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  • bigsmok3rbigsmok3r979,445
    13 Feb 2016 14 Feb 2016 21 Sep 2016
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    The final boss in this game is a pain in arse, He will make you hate the developers I can guarantee it. Anyways I had some amazing tips from CRUEZILLA which helped me a lot so i'm just going to copy and paste

    - counter the punches then hit him loads
    - when he rides his hat go under where he will land and hold block to instantly counter
    - when he throws hat move in and hit him loads
    -when he slaps him self hit loads, then roll when he jumps then hit more
    - when he does the purple move, roll away quickly
    - when he whistles punch loads, if you knock him down the robots won't come and you get loads of hits in
    - if robots come shoot them down and then return to the above
    - it is extremely difficult so just keep it up :)

    For the playthrough in general the counter move is your best friend and learning enemy patterns is key. If you are Mike use YXXYXXXX and Dorian YXXXXXXXXXX, These moves do the highest damage! Make sure to fully upgrade yourself and don't miss collectables or the RP before proceeding to the wilderness as you can't go back for some stupid reason.
    Good luck!
    If your going for this, Read the comments for some great tips on cancelling combos, Some people are managing infinite combos with the trick! Good luck!
  • ChezwigChezwig182,202
    20 Apr 2016 20 Apr 2016 20 Apr 2016
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    Alternative Strategy - The "War Of Attrition" Method

    First of all, fuck this game and fuck this boss. While I often moan that modern games are too easy there is a big difference in a good honest challenge which pits player vs AI and games where half the battle is trying to cope with the shitty game mechanics and projectiles shot off screen.

    The problem with me playing as Dorian and moving through the levels using the gun and spamming the jump kick (cn_dpad + cn_Y) is that when I eventually reached the final boss, I was under powered and found myself unable to go toe to toe with him even using the other strats others have described.

    However the strat I ended up using worked well, and I beat him after about 15 attempts or so. I would suggest switching off the woeful in-game music and perhaps putting on some of your own, or just avoid distractions in general.

    Note: This strat will take a lot longer to defeat the boss then the other strats described on this site (35 minutes in my case) so this is not for the impatient.

    100%-50% of bosses' health bar

    At first, don't engage him, simply start sprinting clockwise around the edge of the stage whilst watching the boss carefully, it is important that you preserve the health packs so avoid breaking any of them as much as you can. If you sprint around the arena, the boss will rarely be able to catch you unless you are careless. When he throws his hat, you should avoid it just by sprinting but it is worth putting in a "safety" roll (cn_B) to ensure the hat doesn't just nick you. When he smacks his arse, he will leap towards you and fireballs will fall from the ceiling. When this happens, just concentrate on just avoiding the fireballs and try not to stop and wait for them to fall before moving, as the boss' jump will put him closer and give him a chance to inflict some serious damage. The only time you should attack him is when he does his sprinting attack. If you are sprinting around, he will always miss and there will be a couple of seconds for you to hit him with a jumping kick (cn_dpad + cn_Y) before rolling away and back to sprinting. You should inflict most of your damage with the gun, so when there is a healthy gap between you and the boss, unload on him. Note however, that your gunfire will break the health pots, and you may end up wasting a pack, so during this period try to only shoot south west.

    Note: In my successful attempt, I accidentally broke and collected the southern most health pack at full health. If this happens to you, it shouldn't cause too many disasters. In fact, it will give you a much wider angle in which to fire off your gun, which will make this stage quicker.

    50%-40% of bosses' health

    It will take a while, but eventually he will start introducing his "purple" attack. It has a big AOE, so roll away to the furthermost opposite edge and wait for him to finish before beginning to sprint again. You might get slightly caught by this attack given the AOE, but if you have 1-2 of your health packs left you should be able to afford some hits.

    40%-0% of bosses health

    Eventually he will start summoning his robot minions. Continue to sprint around the edge whilst keeping a sharp eye on them. You should be able to keep out of their range most of the time, however there is no way to completely avoid one of the little bastards taking a pot shot at you. this is why you need to switch your main focus to them, as the only clue you will have that they are about to fire is a visual cue. You can then block or roll away from the projectile. While each shot won't drain too much health individually, if you are sloppy then your health bar will be drained in no time. During this period your gun will become your best friend. About half energy will be enough to take out the robots and do some damage to the boss, or waiting for it to recharge to full energy will obviously take out the robots while taking a good chunk of the boss' health. When there are no robots, stop sprinting around and instead continue to sprint in a tight circle at about mid range from the boss. You are at slightly more risk from him getting in his combos, but you also want him to prevent him summoning more robots for as long as possible. When he leaps backwards sprint in and use the double jump kick (cn_dpad + cn_Ycn_Y) to knock him over, get two hits in and avoid having to deal with more robots at least for a short while. If he manages to summon them, go back to sprinting around the edge until your gun has enough ammo to take them out. Rinse, repeat and eventually you will defeat this bastard of a boss. The ending cinematic suggests there might be a sequel. Don't do it, Rimlight Studios! Just don't!

