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SUBMARINE achievement in Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space


All submarines should be yellow...

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How to unlock the SUBMARINE achievement

  • SangriazSangriaz
    18 Jan 2016 19 Jan 2016
    In the sixth room, just jump down in the water and drown yourself.

    Here's a video walkthrough. The achievement unlocks at around 8:10.
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    drunkdaddy69didnt unlock for me til i started punching monster unedrwater. maybe DO damage underwater?
    Posted by drunkdaddy69 on 11 Feb 16 at 07:38
    That air gauge that's in the video isn't appearing for me and I can't die
    Posted on 18 Aug 16 at 15:31
    NaberiosOkay, so the problem is being on "Easy" difficulty (which the walkthrough says you can get all the achievements on, but is incorrect). Unfortunately you can't just switch to Normal and load the Sewer back up & complete it. However, you don't have to start a whole new playthrough either. What you do (if you run into this achievement not popping) is go to the main menu, switch to Normal, load up thd most recent save for the Generator Room (for me it actually said "Helmet"), then finish out that room (hopefully just removing the manhole cover & jumping in), and finally fall in the water & drown. I hope that helps if you've been having problems.
    Posted by Naberios on 11 Mar 17 at 09:38
    Sangriaz@Naberios: This is different from what I experienced. My video is unedited and difficulty was never changed from easy and shows unlocking the achievement. I think the game is just being buggy. It may be "easier" on harder difficulties because the achievement is to die.
    Posted by Sangriaz on 12 Mar 17 at 00:07
    NaberiosThat's possible. The game didn't give me an air meter when I got to the water section. And when I changed difficulty without going to the previous save, there was also no air meter. But, when I changed difficulties and started from the end of the previous room my meter came up & I was able to get the achievement. So the work around should work if someone else gets the issue & doesn't want to play from the beginning & hope for the best when they get back to this spot.
    Posted by Naberios on 12 Mar 17 at 00:53
    Epsilon FactorThis glitched on me. I have no air meter and I can not drown. Its like the game doesn't recognize that I am under water. I have tried every suggestion here, to no avail.
    Posted by Epsilon Factor on 17 Mar 17 at 17:06
    NaberiosReally? That's exactly what was happening in my game. Changing the difficulty then loading up a save from the previous room seemed to kick it loose. Once I made it to a new room after the water room, I exited out, put the difficulty back to where I wanted it, then loaded up the most recent save. Every thing else went smoothly from there.
    Posted by Naberios on 18 Mar 17 at 02:42
    JeremydjAlso glitched on me. Changing the difficulty and re-loading has not worked so far. I'll probably try starting a new game and playing up to this point to see if that shakes it loose...
    Never mind, changed difficulty settings to hard, then loaded back two rooms. When I got to the sixth room, the oxygen meter showed up and let me drown!
    Posted by Jeremydj on 21 Mar 17 at 03:01
    john kenobiJust worked for me on easy. After the air gauge went all the way down, the screen starts flashing and it popped right after
    Posted by john kenobi on 02 Mar 19 at 04:17
    Paleto RexI had the same issue as y'all. The solution that worked for me was @Jermeydj's recommendation.
    Posted by Paleto Rex on 10 Jan 21 at 12:43
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