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Wanted in Grand Theft Auto IV

Wanted153 (20)

Achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer.

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Achievement won on 03 Jul 11
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Posted on 18 March 11 at 23:24, Edited on 01 January 12 at 21:38
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**It seems this does not work on the PC version, if anyone has any further info on that can you please confirm?

08/18/11 - Edit to move the spawn shield info to the beginning and add fisha0505's rubber banding method from the comments.

Ii7z IDaRReNx's solution is pretty good, but with a few tweaks and better description, it gets much better. Shemp's solution definitely gets you the most money per hour, but this method has several benefits over it.

First, find someone with the same version of the DLC as you, i.e. downloaded DLC or EfLC disk. There seems to be an issue with players matching up if they don't have the same version. Some people have said they have had no problems matching up, but most people I know and myself were never able to get it to work.

The concept is the same, TLAD Deathmatch on Happiness Island, 1 sec spawn time, respawn distance near. Instead of powerful weapons, choose sniper rifles. Instead of trading kills, either switch halfway through, or one person spawn kill for a whole match and then switch.

Before entering a TLAD lobby, first load up TBoGT and go into a MP lobby to remove the spawn shield. You only need to enter a lobby, you do not need to actually start a match. You can now exit out of TBoGT and start your TLAD boosting, and you'll be able to kill the other player immediately after they spawn. Please note you only need to do this once per session. If you play multiple matches back to back, you do not need to go into TBoGT for each match, just the first time you load up the game.

If rubber banding, skip this next part as you there are a few adjustments that need to be made for that.

When the game starts, run to the end of the northwest pier. Player 1 is going to stand right on the weapon spawn, player 2 is going to stand on the other side of the pier. Player 1 kills player 2, and where #2 respawns is where he will continuously spawn. Zoom in on the head and stay zoomed, if LT is continuously held down it will always go back to that same spot, even when reloading. Doing this gets you a kill every 2-3 seconds, you have infinite ammo, and will net player 1 $130-$140K in a 1 hour match. Since player 2 is dying and spawning in the same spot, they get the added bonus of picking up their own dropped money when they respawn, getting them approximately $20K per match for doing nothing. This method gets each player around $150-$160K over two 1 hour games.

Rubber banding method:

Thanks to fisha0505 for this awesome addition in the comments. You cannot use the above method with rubber banding as you will run out of ammo rather quickly.

It's important to add that the person doing the killing cannot be the host. The person who will be disconnecting their controller and getting killed must be the host or it does not work.

"For my solution, you will need to follow 2 important things, firstly in your preferences you select auto aim "disallowed", now start the match and have both players meet at the end if the pier, it is important that you do not collect any ammo at this stage, now if there is a security guard at end of pier kill him. It is important for the person going for kills to not collect ammo spawn from pier. Now the only thing left to my secret solution in obtaining infinite ammo is for the person who is being killed to DISCONNECT their controller, now the player who is ranking up can now stand over the ammo spawn point and continue to rubber ban the RT controller. Take a look closely that when you come close to running out of ammo, the game will now allow you to spawn 2 lots of ammo which brings you up to 50 ammunition bullets for you sniper rifle. This is real, try my solution without disconnecting other players controller, the game will not let you max out you gun. I hope my added solution makes you much more happier and allow gamers to rank up quicker"

Again, Shemp's method will get you a higher amount of money per hour, however..

1. While you will get $160K over 2 hours, you are only actively doing anything for 1 hour. While player 1 is killing, player 2 can be watching TV, running errands, sleeping, whatever. It’s $80K per hour of time your XBOX is being used, but $160K per hour of actual time playing the game.

2. Shemp’s method requires some set up time, maybe 10-20 minutes depending on skill level and sometimes luck. While you’ll make very good money over a 2-3 hour session, a 1 hr session won’t net you nearly as much per hour due to the setup time, and 30 minutes is not worth it at all. This method requires an initial 4-5 minutes to turn the spawn shield off and then 1-2 minutes to get into place in each match, that’s it. You will get the same amount per hour over 30 minutes or 2 hours. Several times I’ve felt like making some progress in Wanted but only had 30-45 minutes, making it pointless to attempt Shemp’s method, this gives you a good alternative in that situation.

3. You can rubber band this method, and both players can be doing something else for an hour.

While this doesn’t replace Shemp’s method, it does give you a viable alternative to make some progress if you’re short on time or have other things to do, or just want to switch things up from time to time.

This is my first solution, but I think I’ve explained everything pretty well. If you don’t like it, please tell me how I can improve it instead of just giving a negative vote.
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Chuck Noiado BR
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Chuck Noiado BR
Achievement won on 26 Nov 16
TA Score for this game: 4,082
Posted on 26 November 16 at 15:09
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First of all, pardon my English. I'm Brazilian and I have to use Translator as support, but anyway, let's get down to business!

