Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic achievement in GTA 4

Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic

Win all ranked multiplayer variations, all races and "Cops 'n Crooks", as both sides.

Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic+0.2
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How to unlock the Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic achievement

  • ezekiel 08ezekiel 08303,315
    09 Mar 2009 25 Feb 2009 03 Jan 2010
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    First up, you must win at least one match of each Ranked multiplayer variation. Not including Race or GTA Race (we'll come to these), they are:

    Mafiya Work
    Car Jack City
    Team Deathmatch
    Team Mafiya Work
    Team Car Jack City
    Cops 'n Crooks (win as both Cops AND Crooks in the same match)
    Turf War
    Deal Breaker
    Hangman's NOOSE
    Bomb da Base II

    Note that you can only do some of these game types with friends in Party Mode, the rest will have to be done with random people. The game types you can play in Party Mode are:

    Team Deathmatch
    Team Mafiya Work
    Team Car Jack City
    Cops 'n Crooks
    Turf War

    Now, you also have to win EVERY RACE in EVERY RACE TYPE in both Race AND GTA Race. There are a total of 54 races, bring the grand total amount of races you need to win to 108.

    You only need 2 people for the races to start but it is very hard to boost for this as getting matched up with friends is very hard and the races don't usually start until there is 6+ people.

    This will take awhile and needs plenty of dedication. Good luck!

    **Update: 3rd January 2010**

    Here are some very handy tip posted Johnny Jerkweed in the Comments section:

    Johnny Jerkweed said:
    For the road races, don't try to be the fastest. Play conservatively and let everyone else screw up. Slow down for hard corners. Most people lay on the gas the entire time and overshoot corners. The time they waste backing up to make the turn is way more then what they gain by accelerating non-stop the whole race.

    Try the different car choices until you find one you're comfortable with. I've been using supercars just because I got used to them due to it being the default choice. My preffered supercar is Turismo because it takes turns the best. Most people pick the Comet for some reason, it could be the fastest but it is AWFUL at turning.

    I prefer to put traffic on high to kind of level the playing field a little when playing against others who have all the tracks memorized and are good at them. This bit of randomness could screw up more experienced players and since I feel I'm pretty good and dodging traffic it can work to my advantage.

    Once you beat a regular (non-gta) race, try to get the gta version of it next while the track layout is still fresh in your mind.

    For helicopters, the Anhillator is the fastest but can be difficult to handle. Unlike street races though, it's worth it to go for speed in this case.

    For the cannonball runs and free races, I press start immediately, while the timer is counting down and set the waypoint to the first checkpoint. You should be able to do this and back out of the start menu before the race even starts. Another thing about waypoints is, although they only show the fastest 'legal' route, I still recommend using them, especially on ones involving bridges. If you don't, you could end up under a bridge you're supposed to cross and no where near the on-ramp to it.
    Here is a checklist of all races. It will help keep track of what you have won and what you need to win.

    Image form (created by 007craft):
    External image

    Spread sheet form (created by me):

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    SilverhellspawnDamn! Didn’t pop for me either after using a manual checklist (and triple checking the ingame leaderboards).

    I’m still hopefull though after reading the above comments. I switched versions unknowingly it could screw me over. Did the team-MP stuff back in the day on disk. Sold it and got a digital copy of the base game. Completed the DLC-stuff recently on disk and afterwards did all the races playing from the digital copy.

    Following Mostropi’s lead I’m gonna redo the team-MP first...hopefully only this old piece of progress got erased and fixes my issue. Fingers crossed!

    Just got AWP!

    Redid all teambased MP-stuff in a boosting session yesterday to no avail.

    Today I went balls to the wall and completed all races in one sitting (while watching Netflix). Took me like 10 hours (even redid the coop levels) and it unlocked just now after finishing up the last Cannonball race. Good riddance!

    Piece of advice: do not turn of your xbox since it might wipe your progress or something.
    Posted by Silverhellspawn on 27 Sep 20 at 21:34
    HungryNic42I can confirm that Silverhellspawn method works, the achievement popped for me as well. You can do everything including the 108 races plus deathmatch and mafia work with 2 accounts but you need 4 players when it comes to the remainder of the modes. It’s definitely worth the 9 and half hour blood and sweat grind lol
    Posted by HungryNic42 on 05 Oct 20 at 17:52
    AttestedBarley2#Browknee, never forget ❤️💔
    Posted by AttestedBarley2 on 15 Jan at 21:19
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  • Riispawn NationRiispawn Nation63,377
    29 May 2010 29 May 2010 30 Dec 2011
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    I got this achievement an hour ago and thought I might write a solution on here.