    (Note: While there is a chance that all of the health packs may be gone before the final stage of the fight, if they are still there, I suggest using them in this order - south, north east and then north. This will give you a wider angle to fire your gun without worrying about wasting them.

    Note: Even though the boss' health bar might appear drained, he actually has slightly more health than his bar suggests, so only stop fighting once the cinematic starts. I found this out the hard way in my 2nd attempt when I had thought I had defeated him, and had preceded to drop the controller and pump my fists in the air. The boss, still alive despite having no health strolled over to me during my moment of bliss and kicked my head in, So be careful.

    Good luck!
  • NetgetsNetgets1,031,000
    02 Mar 2016 02 Mar 2016 02 Mar 2016
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    Here's a video guide for 2-8 boss battle...

    I Just followed bigsmok3r's text guide. But this video can help you.

    When boss's HP is under 40%, he summons his minion.
    So when boss's HP reaches 40%, you must bite him like a mad dog to prevent summoning.

  • BeijingyBeijingy299,657
    20 Sep 2016 04 Oct 2016
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    First off, the difficulty spike is rather steep from Normal to Hard. Enemy health is much higher, and unfortunately your resistance to enemy attacks will be anemic. Health barrels you cruised past on Normal difficulty will be your only hope for survival now.

    Having previously beaten the game on Normal, I did not face any serious resistance until the Furnace level in Wilderness. At that point, it became all about grinding for every checkpoint, and each level got progressively more challenging until the final boss battle.

    You will want to develop a strategy and learn the patterns for each large enemy, such as Space Cows, Zokz, Glugs, etc. Even learning at what moment you need to block in order to guard parry the Flybad's annoying lunge attack will pay dividends in progressing to the end.

    If you're having trouble in an area, always allow a few minutes to let your gun fully recharge before proceeding. Emptying your entire clip into a cluster of enemies can make all the difference between making it to your next checkpoint or dying and having to start all over.

    Boss battles with Gano and Fuzi will take time to master, and not much extra health will be afforded to you. Luckily you'll have checkpoints before these fights allowing you to have ample practice. Fuzi proved to be the more difficult of the two; once again, you will want to learn their patterns - when it's safe to move in and strike, when you need to roll away, when you can guard parry, etc.

    As I said, the final 4 or 5 levels will be painful. You will be grinding for checkpoints. It seemed like there were 3 checkpoints per level on average - sometimes each new area goes on a little longer than you would like. At the end of 2-6 you will have to deal with the boss, Fuzi. Learn his patterns, combo him and roll when he sweeps his arm, and move on.

    Now, much has been said about the final boss. He's an extreme pushover on Easy or Normal difficulty, but not here. He has a lot of health and it's going to take some time to whittle him down. But there is an exploit you can take advantage of that's going to make him not so scary.

    You can amass very large combos against the final boss by spamming the cn_X button and, once your final punch/kick knocks him to the ground, immediately hit cn_LT to guard, as if you were including this in your combo. It pins him into a juggle and you can then immediately restart your cn_X button combo over again. You can do this numerous times in a row, just make sure you watch because he does tend to interrupt your combos with his own punches. The key is to learn the timing of when you can guard parry his punches with cn_LT. This will interrupt his counter and allow you to continue your onslaught.

    I was able to get huge combos, upwards of 80 and 90, against him until I started seeing the little x2 and x3 indications on the screen that I was getting damage multipliers. The juggle is not infinite, because he does have other moves that will get in the way, such as when his health hits 50% at which point he will automatically go into the purple power-up move.

    Again the key is timing. Learn how to string together the combos. Learn the cadence of punches/kicks or count them out if that works better for you. The most important punch/kick you will land is that final one that knocks the boss to the ground. At that point, you must immediately hit cn_LT which instantly puts the boss back on his feet in a very vulnerable position for you to continue the combo over again. It will also behoove you to learn the timing to effectively guard parry the boss' punch attacks. This will stop any attempt he makes to counter, and your combo counter won't reset because you'll be hitting him again very quickly.

    So there you have it. Master the art of the combo cancel and use it against the final boss to take him down. There are other methods of beating him as well, but I found all of those to be exceedingly difficult. Your best bet is to hit him with an unstoppable string of combos and finish him off from there.

