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Achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer.

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How to unlock the Wanted achievement

  • MFGodecMFGodec227,635
    03 Jul 2011 18 Mar 2011 01 Jan 2012
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    **It seems this does not work on the PC version, if anyone has any further info on that can you please confirm?

    08/18/11 - Edit to move the spawn shield info to the beginning and add fisha0505's rubber banding method from the comments.

    Ii7z IDaRReNx's solution is pretty good, but with a few tweaks and better description, it gets much better. Shemp's solution definitely gets you the most money per hour, but this method has several benefits over it.

    First, find someone with the same version of the DLC as you, i.e. downloaded DLC or EfLC disk. There seems to be an issue with players matching up if they don't have the same version. Some people have said they have had no problems matching up, but most people I know and myself were never able to get it to work.

    The concept is the same, TLAD Deathmatch on Happiness Island, 1 sec spawn time, respawn distance near. Instead of powerful weapons, choose sniper rifles. Instead of trading kills, either switch halfway through, or one person spawn kill for a whole match and then switch.

    Before entering a TLAD lobby, first load up TBoGT and go into a MP lobby to remove the spawn shield. You only need to enter a lobby, you do not need to actually start a match. You can now exit out of TBoGT and start your TLAD boosting, and you'll be able to kill the other player immediately after they spawn. Please note you only need to do this once per session. If you play multiple matches back to back, you do not need to go into TBoGT for each match, just the first time you load up the game.

    If rubber banding, skip this next part as you there are a few adjustments that need to be made for that.

    When the game starts, run to the end of the northwest pier. Player 1 is going to stand right on the weapon spawn, player 2 is going to stand on the other side of the pier. Player 1 kills player 2, and where #2 respawns is where he will continuously spawn. Zoom in on the head and stay zoomed, if LT is continuously held down it will always go back to that same spot, even when reloading. Doing this gets you a kill every 2-3 seconds, you have infinite ammo, and will net player 1 $130-$140K in a 1 hour match. Since player 2 is dying and spawning in the same spot, they get the added bonus of picking up their own dropped money when they respawn, getting them approximately $20K per match for doing nothing. This method gets each player around $150-$160K over two 1 hour games.

    Rubber banding method:

    Thanks to fisha0505 for this awesome addition in the comments. You cannot use the above method with rubber banding as you will run out of ammo rather quickly.

    It's important to add that the person doing the killing cannot be the host. The person who will be disconnecting their controller and getting killed must be the host or it does not work.

    "For my solution, you will need to follow 2 important things, firstly in your preferences you select auto aim "disallowed", now start the match and have both players meet at the end if the pier, it is important that you do not collect any ammo at this stage, now if there is a security guard at end of pier kill him. It is important for the person going for kills to not collect ammo spawn from pier. Now the only thing left to my secret solution in obtaining infinite ammo is for the person who is being killed to DISCONNECT their controller, now the player who is ranking up can now stand over the ammo spawn point and continue to rubber ban the RT controller. Take a look closely that when you come close to running out of ammo, the game will now allow you to spawn 2 lots of ammo which brings you up to 50 ammunition bullets for you sniper rifle. This is real, try my solution without disconnecting other players controller, the game will not let you max out you gun. I hope my added solution makes you much more happier and allow gamers to rank up quicker"

    Again, Shemp's method will get you a higher amount of money per hour, however..

    1. While you will get $160K over 2 hours, you are only actively doing anything for 1 hour. While player 1 is killing, player 2 can be watching TV, running errands, sleeping, whatever. It’s $80K per hour of time your XBOX is being used, but $160K per hour of actual time playing the game.

    2. Shemp’s method requires some set up time, maybe 10-20 minutes depending on skill level and sometimes luck. While you’ll make very good money over a 2-3 hour session, a 1 hr session won’t net you nearly as much per hour due to the setup time, and 30 minutes is not worth it at all. This method requires an initial 4-5 minutes to turn the spawn shield off and then 1-2 minutes to get into place in each match, that’s it. You will get the same amount per hour over 30 minutes or 2 hours. Several times I’ve felt like making some progress in Wanted but only had 30-45 minutes, making it pointless to attempt Shemp’s method, this gives you a good alternative in that situation.

    3. You can rubber band this method, and both players can be doing something else for an hour.

    While this doesn’t replace Shemp’s method, it does give you a viable alternative to make some progress if you’re short on time or have other things to do, or just want to switch things up from time to time.

    This is my first solution, but I think I’ve explained everything pretty well. If you don’t like it, please tell me how I can improve it instead of just giving a negative vote.