    ***Game modes you need to win***:

    Deathmatch - Can be boosted with you and a friend, if not, aim for the head, TAP the RT and use cover whenever you can. The important thing to understand here (and this applies to all the other competitive Auto-Aim allow game modes), is that if you lock on to someone before they lock onto you, aka shooting from cover, you should kill them first 100% of the time. If this isn't the case, you're doing something wrong. If you have a turbo controller, there is a much better chance of winning DM's then if you don't since there is a good amount of high ranked (sometimes even low ranked) people who use these controllers and as an owner of one, I can say that it makes the shooting aspect of GTA 4 MUCH easier.

    Mafiya Work: Boost it, if not just win it, it's almost a ghost town at this point and the only people that play it are beginners who aren't used to multiplayer and are curious about what it is. Occasional tryhard Rank 10, if he's not on your team, just back out or kick.

    Car Jack City: Same thing as Mafiya Work

    Team Deathmatch: Boost it from party mode if you can obviously, but if you can't, it won't be too time consuming to get a "legit win". Try to switch to the most high rank stacked team and just play.

    Team Mafiya Work: Boost it from party mode, it's just as deserted as Mafiya Work and it requires more players to start the game.

    Team Car Jack City: Same as Team Mafiya Work

    Cops n Crooks: My favorite game mode and the reason why I stopped using TA for 4 months (I played this game non-stop and stopped going for achievements). This is one that really doesn't require boosting from party mode to win as it isn't overly difficult. You theoretically have a 50% chance of winning everytime, and you'll PROBABLY win if you hop over to the team stacked with high ranked players. They might try to kick you if you don't have a shiny star yet, but in that case just hop on the other team and switch back to their team at the last second before the game starts.

    Turf War: Boost it from party mode.

    Deal Breaker, BDB2, Hangman's Noose: No boosting available, just work with randoms and finish the mission. If you're going for Fly Da Co-op, you'll need some gamers from TA to help and coordinate with though. Feel free to PM me if you want help on this. If you ask nicely and I have time, I will gladly attempt to get you some quick runs.

    ***To boost for this achievement (for the Race and GTA Race wins)***:

    1-You should get 1 or 2 other buddies with you. Anymore tends to get the boosting pretty disorganized, and you'll probably get less wins.

    2-Choose a good boosting time. The times that worked for me the most were 3pm-4pm & 9-11pm eastern on the weekdays and early morning on the weekends ex: 6am eastern.

    3-Have a strict NAT. Configure your internet settings so that the level of security is Moderate. This will ensure that you get in smaller sized lobbies or get disconnected. I got my own lobby 80% of the time with a moderate setting. How to do this depends on what kind of router you have, so Google it up if you don't know how.

    4-Be prepared. You or your buddy/ies should have the track ready by the time your friend joins. It is also useful if you stay on Kick Player the whole time, so you don't have to scroll down all the way every time you want to kick someone. Doing this might save you a bunch of time, because people tend to join fast so you gotta kick them fast.

    5-Piss everyone off. Let's say you got a lobby by yourself and a random joins. Set the laps to 8, the weather to Foggy, time to evening, etc. If you get lucky, they'll decide to leave your lobby, leaving it free again.

    6-If you're in a lobby with a lot of people and you know it's a lost cause, set the worst settings possible and tell your friend/s to kick you. Chances are, you won't have to wait for the game to start and you'll get kicked (which is basically a free pass) to another lobby.

    7-Take your chances. if you're in a lobby with your friend and 2 other randoms who are readied up (4 people in total) and you got 2 votes on a guy and need one of the randoms to kick the other random, you might as well press A and start the game before more people join. A standstill usually leads to a crowded lobby so if you got some experience, you can probably beat the 2 randoms anyway! It'll also give you practice so you can win more.

    I also suggest that you and your friend/s actually race for the wins and then whoever doesn't win gets a free win last. This way, you can also get some practice so when you're in a small lobby with randoms, you can actually have a good chance of winning if they don't quit out on you.

    The other solutions here have some useful information too. Happy gaming!
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    Quantum Binman>Achievement won on 29 May 10
    >Posted by justinman114 on 03 Sep 11 23:33:27

    Wow, just wow....

    Anyway, great idea with the NAT settings - I have 2 xboxes so I might even be able to just boost by myself now that this game is dirt cheap!
    Posted by Quantum Binman on 01 Jul 12 at 04:41
    WcbezoekerThanks for the NAT settings advice, it really helped for the races. I used 2 xbox's and I got it in about 20 hours (3 days).
    Posted by Wcbezoeker on 18 Aug 13 at 21:56
    BeastedBehemothI and another individual on my friends list are trying to both boost and obtain all GTA IV multiplayer achievements we are online at pretty much all times so don't hesitate to message me on Xbox. My gamertag is BeastedBehemoth, just shoot me a message and we can grab all of these achievements for GTA IV multiplayer, see ya guys. GT: BeastedBehemoth
    Posted by BeastedBehemoth on 07 Mar 19 at 15:57
  • General ArcaneGeneral Arcane334,204
    23 Aug 2010 29 Sep 2010 17 Jul 2013
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    This is probably one of the harder achievements that you will have to go for, and it's only worth 30G. You have to complete every multiplayer gametype, and every race and GTA race. It is best to boost with at least two other friends, and set your preferences to the same (go to multiplayer in the phone menu, and it is near the bottom).

