Ghost Stories achievement in OXENFREE

Ghost Stories

Find all of the hidden anomalies.

Ghost Stories+0.4
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How to unlock the Ghost Stories achievement

  • amenazamenor JFamenazamenor JF1,401,991
    16 Jan 2016 16 Jan 2016 16 Jan 2016
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    Anomalies are little stone cairns that can be tuned with your radio, unlocking an audio. Your dial indicator will turn red when you are near one.

    You can start to collect these as soon as you visit Harden Tower for the first time, but two of them require que WAL Radio, that you'll unlock during the story. Unlike the letters, there's not always an anomaly on every zone, and some of them will have two. So this is the list of the 12 anomalies:

    NOTE: If the achievement doesn't unlock when it should, try this suggestion from Holzi91: "Hey, I justed wanted to add: sometimes this achievement does not unlock, when you find the last anomaly. In that case quit the game and start it again. The achievement should unlock during the start".

    - Epiphany Field (2)

    Under a lamppost, a little to the right of the lighthouse.

    External image

    On the turn of the path, left from the bunker entrance.

    External image

    - Towhee Woods (1)

    Jump over the chasm in the middle of the zone, then go down the climbable wall just before the exit signpost.

    External image

    - Bridge Stand (2)

    Go up from the power station.

    External image

    Near the small graveyard under the bridge, bottom left.

    External image

    - Camp grounds (2)

    Below the ruined lookout point, left of the bridge.

    External image

    Near the bench, top right.

    External image

    - Relay point (1)

    Take the left path from the well and jump across the gap. The anomaly is between the trees.

    External image

    - Milner Outpost (1)

    Near the firing range, bottom left.

    External image

    - US Army RCS

    Below the ladder, bottom left of the screen.

    External image

    - Facilities (1)

    Inside the locked door above the room with three beds. Requires the WAL Radio.

    External image

    - Discovery Cliff (1)

    Inside the small house, top right of the screen. Requires the WAL Radio.

    External image

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    JeroenRosWhy did you not copy the frequencies from the walkthrough to go along with this solution?
    Posted by JeroenRos on 01 Feb 18 at 13:44
    skittlebizFor the two in Epiphany Field, the frequency under the lamppost is 105.1, and at the turn it's 102.3
    Towhee Woods is 103.5
    Bridge Stand - Go up from the power station. is 101.1, Near the small graveyard under the bridge, bottom left. is 99.9
    Posted by skittlebiz on 30 Apr 20 at 17:22
    GameGalaxy15719I still haven't gotten the achievement after finding and tuning into all of them...
    Posted by GameGalaxy15719 on 21 May 20 at 14:40
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  • Maka91Maka911,536,327
    17 Jan 2016 17 Jan 2016 17 Jan 2016
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    There are a total of 12 anomalies available in the game, and they appear as a small formation of rocks that can be tuned into using the radio. Some of them are found behind locked doors, so it is advised that you wait until you unlock the new radio before going for all the collectibles. While going for anomalies, you should also go for Maggie Adler's Letters in order to unlock:
    OXENFREEAdler Letters, Pt. 3The Adler Letters, Pt. 3 achievement in OXENFREE worth 183 pointsCollect all of Maggie's letters.

    A video guide showing all 25 collectibles available in Oxenfree can be found below:
    0:12 - Maggie Adler Letter #13 - Main Street
    0:54 - Maggie Adler Letter #4 - Main Street
    1:20 - 105.1 Anomaly - Epiphany Field
    1:44 - Maggie Adler Letter #1 - Epiphany Field
    1:58 - Open Estate Gate
    2:02 - 100.3 Anomaly - Discovery Cliffs
    2:29 - Maggie Adler Letter #6 - Discovery Cliffs
    2:42 - Maggie Adler Letter #12 - Beacon Beach
    2:56 - 102.3 Anomaly - Epiphany Field
    3:36 - Maggie Adler Letter #3 - Harden Tower
    4:04 - Maggie Adler Letter #11 - Towhee Woods
    4:41 - 103.5 Anomaly - Towhee Woods
    5:26 - 99.9 Anomaly - Bridge Stand
    5:57 - Maggie Adler Letter #8 - Bridge Stand
    6:05 - 101.1 Anomaly - Bridge Stand
    6:45 - 91.5 Anomaly - Camp Grounds
    7:21 - Maggie Adler Letter #9 - Camp Grounds
    7:44 - 97.9 Anomaly - Camp Grounds
    8:28 - 106.7 Anomaly - Relay Point
    8:56 - Maggie Adler Letter #10 - Relay Point
    9:09 - 89.9 Anomaly - Facilities
    9:40 - Maggie Adler Letter #5 - Facilities
    9:56 - 94.3 Anomaly - US Army RCS
    10:23 - Maggie Adler Letter #7 - US Army RCS
    10:31 - 104.7 Anomaly - Milner Outpost
    10:47 - Maggie Adler Letter #2 - Milner Outpost
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    E vee dubI haven't played the entire game but it's very impressive that you put pictures in this guide. Well done
    Posted by E vee dub on 18 Sep 17 at 15:52
    fighterx93chippGomofob THANK YOU.
    Posted by fighterx93chipp on 08 Nov 19 at 06:14
    Mr MahHa@Gomofob Spot on thank you
    Posted by Mr MahHa on 05 May 21 at 23:10
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