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    this isnt bad
    Posted on 03 Mar at 15:15
    LordFightALotA VERY important note for the people boosting this in the modern day: if you want to do the AFK rubber band Happiness Island strat, your main account (the one that will do the killing) needs to be on an Xbox 360!

    If you are playing with a boosting partner then both of you need to be on the 360. When boosting this with two Xbox One’s (One X and Series X), the spawn shield would get disabled, but the ammo would never drop twice.

    Moving my main account to a 360 made the ammo drop twice and made rubber banding while AFK possible.
    Posted by LordFightALot on 01 Apr at 22:50
    Maxterfeak3@LordFightALot thnx for the heads up
    Posted by Maxterfeak3 on 25 Apr at 01:19
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  • Blue RadiumBlue Radium916,434
    20 Jul 2008 08 Nov 2008 10 Sep 2020
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    EDIT: There was a glitch discovered that allows for earning Wanted much more quickly than Hangman's NOOSE permits. With this in mind, here is the Hangman's NOOSE guide I wrote in case you you want to utilize a non-glitch method, unedited.

    Hangman's NOOSE, by far, is the most effective way to reach rank 10 without using glitches. I spent nearly 100 hours playing this one mini-game to unlock this achievement, if you need a scale of how truly long this is going to take. The following is a guide I wrote for the game "Hangman's NOOSE" originally on the website xbox360achievements.org, here is a link:


    In my recent hunt for the "Wanted" achievement, I have come across problems involving inexperienced players. Because of this, I felt compelled to write a guide of sorts to try and help new Hangman's NOOSE players understand the fineries of playing the game.

    It takes more total Hangman's NOOSE playtime to unlock "Wanted" then it does for most players to 100% the main game. Because of this, Hangman's NOOSE is a game played constantly by GTA 4 achievement hunters.

    This thread is here to help people understand how to complete Hangman's NOOSE quickly, using the fastest known way to finish the mission. There are slight variations and little quirks to the way everyone plays this game, and you will develop your own. Experience at playing this game is just about required for you to become a good player of it. My hope is that this thread will help people go strait from "having no idea how to play" to "knows the correct techniques but has yet to master them" so that experienced players don't have to be messed up in the learning process.

    --=How to set up the game as the party leader=--

    As the party leader, your game's rules should look like this:

    * Mission Difficulty- Hard--- you get 2500$ for winning on easy, 3500$ with medium, and 4500$ with hard. All easy and medium do that is different than hard is giving you a few extra lives.
    * Friendly Fire- Off
    * Auto Aim- Allow
    * Traffic- Parked
    * Pedestrians- Off
    * Gamertag Display- On
    * Ridicule Health- On
    * Voice Chat- On
    * Time of Day- Your choice, I prefer midnight though
    * Weather- Clear
    * Description- Doesn't matter
    * Radio Station- Your choice, I prefer Liberty Rock though
    * Kick Player- Use this to boot players

    --=General Tips for Everyone=--

    * - Stick with your job
    * - The airport cart is first come first serve, the first to get to the cart are the helicopter getters
    * - Don't use grenades in excess, they tend to just blow up your own team more than your enemies
    * - Don't try to get Petrovic to the extraction in any besides a helicopter
    * - The jump may be fun to go off of with the cart, but it slows you down, so don't go off it
    * - Don't get in the way of the Petrovic Picker Upper, and try to listen to his orders, he usually dishes them out for a good reason
    * - Communication is key, talk with your team at all times and tell each other things they need to know
    * - If you don't have a microphone, you should most definitely buy one
    * - If a player meaningfully makes your team lose, avoid them so that you have a low chance of playing with them again
    * - Boot these types of players and warn everyone of the player if you happen to play a second game with the same person
    * - Petrovic's AI is horrible 80% of the time, so get used to it
    * - A message saying either "get transport" or "your team has transport" will appear once your shooters have 15 kills
    * - A message saying "Petrovic has transport" will appear when your team either has Petrovic in the chopper or someone who doesn't know how to play has picked up Petrovic in a car, van, etc
    * -Don't expect to get the same job every time, because you won't
    * -It is just as easy to do this mission with 3 people as it is with 4 people. The Extraction Point Person's job is by no means required with 3 people, so if you ever play a game with 3, have 2 shooters and 1 Petrovic Picker Upper

    --=The Jobs=--

    the following are all of the possible "jobs" as I call them. Each of these jobs must be done (minus Extraction Point Person with a 3 person team) for a game to be completed. You have be able to do each of the following jobs, as you will be required to do each and every task at one point or another.