    For Deathmatches and Team Deathmatches, you just need to get an assault rifle, and kill as many people as possible. When you're in a firefight with someone, keep moving, make use of cover and roll occasionally.

    Mafiya Work and Team Mafiya Work are when you do missions for Petrovic, and you get varying amounts of money for them. It's always best to go for markers close to you, but far away from other players to give you the best chance of completing it.

    Car Jack City and Team Car Jack City are when you have to get a variety of cars for Petrovic. When transporting them, try not to damage the cars too much, as you will get less money. However, if they contain drugs, you will get a bonus, regardless of the damage to the car.

    Turf War is where the teams have to gain areas of Liberty City, where you get $50 for every one your team holds, every 30 seconds. You want to kill enemy players if they are attacking your bases, but you do not get any money for it.

    For Road Races, I've found that having Trucks, more specifically, the Fire Truck will help massively, as I have found out that when you fire water out of the hose (LB), you appear to go slightly faster than the other players due to a lack of friction (or a glitch). This means you get them done a lot quicker.

    For Boat Races, the Jetmax and Tropic are the fastest boats, and have the same stats for everything, but I personally prefer the Jetmax. To win, you want to press LT almost constantly, and hold RB whilst taking corners. You also want to avoid crashes with other racers, and don't miss checkpoints as it takes a long time to get back to one.

    In Helicopter Races, the Annihilator is the fastest. You want to keep on roughly the same level as the next checkpoint you're aiming for, not too high, not too low, and press the analogue stick forward to get to top speed. Also, don't crash into any other racers, as this will cause you to spin out of control, and you may lose your rotors. The same applies to hitting buildings.

    The Free Races are difficult, but possible. When you start, while it is counting down to the start, set a waypoint on the finish as quickly as possible. If you start in the middle of a road, always check behind you, as cars occasionally spawn there, and you can get a headstart on other racers.

    Cannonball Runs are the hardest race mode to complete. They involve getting to four other checkpoints, and are difficult to complete without boosting. Again, check behind for cars spawning, as you can get a headstart. Always set a waypoint on the next checkpoint as you drive through one, so that you don't get lost in the city.

    GTA Races are harder, as you are constantly being shot by other players, especially at the beginning, as there is usually a weapon spawn near the starting point. You also want to watch out for people who set up near corners and will just massacre you when you turn. Or people who just decide to drive the wrong way around the track

    Cops 'n' Crooks has two modes, and for each one, you have to win as Cops and Crooks for them to count. Neither mode is particularly difficult, but they rely on having decent teammates.
    All for One is where the Crooks get a Boss to safety, a boat or helicoptor, while the Cops try to kill them. If you are the Boss, stay with the majority, and if not, then stick on the Boss at all costs. Sacrifice yourself to save him if need be. As the Cops, just head straight for the Boss and concentrate only on killing him.
    One for All is where as many of the Crooks have to get away from the Cops, and there is no respawning. I'd suggest bailing and making your own way there, just so the cops are chasing multiple vehicles. As the Cops, bail and get your own vehicle if the Crooks have split up, and go for the guy the other Cops are ignoring.

    Deal Breaker is where you have to get to an industrial plant in the south of Alderney, from a house in the north. There is a helicopter spawn in the centre house on Owl Creek Ave, however, it does not always spawn. It is best to get two people to get the helicopter, and land on the top, and work down, and the other two drive and work from the bottom. You will then have to kill remaining gang members, and if there are four of you, there will be a boat. It is best for two to go after that, and the other two to go after the members by road.

    Hangman's NOOSE is where you have to protect Petrovic from the NOOSE. It requires three players. You need to get one of the players to get on the Baggage Cart, and get an Annihilator, then fly over to Petrovic. You then pick him up and the other players and fly to Charge Island. You will become intimately familiar with this mission if you are going for Wanted.

    Bomb da Base II involves attacking a Securicar, protected by two other vehicles, driving it back to a helipad in the west of Algonquin, flying it to the Platypus in Broker, and planting bombs in the hold and on the bridge. Always try to drop two players on the roof of the bridge, and have the other two assault the hold. You will then have to jump off the ship within 60 seconds.

    Once you complete all of these missions, you should have unlocked Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic. Good luck!
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    BeastedBehemothI and another individual on my friends list are trying to both boost and obtain all GTA IV multiplayer achievements we are online at pretty much all times so don't hesitate to message me on Xbox. My gamertag is BeastedBehemoth, just shoot me a message and we can grab all of these achievements for GTA IV multiplayer, see ya guys. GT: BeastedBehemoth
    Posted by BeastedBehemoth on 07 Mar 19 at 15:58
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