This method can be considered the most profitable compared to others, however, it requires a little more effort compared to others, I did with a friend (he also secured the achievement with me)
It is done in the mission "Bomb da Base II" and only the Host that must make all the glitch while Player 2 should be of support. (Yes, only 2 players must attend the party)
If everything goes well, the host should have $ 850,000 per game and in less than 1h30min

Before the Mission begins, the following requirements:
Mission Difficulty: Easy
Traffic: Parked
Pedestrians: Off
Online ID Display: Off
Reticule Health: On
Time Of Day: Midday
Weather: Clear

At the beginning of the mission, the Host must pick up his car and go straight to the heliport (at the meeting place for delivery of the Petrovic helicopter) while Player 2 has the objective of capturing the armored car (it can be difficult sometimes The other two cars that cover, but with as much experience as possible, after the capture of the armored car, you follow the instruction of the mission to take to the heliport (if your life is fading, there are two suitcases of The helicopter meeting place).
After the encounter, the Host must take the Helicopter and go to the Ship, but instead of landing on the spot, he must land a little further on the left in a shed (on the roof there are forms of glass triangles) while Player 2 using The armored car should go to Leftwood (island on the left side of the map, above the first bridge), as you exit the helipad, turn left onto the road and follow a ramp leading the bridge, up the ramp, turn left again And after passing it, turn right and left again, turn on the second street on the right and go ahead until you have a motorcycle shop at the front (if you find a motorcycle before arriving at the store, if it is a NGR 900, Otherwise, go to the store). When taking the motorcycle, go back to where you came from, and instead of turning in the heliport, turn left into the street after the heliport, the road will take you to Algonquin Bridge, after crossing the bridge go down the ramp on the left side ( Yes, in the opposite direction of the lane) and turn the first street on the left again, take the hill to the right and follow to the mission site on the ship (but without going to it, wait for the Host to do its part)
On the roof of the shed, the Host must position himself in view of the whole left side of the ship, using his Sniper to kill 6 enemies from the point to the kitchen (the first will stay moving, but the other 5 will be inert). There is a seventh enemy that will appear where you killed the first, do the same as the others. When killing the 7 enemies, take your Helicopter again and land on the end of the Ship carefully (in this case, in front of him), go to the right side and there will be an enemy between boxes, kill him with the Sniper and return to the Left, descend and stand before the ladder that leads from the ground to the ship, once again with your Sniper look ahead and will come 5 enemies coming from the kitchen, kill everyone (being where you are)!
After killing them, start the Glitch part (remembering that everything you've done so far is super essential for the scheme to work), walk a little forward and using your Sniper slowly zoom in to the place where a Sniper Enemy will appear, if he does not appear, slowly move the target up the bridge and slowly descend to the same location, if he does not appear, move your character a little further and repeat the zoom process if the enemy does not continue To appear, go repeating the method. Usually it appears if you move your character after the ladder that takes the ship to the ground. As soon as it appears, kill it and press the RS, hold for 3s, drop and look again at the Sniper location, if it appears your Glitch is functional (otherwise start a new game), the Sniper will appear every time That you kill and press RS.
Player 2, with his bike, must go to the ship to meet the Host (a warning to everyone as soon as they get the bike, DO NOT LEAVE IT, as it will be an essential element for all this to work), when meeting with the Host , Player 2 must exit the bike, leaving the Host mounted on it, and kill all the enemies he sees in front (mainly on the right side of the same Sniper's location), go to the kitchen and kill certain 5 enemies, Host must pilot the bike to the kitchen and enter it (yes, using the bike and without leaving it for nothing in the world).
From there the Player 2 can stand by the quiet kitchen, but without climbing the stairs leading to the rooms and neither go down the stairs that leads to the bomb, just stay there while the Host does the work, on the other hand the Host, using the Your bike should climb the stairs leading to the rooms, be warned that if you fall off the bike during the procedure, you must start a new game because it will not work anymore! When climbing the stairs go to the end of the hall (mounted on the bike), exit and kill the enemies (one will be on the left side and another on the right, so be careful), climb on the bike again and place in the middle of the end of the aisle If there is some disagreement in the middle of the method, if you cover the right side of the corridor, aim for the lamp (slightly to the right next to it), press START change the control from STANDARD to CLASSIC, while In cover (cover button in the Classic is the RT), press RS and repeatedly press the B with each shot, in each shot, an enemy will give respawn, that is, with each shot, 1 kill, each kill, $ 100, And continue until your ammunition is over (warning you to do so, use UZI and ASSAULT only) and warning you to leave 3 bullets from each weapon, otherwise you will not be born with them in the next life! First life, you should make around $ 175,000, when you finish, go back to Standard mode in your control, take your bike and go down the stairs until the Player 2 encounter (which should be near the kitchen door leading out ), Player 2 must ride on the bike while the Host goes to the corner on the other side of the kitchen, spend the remaining ammunition of the uzi and assault firing on the wall and after done, grab your grenade and hold RT to commit suicide , You will be reborn with Uzi and Assault with complete ammunition, regardless of your respawn, you must go to Player 2 to get the bike and then repeat the process of climbing the stairs, always remembering to kill the 2 enemies in each Side, position the bike in the middle of the aisle and changing the control from standard to classic and above all. ALWAYS USE THE MOTORCYCLE TO DESCEND AND UP THE STAIRS, in the event of an error, it will necessarily be a new game (remembering that you have 5 lives , In which case enjoy them to do the whole procedure), after all, you can choose to complete the mission or simply fail that even then you will receive all the money you have raised!

Have fun

If you still have questions in the Guide, this video will help you:

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