    --=Petrovic Picker Upper=--

    This job belongs to the person who picks up Petrovic and the 2 shooters with a helicopter. A good grasp on general helicopter flying, fast landing, and low flying techniques will really help you with this job.

    Get in the airport buggy that will take you and the Extraction Point Person to the helicopters. It doesn't matter if you drive, just do whatever is fastest. If you can use the faster route consistently without hitting everything, take that path. If not, the slightly slower path is fine.

    Once you arrive at the helicopters, the best stopping method is to ram into the northern-most red and white short wall that surrounds the helicopter pads. You get into the northern helicopter, as your job is much more urgent than the Extraction Point Person's job.

    Get into the helicopter, fly low (without hitting things) and fly in the direction of Petrovic. When you start to get close, hold the RB trigger, you want to be facing the same direction as Petrovic's jet when you close in on it. This is so that you can approach at a high speed, then lean to the right and hit the gas. The quickest stopping method on a helicopter possible (while in the air) is to lean in the direction that your momentum isn't going then trying to fly in that direction. Time your stop correctly, and then lower yourself onto the yellow arrow. When landing, be sure that the yellow arrow has vanished to be sure that you have landed in an area that Petrovic will respond to. If the Shooters do not have enough kills, tell them to kill more people, as for some reason they tend to not realize that they have yet to get their kills.

    Once Petrovic and your two shooters are in the chopper, take off. Now, this is the part that separates the new players from the experienced ones. The trick here is to fly as low as humanly possible without hitting things. Why? Because gaining and losing altitude slows down your forward motion, which makes you lose time. As soon as you take off, cut your distance close with the hangers in front of you, as your shooters may be close to dieing. Now just fly forward, gaining small amounts of height as needed.

    At this point, the Extraction Point Person should be on the extraction point. Here is where you crash land. The biggest problem here is the scoreboard on the east side of the field. And it just so happens that the east side of the field is the quickest side to enter from. Try to stay at a height that is just above the scoreboard as you approach it. Right before you go over it, hit the decelerator, still moving at full speed. If all goes well, your Extraction Point Person may go flying 250 feet, and the game will end.

    A few things to remember as a Petrovic Picker Upper:

    * -Altitude is your enemy, fly low, but don't crash
    * -Try to check if your Extraction Point Person is actually on the point, as if he is not your perfect crash landing will turn into the game continuing with you possibly flying into the water with a mutilated helicopter
    * -Petrovic's AI is horrible, so don't get too mad if he falls over, sits there for 5 seconds, stands up, stands there for 5 seconds, THEN continues as he was supposed to
    * -If you crash into the water with Petrovic, it is extremely hard to get him back out
    * -If your helicopter is on fire or it loses its tail, you can pick up a health pack for it to be back to 100% health, with a brand new tail

    --=Extraction Point Person=--

    As the Extraction Point Person, you have the laziest and the easiest job. The only thing you have to worry about is getting to the extraction point before the rest of your team does, which really isn't that hard to do.

    Get in the airport buggy that will take you and the Petrovic Picker Upper to the helicopters. It doesn't matter if you drive, just do whatever is fastest. If you can use the faster route consistently without hitting everything, take that path.

    Once you arrive at the helicopters, the best stopping method is to ram into the northern-most red and white short wall that surrounds the helicopter pads. You get into the southern, farther away helicopter, as your job is less urgent than the Petrovic Picker Upper's job.

    To start, go headshot the two NOOSE members by the armored van adjacent to your helicopter. Get into your helicopter, and head to the extraction point.

    The extraction point is on the north-eastern part of Charge Island, in the center of the baseball field. Try to get over there quickly, as if your team mates do especially well they could be over there in a short amount of time. As you approach the field, the best way to stop your helicopter is to crash into the trees/the scoreboard on the eastern side of the field. Once you stop, get out of your helicopter and stand in the center of the field. Do not for any reason leave the center of the field. At this point, you have done your job.

    A few things to remember as an Extraction Point Person:

    * -If there are only 3 people in your game, this is the job does not need to be done
    * -Don't try to kill pedestrians around the field for a few spare bucks, half the time it will result in very angry team mates who flew into the water because you were not on the center
    * -Don't follow your Petrovic Picker Upper to give him "back-up." You do not help, and when you do so, your Petrovic Picker Upper can't crash land
    * -The yellow marker does not have to be there for you to head to the point
    * -Don't take the northern helicopter, you don't need the 10 seconds it takes to get the southern one, your Petrovic Picker Upper does


    As the shooter, you and another player (who is also a shooter) kill NOOSE members while your Petrovic Picker upper and your Extraction Point Person get the helicopters.

