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Test Your Mettle

Complete 25 Competitive Matches

Test Your Mettle0
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Achievement Guide for Test Your Mettle

  • Fist O CthulhuFist O Cthulhu288,488
    26 May 2016 30 May 2016 09 Jan 2019
    36 8 28
    This isn't really a guide but a glitch that makes boosting this achievement a little quicker. While boosting this achievement, we discovered a way to cut down each match to just 1 round instead of a minimum 3.

    When boosting this achievement, there are 2 squads of 5 people who will search for a match at the same time. Each match, one of the squads will kill themselves, ending the round quickly. This normally has to be done 3 times to actually complete a match. At the end of each match, everyone will have to quit and squad up again.

    When the necessary amount of players have readied up, the round will begin. Everyone will spawn and a 5 second counter will appear before people can run around. We discovered that if everyone on one team kills themselves (redeploys) before the 5 second timer runs up, the match will end on that round, giving everyone credit for that match.

    There were a couple instances where the achievement tracker didn't show any progress for that match when the glitch was done correctly, but after doing it again, the tracker updated to show progress from both matches.

    Special thanks to xDaddy Cake, wenerdog, n00b1ets, MC IRV, MAGIC DANY91, Gbenga Ologun, Draco719, Darksora250, and Bomb 2 chest for discovering and testing out this glitch.

    Below is a clip demonstrating how it works.
  • burny sizzburny sizz69,272
    14 Jan 2016 14 Jan 2016
    21 12 19
    On the main menu go to multiplayer there you will see a new icon called competitive match select this. You can do this without the dlc pack but you can only select standard match.

    Simply complete 25 matches you don't need to win 25 just finish the match. This achievement will take about 10-15 hours due to the game type being a best of 9 rounds at 3 minutes per round plus sudden death if applicable
  • Eagle 0neEagle 0ne1,343,605
    01 Apr 2016 13 Apr 2016
    11 14 10
    This is the achievement you want to do first if you intend to complete the game. The game mode has already been disabled in Germany and Switzerland and nobody plays it
    .. i am guessing before the next Battlefield comes out this will be discontinued for everyone
    Fastest way to get the achievement :
    Change your console to English/Region USA (only if you cannot access the mode)
    go to multiplayer competitive matches

    In order to boost this make to 2 groups of 5
    the squadleaders have to be from the same country
    press rb to change to standard league and x button to search
    once connected one team presses start and redeploy (you only have onelife is this mode)
    takes turns every game who wins/loses or at some point matches wont Count as completed(seems like after 2 or 3 wins in a row)
    After every match squadleader creates squad again and his teammates can join over his tag or with an invite
    If you do this 25 times you will unlock the achievement
    Boosting this will take you under 3 hrs..normal, it will take forever maybe weeks if even possible
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