Untouchable achievement in ZHEROS


Complete a level without being hit

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How to unlock the Untouchable achievement

  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,226,581
    22 Feb 2016 21 Feb 2016 21 Feb 2016
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    Easiest method

    Since the patch, Melee kills and hitting orange and green crates do not matter. Therefore using your gun is allowed.

    So... Use your gun. And here's the best part. Your gun charges with time. So if you just sit there your gun will recharge.

    Play 1-1 on easy. You still need to block a few, but groups close together of up to five can be killed with a full gun charge.

    Know the numbers. And spawns.

    Starts with 4. 1. 4. 4. 2 sets of 3 (if you stand back right against the red shield one set of 3 will spawn) wait to recharge and then kill the next set of 3. Then 5. Three will be in front wih two behind. Gun only usually kills the first three so be ready to block the other two or block one and Melee the other. Then 3. Then 5. wait for all to clump and run far back to where you turned and shoot. 4. 2. Stay at the top and finish.

    Most important. Be patient for the gun to reload the whole amount. You never know when you will need that extra bullet.

    I would like to thank Titeuf, who showed me that the gun recharged.

    pS. On another play through there were a set of 3 followed by 5. I think I ran too far forward while triggering the first three. Try not to run too far forward and learn the trigger points.

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    AlbinoKidELITEI've got a horrible feeling the patch this has been broken by a patch again, I did it perfectly 3 times this way tonight for no achievement cry
    Posted by AlbinoKidELITE on 15 May 17 at 20:29
    Kovy88It works fine. If you play through the DLC, you get to fully upgrade your gun if it already wasn't fully upgraded. Then the mobs die with 2 hits from the gun with plenty of energy to spare. I also hit all kinds of containers, but never picked up a health orb, and it unlocked in the end.

    You can retreat to specific angles if you know when the mobs will stand after they appear, then unleash the gun and hit all of them. And if you can't get that right, you can block the first gunshot, the start gunning, as almost never will more than one guy shoot at you at the same time.
    Posted by Kovy88 on 20 Jul 17 at 14:12
    KiRRAYNEThanks for the updated solution!
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 20 Oct 17 at 14:16
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  • TrueWickedoneTrueWickedone697,523
    19 Jan 2016 19 Jan 2016 29 Jan 2016
    31 5 42
    The easiest way to get this achievement for NOT getting hit is on level 1-1 on Easy difficulty. I have spoken to many people on this and it seems there is a trick to this achievement instead of a bug. The achievement description states not getting hit, but the game gets confused when you break or pickup any object. After doing this at least 3 times with no luck, I tried something new.

    Focus primarily on your shield for this one. Block and reflect all laser shots at you back at the enemy to get your kills. I do not suggest using your melee attacks at all unless there is only 1 mob on the screen. Take your time and learn where mobs spawn so you dont run too far forward and get caught with mobs on both sides of you. Move forward slowly, spawn the next set of mobs and once one shoots at you, use your shield to deflect it back and kill the enemy. Take a few steps backwards and try to always keep 8 feet between you and the enemy. As long as they are that far away, they will typically just take another step or 2 closer then fire again. Once they get closer then 8 feet from you, they will sometimes just keep walking up to melee range and attack that way. This makes timing the shots and avoiding damage much more difficult. The only thing you can actually loot and not break this achievement is the gems that drop off mobs you have killed. Do NOT break orange crates for the level points, do NOT break the blue boxes for ammo and especially do NOT break the green barrels for a medkit. This also means NEVER fire your weapon since bullets travel off screen, its too easy to hit an object and break open points, ammo or medkit without meaning to.

    I personally finished the game on Easy and had every upgrade except Shield Level 3 before going back and attempting this which made is a whole lot easier. It only popped for me when I did NOT shoot anything, did NOT break anything and did NOT resupply ammo or loot a Medkit.

    Zheros is an Extremely difficult game with broken chievos, glitched chievos and bad programming, which made this one of the most frustrating games I have played. I hope this info helps those of you who stuck it out to try to finish what they could.
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    TrueWickedoneUpdate this how? If you think you have a better solution, then feel free to post one. Although a few people have mentioned the patches have fixed these achievements, the majority of the people who play still have issues. This is the only reliable way to attain these achievements from what I have been told and read on forums. How do you think this solution could be better?

    LMAO, you have 1 chievo in this game CRUM LEE. Rather then update my solution, learn to read. How can you attempt this after beating the game if you havent beaten the game?!?
    Posted by TrueWickedone on 20 Oct 17 at 14:43
    creeping monteNov. 2020 this is the solution that got me the cheevo. I made 3 passes guns blazing and no pop. once I took care to not break any containers I got it
    Posted by creeping monte on 28 Nov at 18:42
    TrueWickedoneGratz on the chievo creeping monte!!!
    Posted by TrueWickedone on 30 Nov at 04:31
  • Storm YorhaStorm Yorha419,782
    03 Apr 2016 04 Apr 2016 04 Apr 2016
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    A patch has been released for this game that has fixed the issues involved with unlocking achievements.

    The easiest way to unlock this achievement is to go on easy and go to stage 1-1. There are two ways you can do this. One, you can use your machine gun and shoot the enemies and wait for a recharge. This takes a very long time for a level that can be completed in 3 minutes. The second option is to use the deflect ability by pressing cn_LT when a shot is fired. This will insta-kill the enemies in the way of the ricochet. It takes some time to get used to the timing but I was able to get the pattern down in a relatively short time. They key to this is not to see you life bar blink red. If that happens, restart the level. Just move up very slowly and let the enemies spawn. As some solutions mentioned, you cannot destroy any containers. With the new patch, you can shoot any contains and pick anything up in them.
  • o Titeuf50 oo Titeuf50 o832,236
    19 Feb 2016 19 Feb 2016 19 Feb 2016
    12 6 0
    Hello everyone this is my video guides hope that it will help you thank you

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