    Your only real job is to bring your team's total kills to 15 so that Petrovic is willing to get out of his jet. As soon as you have 15 or more kills, get into the Petrovic Picker Upper's chopper so that he can take off as soon as Petrovic gets in the chopper. Be sure to shoot out of the sides of the chopper to fend off the NOOSE members who get too close to you. As soon as Petrovic, gets in the chopper and your Petrovic Picker Upper has gotten you away from the airport, sit back and enjoy the ride.

    A few things to remember as a Shooter:

    * -Always try to get head shots on the NOOSE members, it will get you a lot more kills
    * -When possible, grab a NOOSE assault rifle. They are way more accurate, allowing you to get long distance head shots
    * -Do not for any reason try to pick up Petrovic in a car/bike/NOOSE van to take him to the extraction. A Helicopter is much, much faster, and you will not be helping your team by taking him to the extraction in a car
    * -If your helicopter flier somehow can't pick up Petrovic, you can get Petrovic in a car to try and bring him to a safe helicopter pick-up location. DO NOT do this if not absolutely required for Petrovic to not die
    * -If you and your fellow shooter die at the same time when a NOOSE member is close to Petrovic, it is game over. The game thinks of it as nobody protecting Petrovic and you will lose
    * -Don't leave Petrovic's general area (aka the area where NOOSE members are most abundant) while waiting for the chopper to pick everyone up
    * -Get to the helicopter that is going to pick you and Petrovic up ASAP when it lands. You will not help by shooting as you run to the chopper
    * -Don't try to run people over, shooting is far more effective. If you say it isn't, you aren't aiming for heads

    The only other problem that you may experience are the players that meaningfully keep your team from winning that I mentioned before. All they do is mess up your team without the want to win the game. You really can't deal with them, as winning is a total team effort. If one person isn't on the extraction, then nobody can win. I suggest leaving the game via your cellphone if you meet one of these types of players. As said before, they are not there to win, so with one of them in your party, you can't win.

    Well, that's about all I have to say. Happy playing, and good luck with unlocking the prestigious "Wanted" achievement.
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    PrimeBigTimeNice detailed guide. I voted positively even though you haven't mastered the difference between "then" and "than".
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 18 Jul 12 at 00:30
    OnsidicSomething that doesnt seem to be in any post is the following
    You need $5million to reach max level and here is how the levels break down.

    Rank 0 - $0 -- This is the beginning rank for online Multiplayer
    Rank 1 - $1,000
    Rank 2 - $10,000
    Rank 3 - $50,000
    Rank 4 - $100,000
    Rank 5 - $250,000
    Rank 6 - $500,000
    Rank 7 - $750,000
    Rank 8 - $1 Million
    Rank 9 - $2.5 Million
    Rank 10 - $5 Million
    Posted by Onsidic on 10 May 13 at 15:14
    So Holy Murderer you are saying you can idle boost this? I've idle boosted a lot of games and so I am not past doing it.
    Posted on 26 Feb 16 at 08:27
  • Shemp HowardShemp Howard115,300
    06 Nov 2010 07 Sep 2010
    157 97 103
    What was once called the Top Secret Boost on TrueAchievements.com is now coming at you live from Liberty City! Come along for the ride of your life and watch The Great Legend Shemp Howard do what he does best. Are you tired of playing Hangman's Noose for the Wanted Achievement in GTA IV? Do you want to earn $200,000 to $300,000 in one 2-3 hour match? Do you want to be the first one to get $700,000 in one match? Get the Wanted Achievement in GTA IV quicker and much more efficient than flying that drunken Russian to the baseball field. What was once only known by 25 people worldwide is now known to the whole world compliments of The Great Legend Shemp Howard!
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    eeysiI would say... the videos are great. And the basics as well.

    But who the f* decided that this guy should get a mic !
    sLAP HIM !

    The guy who is doing commentary ? biggest twat in the world.
    he messed up the whole solution
    Posted by eeysi on 18 Jan 14 at 05:44
    napoearthConcept is great, this solution and videos are awful. Check out the solution on the PC version, much better video and a few tips to go even faster.
    Posted by napoearth on 18 Jun 14 at 16:14
    DeviSlatorBest guide ever, video is jokes too. Fuck the haters. Shemp you're a ledge!
    Posted by DeviSlator on 18 Nov 14 at 10:56
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