    There is a reason the TA score for this game and this achievement especially is so high. It's hard. But if you can get a good handle on how to deal with large enemies, you can grind your way through the boss fights and through those tough last few levels. With my method against the final boss, it won't be a huge challenge. Happy hunting!
    26 Dec 2016 26 Dec 2016 26 Dec 2016
    5 2 1
    I use the MAN(Mike) to beat the game,not the woman,so if you use the woman,this solution maybe useless.

    The final boss part is in the last.

    In the former level ,I highly suggest after clean a unit,wait your energy recover,when it is full again,and then go to next unit and use your gun to take advantage.I suggest you should use your guy when you face at least 4 enemy,unless you know the guys here is the last wave in this unit.And,don't cost your energy to empty,because you need energy to use guard.Yes,it is borning,because you need to wait,but it is the less risk method,and maybe the fastest method,at least for me.

    Let's discuss something about ability upgrade.I recommand you upgrade the battle ability first,and then the gun ability,final, the guard ability.Because you need the cn_Xcn_Xcn_Ycn_Y move to get advantage,and this move is the final ability in the battle tree.This move is useful because it is press simple and it is a range attack(although the range is very short),you can use it to get some free hit(which means you hit the enemy and they don't hit you)like my video show.And remember the cn_Xcn_Xcn_Ypart you don't need to hit anyone,so you could use the move from a safe distance from enemys.

    There is a issue with the guard ability and the gun ability.When you meet the final boss.You can only upgrade one of them to the highest rank.The gun ability is useful in the former level but less useful in the final boss,and the guard ability is the other way around.In my opinion,the gun still have some chance to use with the final boss like my video show,so it is not a error to max the gun rank.But I let the choice to you.

    In the level 1-8,it is hard to clean the enemys to the checkpoint.So I upgrade my gun ability,although my battle ability is not highest yet.I was less patient so I didn't wait my energy to full to next unit so you maybe can do better.In this level,there is an enemy named Sharky show up,this little green shit is annoying because it has a fucking buggy melee attack.When it use its melee atack,you cannot hit it with your melee attack or you will get hit.Its attack can stuck you in the same position and attck you again and again.Yes you can maybe guard parry him.But it is risky.I don't recommand unless you have no choice to try it.The better way is keep distance from it untill it have a red spot on its bottom.That means it will range attack you in a short time,I recommand this time use cn_Ycn_Xcn_Xcn_Xcn_Xcn_X to deal with it ,when it is fall down,get to it as soon as possible to cn_Ycn_Xcn_Xcn_Xcn_Xcn_X again with it until this motherfucker to death.When you face two or three of them at once,you must find a chance to take out one of them ASAP,or you will find you get in hell.

    In the level 2-4,this is a hard unit that after the BIG ROBOT VEHICLE show up,because in the hard difficult the vehicle has less health and easy to beat.So I recomand before you drive the vehicle you should try to takeout one or two wave enemys by yourself.And make the vehicle survive to the next unit to beat some enemy.In this unit ,there is a location at the top area that contain a secret star.This area also can keep the enemy away from attack you.But you can use your gun to attck them.So just stay here wait your energy,shoot,wait energy again,shoot again,etc.Use this method to save your life.(sometime the method may not working because one of the enemy may from the right side to touch you ,if this happen, go out lure enemys get away from the area and get back.TIPS,you can usecn_Bcn_Ato move quickly.)

    In the level 2-6 2-7 both have a fork in the road.Both choose the upside one.Because there is less powerful enemys.

    At the end of 2-7 there are many waves of enemys show up.But you can stay the upstairs to wait for your energy,then down to shoot,then wait for energy,etc.Make it easier.


    look my video first.Like me,you can use the cn_Xcn_Xcn_Ycn_Y to take some free hit.And remember,cn_Xcn_Xcn_Xcn_Xcn_Xcn_Xis good enough to deal with the boss because the other choice is not good to avoid the boss' counter.And don't shame about try it again and again.I tried almost 100 times.rollcry

    Thank you!




    我们讨论一下技能升级。我建议先升搏斗技能,然后是枪,最后是盾。因为你需要 cn_Xcn_Xcn_Ycn_Y来和敌人打消耗,这招是范围攻击(虽然范围很小)。在cn_Xcn_Xcn_Y这部分你可以打空气,这样可以和敌人拉开距离,消耗起来比较安全。







    上面是YouTube,下面是优酷。像我一样,你可以用 cn_Xcn_Xcn_Ycn_Y来打消耗,近战连用cn_Xcn_Xcn_Xcn_Xcn_X就足够了,其他的选择也没好到哪去而且不容易中断出招。你要是打不过就不停试,我也试了100次大概。

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