy achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 18 pointsUnlock the special ability of buying guns from a friend.

    Grand Theft Auto IVThat's How We Roll!CompletedJeroenThe That's How We Roll! achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 21 pointsUnlock the special ability of helicopter.

    *now we're going to play some games and we must win a FULL game of bowling with a friend, a game of darts and a game of pool which gives you the "Pool Shark" achievement
    Grand Theft Auto IVPool SharkCompletedJeroenThe Pool Shark achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 14 pointsBeat a friend at pool.

    *now you should look for a QUB3D machine (there is one at the strip club in Bohan) and play this mini game. when you beat the high score (11000) you get the "King of QUB3D" achievement
    Grand Theft Auto IVKing of QUB3DCompletedJeroenThe King of QUB3D achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 29 pointsBeat the High Score in QUB3D.

    if you did everything correctly so far, you should have 95%, two more things to do

    *one of the harder things to do is to complete all stunt jumps. find a list of them on youtube and start completing all 50 of them and you'll get the "Dare Devil" achievement
    Grand Theft Auto IVDare DevilCompletedJeroenThe Dare Devil achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 113 pointsComplete 100% of the unique stunt jumps.

    *now the hardest and most boring thing to do: find and eliminate all 200 pigeons. i would really recommend to use the list on youtube from Roosterteeth. killing these pigeons is time wasting and boring and will often get you the cops after your ass, but will give you the "Endangered Species" achievement
    Grand Theft Auto IVEndangered SpeciesCompletedJeroenThe Endangered Species achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 209 pointsCollect every hidden package in the game.

    and then finally you will get the "Key to the City" achievement
    i hope this guide helps :D
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    pezza888Is there anything you HAVE to do before you finish the main story? On other words will I need a new playthrough or can I just continue afterwards?
    Posted by pezza888 on 07 Jan 14 at 19:45
    QuemandanteWould be a lot better if you removed your gamer id from the achievement links so everyone can see which ones are missing. Otherwise amazing guide, thanks a lot! +1
    Posted by Quemandante on 09 Jul 19 at 15:38
    THE GRAND 01I've got all achievements above and nothing.
    (Duh! It unlocked after I completed the last of L. Jacob's missions).
    Posted by THE GRAND 01 on 23 Sep 20 at 19:10
  • No 1 RichyNo 1 Richy359,135
    30 May 2009 30 May 2009
    60 4 2
    If you're serious about this achievement then you should avoid shooting any pigeons during the story phase. It's far easier to pull up a guide and make sure that you shoot them all in numerical order, plus you will know that if you can't find one it's because you haven't looked hard enough yet rather than wonder if that's the one you've already shot, and having only shot 198 or 199 after going the through the guide will infuriate you because it's going to take 5 or 6 hours to check the whole lot again.
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    sadelacki agree--wait till after the story to do all of the collection cheeves, but i think its best to take care of the random strangers during playthru because theyre triggered by the script. i had a lot of fun playing the story and doing all the side quests, but i didnt really know what i had and hadnt done at the end.
    Posted by sadelack on 31 May 09 at 02:41
    SpandiI too did it this way. If you accidentally shoot a bird, be sure to mark in on a map or something.
    Posted by Spandi on 08 Jun 09 at 14:08
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